Friday, August 03, 2018


This just sunk into my head late last night.

In approximately three months Brylee and Griffin leave school for good.

Which means, after 39 years and ...

- 7 Preschools/kindergartens
- 10 Primary Schools
- 4 Intermediates
and 5 colleges...


 I couldn't be happier!  This means we will be free of having to work around school timetables, school holidays, reports, fees, exam fees, uniforms .. OMG the list goes on and on.  
The next three months can't go fast enough!

We will be FREE from all that... finally!  Who has to put up with all that for 37 years STRAIGHT?  Not that many families, that's for sure. 

I know Brylee and Griffin are going to be thrilled to bits at the end of the school year, but they won't be as happy as ME.  *smiles*

Today is Friday... and first up for the day I am probably going on another FBG walk!
That will be three in a row (if I do it).  I'm hugely motivated to keep my walking up, it's helping me get so much fitter.  
I'm a bit worried about what I'm going to do over summer, when it's too hot for me to walk.  *frown*

Suppose I will just have to face that when it gets here.  I just hope this coming summer isn't as hot as our last one! 

My new way of eating is lacking in lots of vitamins and minerals... so I thought I should take a multi vitamin.  I had these in the cupboard:

ABOVE:  Only trouble is, I struggle to swallow 'normal' sized pills, so these are impossible!  I cut one in half... and it was REVOLTING to swallow.  The taste stuck with me for ages.  Ikkkk.

So, does anyone know of a GOOD multi vitamin I can take?  I don't want to buy another one and find it's still too big, or too disgusting to swallow!

If you give me some good ideas/suggestions, I will pop out later and get some, and drop off those clothes of mine to the Hospice Shop.  I forgot to do that yesterday.  

And that's all I have for now... 


Oh I just remembered something!  Stew is finally getting his '20 Years with the Company' Morning Tea!  Seems his Regional Manager got back from holiday and realised it had been 'forgotten'... so he's having the 'official' morning tea today.  I hope he behaves and doesn't pig out!  He's been doing so very well on the diet too.

He must be coming up to his next HbA1C blood test too.  That is going to be very interesting!   His last two test results were 68, then down to 58 after being on 'the new diet' for a month.  So maybe he will go down to the 40's like I did too?   

I must ask him when his next test is!  I'm excited for him!

OMG I'm so crabby right now!

It's 3.20 pm and I've just got home from doing the grocery shopping.
Got home, decided to de-clutter and re-organise the two freezers contents.
Only, when I opened the freezer in the kitchen the ice box (full of ice) fell out.  Luckily I stopped it smashing on the floor with my foot, but damn ice cubes went EVERYWHERE.

So a massive clean up ensued, only a shit load of the ice cubes went UNDER the fridge/freezer unit eh?

So... melting water coming out for the past half an hour already.  Grrrr.  Just what I felt like after doing the bloody grocery shopping.

Luckily for me, Brylee is home to help... she's all shitty and crabby now too!

It was a good trip into Hamilton though.  I found some coconut flour at last at a Bin Inn, also got a couple of other things done before doing the grocery shopping. 

I also ran into a girl I'd known many, many years ago in the mall, so we had a good catch up too.  Last time I saw her she was a new mum, now her kids are big teenagers!  It's so nice when you run into someone from the past. *smiles*

She helped me find some purple shampoo to tone down the yellow in me hair.  Must try that later on, once I've cooled down and stopped being so crabby.

There was no walk this morning with the FBG's either, it got cancelled at the last minute,  due to there only being 5 walkers going, when you've got to have 6.  Stupid rule that one... because it meant 5 women ready and wanting to walk one of the sections couldn't.  Too bad if anyone had arranged their day around going on the walk eh?  

That made me crabby too.

I think today can be re-named 'Crabby Day'.

I've just had a lovely, interesting conversation with me Mum.... MORE on that... tomorrow!  *smiles*

Now, it's 6 pm and I must get dinner on.... just for Stew, Griffin and me, Brylee is at work.
I won't be saying where she works, it's her business.  Ditto Griffin's job.

After dinner I will be sewing till Coronation Street is on, then I will be parking me bum in front of the telly to watch that.

10.45 pm:  And I'm watching Coro Street... blankie on, keeping warm.  Had another Blood Sugar low tonight, not even sure why it happened?  I had a decent lunch, and dinner was on track for the normal time.
Lows are bloody horrible!  It was worse than my last one too... took ages to feel better.
But... over now and all is good again.

Off to bed after Coronation Street... I'm freakin' tired!  It's been a long day.


  1. Hot, hot, hot here in central France . Started at 31 and creeping up to 38 at the weekend. Then a bit cooler and back to the mid thirties until at least 10 August. Some rain and cooler temperatures would be very welcome; Helen in France

  2. When you weigh less the heat may not get to you as much?? Perhaps walking 20 or 30 kilos lighter will be much easier. Regarding the pills, go to a health food shop, there's load around, and ask them. They will be able to direct you to the right pill or liquid etc. There definitely are smaller pills out there.

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    There's chewable vitamins like lollies

  4. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Chris, you are a rock star. Keep up the great work. And you might want to check out a program called Body Boss. I have nothing to do with it financially,. but I am following it and it's great. It's put together by women for women, and women all around the world are doing it. Not an easy workout program, but it gets amazing results and is very time friendly. Anyhow, maybe check out their website and have a look. You might have to modify a lot to start, and do the pre training workout more than once (I know I am!) but even so - amazing gains. Karen in Sydney.

  5. check with the chemist - they might have an oral liquid you can take. I have to take a barrage of vitamins and sadly one of them is a horse pill like those. But when I first started I was on liquid fizzy one like Berocca or similar. So they'll have something.

  6. I am confused about the school situation. Are they the same age? They don't finish at the same time do they? How old are they? Do they have any more required school? Do they intend to go to University? Or College as we say in the USA?

  7. Chris you are looking superb I have 16 weeks until a rarotonga wedding my 3 yes 3 bikinis all fit so I'm thrilled now for clothes!! Lol

  8. I find the health food section of Countdown has cheap coconut flour but yes bin inn has it too. Remember it’s dry so use a little along with almond flour.

  9. They have gummy adult vitamins now, I keep meaning to buy some since I choke on the big ones too.

  10. 🦀 a crab for your crabby day. Feeling a little bit better now? You're looking great!! You are a bit of inspiration to me at the moment. I am a lazy cow and I feel so guilty when I read your blog!!

  11. Don’t know what purple shampoo you got, but my hairdresser, who also has horses, advised me to go to a big pet store / equestrian store ( We have Horseland in Oz) and buy it there, much cheaper than at a store. they use it for the horses tails and manes. I bought a huge bottle for about $12 x

  12. Anonymous9:23 PM

    It helps to gulp water first, it opens up your throat making it easier to swallow tablets, how wonderful your school years are coming to an end, congratulations on a job well done. Jo

  13. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I'm sorry you have problems swallowing your vitamins. Isn't there a liquid type?
    Congrats on 20 years and no more kids in school. Now they'll be home 24/7...
    Crabby Tart.... Hmmm that rings a bell!


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