Monday, August 13, 2018


I told you all that my Mum had an operation on her back last week didn't I?

Well.. I'm so happy to say she's doing VERY WELL!  The wound is healing nicely, she's moving around well... and she is going home on Tuesday.  Such a relief.

ABOVE: Mum ... photo taken last night by my niece Christina. Mum you look wonderful!  LOVE the lovely warm looking slippers!

NEXT: Here's the FBG walk photo from last night:

ABOVE:  I know these photos are no doubt boring as shit to everyone else but me, but I like posting them as a visual record for myself. And it's lovely to see all my girlfriends smiley faces too.

NEXT:  So... it's taken me a while to decide this, but I'm going to be getting an outdoor gazebo.

For markets.

Primarily so I can do the Tamahere market, which is an outdoor, once a month market at Tamahere.
I haven't done it before as there is no wet weather cover.

But we think it could be a 'better' market to do compared to the Cambridge one, so I need a gazebo to do it.

I will still be doing the Cambridge market, as it falls on a different day each month.

ABOVE: This is the gazebo I have my eye on, only I want it in white, so I'm waiting to hear back from the retailer to see if they have any in white.  If not, I shall get the blue one.

It's not a super cheap one, nor is it a mega expensive one, it's kinda middle range priced.  Hopefully it lasts years!

This morning I'm going down to the church where the October Labor Weekend Market is being held, to measure up my site, to see if I can fit in the gazebo or not.  I hope we can, then I won't have to worry about IF it rains.  Last year it rained (I didn't do it last year).

Seems like I have a full calendar!  Walks.  Markets.  BIG Birthday thrown in too!  Fun.


QUESTION:  How do you get out of doing all the housework?

ANSWER:  Go on another FBG walk!

ABOVE:  I NEED sunglasses! Seriously, the sun is so damn bright!  Today's walk was one I did last week ... but they needed more numbers to make it a 'go'... so I jumped on board.   

Home now, and no getting out of it... *sigh*  Jobs to do...

Ever felt like dealing with family is like ... so not worth it?  I just wanted 'The Waltons', instead I got ?  The opposite.  Trying to organise my birthday 'gathering'... but getting it in the neck.  Should have gone with my gut instinct and done NOTHING.
Too late now, invites are done.  *sigh*

Last 'party' I ever hold for myself that's for sure.  

Though ... this is good practise for Stew's 60th in a couple of years!  I will use this one as a guide on what NOT TO DO.

I AM looking forward to seeing some of my dear friends on the day though!  I just hope they are not scared off!  I've done all I can to avoid a war happening!

Because I've been feeling quite down this afternoon... what did I do?  I ate half a bloody pizza!  IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT.

Back to the drawing board... DON'T eat your emotions!  

Happy to say I can now look forward to my birthday without feeling terrible.  Thanks for the talk 'you know who'.

Right, it's the end of the day and I'm happy to wind up this day.  I only had a small dinner, so hopefully lunch hasn't ruined my day too much.


  1. good to hear Mum is doing well.I love the magnolia in your walk photo

  2. So pleased to hear your Mum is recovering so well. Big weight off your shoulders Chris.

  3. Such good news out your Mum. As for the birthday/family issue - simple response is "it is my birthday, I have decided this is what I am going to do, it would be lovely of you could pop in with the kids during the day for a visit but understand if you have issues preventing that happening. I intend to have a lovely day and will not be drawn in to any drama or fighting or disagreements amongst anyone else and I would appreciate if you could respect those wishes".

    Or, option B - come - don't come I don't give a flying Fuck anymore!!!

    1. Yaaaaasssss best response ever

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    In your photos your are getting slimmer soon that t-shirt will be a dress!!!


    1. OMG that is so funny! I was thinking the EXACT same thing this morning when I was out walking in it!

    2. Me too. You need a smaller top Chris. You’re swimming in it.

    3. I do have a smaller one, but it was in the wash. It's about 3 sizes smaller!

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Looking great! and what is that tree you are standing under, it has beautiful big flowers! Shame your family cannot behave themselves for one day for your birthda

  6. It happens... pizza I mean. Move on, it won't hurt you just one time. Hey, I made a brilliant bun thingy for lunch today. It's this recipe on diet doctor for mug bread but I added some grated cheese, onion powder, oregano and parsley. I made it in a small bowl rather than a mug (to make it wider and flatter) and when done, split it in two and toasted it then had butter on it. I think the onion powder made it really good! I used a little more almond flour and slightly less coconut flour. Maybe give that a try for a change.

  7. Chris you are looking fantastic it is really showing how did Stew HBAC1 numbers go? You will need new walking shoes soon

  8. Is it windy there at all? Seems like all the shows I do end up being windy. I have sand bags to wrap around the tent legs now. I put one side at the last show I did and kind of liked it. It was great for shade. I don't really like when people have the sides up between the booths since it seems antisocial :)


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