Monday, August 20, 2018


I've been asked to make a 2 metre long Tree Table Runner.
That's not hard.
BUT... the person wanting the runner has chosen ONLY THREE fabrics!  Three.
Sheesh, that may sound easy, but in fact it's going to be really hard to make it look good using only three fabrics!

Let's call it a challenge eh?  I might have to get creative with the tree's edges, using different stitches or something to make it work.

Yesterday marked a first ... for Brylee.

She went on her very first driving lesson.
We get three FREE lessons through our AA subscription, after that she will have to pay for them.

ABOVE:  The instructor arrived early... so we watched him for 10 minutes... all the while Brylee was getting more and more nervous.

We had requested an automatic car... but he turned up in a manual.  Derrr.
She really struggled in a manual car.  Next time he better bring an automatic is all I can say.

Learning in a manual takes WAY more time to learn, and what's the point when she will end up buying an automatic?  NO POINT. (unless you're the instructor of course.  It would mean more lessons for him, which means more $$'s)   Excuse my cynicism, but been there, done that. 

So anyway, she loved it, although she was very nervous.

Almost every day... at some point, Stew gets my attention and says "I love you".
Last night, I'm sitting listening to music on my computer, ear phones on... so I can't hear him.
Then I notice in my peripheral vision...  he's holding something up, so I glance over and see this:

ABOVE:  My man.  Love him ... like ... LOTS.

So, today's project is to do the layout of that new tree runner.  Might end up tearing my hair out ... OR it might not be as difficult as I fear? lol.


9.09 am:  And I'm feeling much happier about the table runner I'm working on.  My girlfriend has added a couple more colours to the list, so I have more to work with. PHEW, that makes it a bit easier now.

BIT DOWN about my weigh in this morning.
I went down by .400 grams.  While it's a DOWN... it's bugger all for three weeks.
I am a bit cross because there really has only been a couple of times I've had something I shouldn't!
But, obviously I'm on a HUGE plateau... and I need to change something up to get those numbers to start dropping again.

But what?   

I have cut carbs and sugars to almost ZERO, and every day now I get a blood sugar LOW, which is horrible.

Yet I'm not losing weight?   So I'm eating too much protein obviously.

So I need to drop the protein down a bit, and add a few carbs?  Or drop my medication back a bit?

I don't bloody know.  Grrrrr.   Any ideas from a seasoned diabetic who has it all under control?

EYEBROWS:  I've not made a decision yet... if I go with tattooing or microblading I'd have to save up!  It's rather expensive.  And then I have to think, is it worth it?  Or should I just try to get better with an eyebrow pencil?
The pencil I put on my brows Saturday night is STILL on!  So it lasts for a few days, even with washing ya face!  So ... hmmmm.  Just not sure yet.

Right, better get back to me table runner... 

AND... I just sorted out 3 FBG walks for this week, so I'm a happy girl.  One tonight, one tomorrow morning, and one REALLY early on Friday morning!

Can't do any on Wednesday or Thursday, cos I'm going to be 'outta town'.  Road trip. Not sure if I shall say where right now. Maybe I'll do a 'Where am I now?' as I go along.  *smiles* 

ABOVE:  This is my favourite low carb, low sugar meal right now.  It's awesome.  There IS a tiny amount of sugar in the cream, but not enough to upset my balance.

I usually cook it in a large coffee cup... today I doubled the recipe and cooked it in an oblong sistema microwave dish for 2 minutes.
You could even slice it down the middle and toast it.

*Thanks to Michelle in Oz for giving me this recipe!*

I'm going to cut back on cheese, meat and nuts for a while and see if that makes a difference to my weigh in's.

Brrrrr..... it just got cold!  It didn't help that I stopped for a break.  Sitting still now and I'm cold as.  Might just lay out another runner, keep busy.  Oh and get dinner sorted, my walk tonight is bang on dinner time, so it needs to be ready before I head out.

5.25 pm: It started to rain 10 minutes ago... and just like that, the walk is cancelled.  Grrrrr.  So frustrating.

Well it's that time of the day again... winding down, heading off to bed soon.  It's been a productive day, if not exactly an energetic day.  If it's NOT raining in the morning I will be going on a walk with the FBG's.


  1. Hehe good luck smashing into trees Brylee lol, nah sorry, and you should try learn the manuals Brylee, in the end they are more fun and well yea, #manualdriver :)

    1. The 'parentals' say NO TO MANUAL. And she's more comfortable with the auto, as I let her drive my car up and down the road to see the difference.

    2. ok fair enough Mumma Bear xx hope it went well Brylee xx

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Exciting for brylee, maybe when she’s a bit more confident on the road etc she will want to learn how to drive manual, for now auto is a great start.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hi Chris - I did the microblading and it was very expensive and it did not last. They looked great for about two months and then it started to fade out. I won't do it again. Tattoo sounds like the way to go :)
    Cheers! ~Nicole in CA

  4. I saw a 3 fabric table runner this morning. I will sent you a photo, simple but stunning.

  5. Chris maybe you don't need the drug anymore. It can cause loss. If your figures are staying low consistently talk to your dr and ask if you can trial without it. Good for you. I saw a long table runner with 2 long trees made lengthwise and trunk to trunk. It had embellishments on corners. If I see it again I'll send you pic.

  6. I agree, no need to use a manual drive car these days. I just made that almond bread, single recipe and in a small bowl, not a mug. I was able to slice it through the middle and toast it - worked out great!!

  7. Way to go brylee..good on ya girl.. get out there and get some independence.. I also drive a auto but wish I could drive a manual... start off easy and gain your confidence then move to the harder manuals.

  8. In the UK it’s normal to learn to drive a manual car, automatic cars are more expensive and out of the range of beginner drivers. I am curious as to why you feel learning in a manual would be more dangerous? (I assume that’s why you’ve said no). Whatever, I hope Brylee enjoys learning- it’s a life-changing skill. No more mum and dad taxi service!

    1. We don't feel it's more 'dangerous' for Brylee to drive a manual car. We think it would be easier for her to manage in an automatic car, and she will learn quicker in an automatic car. There is so much to learn and be aware of already, why add gears/clutch to the mix if you don't have to? She WILL be getting an automatic car when she buys one, the price is the same here for either manual or automatic.

    I don't think it's going to work if you restrict your protein and especially not if you add carbs in!
    Are you counting your carbs? Staying under 20 per day? Eating enough fat?
    Some people on Keto don't lose weight if they have too many almonds.

  10. Anonymous11:10 PM

    You are so very welcome. Glad you enjoy it 😊 Michelle from Oz

  11. I learned to drive on a Manuel, only because that was the only car we had at the time. When I took my first lesson in an automatic, I freaked out because when I put it in reverse it started moving. Even tho I did not give it gas. (no foot on brake). I have only driven a manual a few times since then, but I have never regretted learning. My 20 year old son who loves cars has never had a chance to learn a manual, since we don't have one. If she made it through that first lesson, she must have the basics down already. Now she can work on feeling more comfortable on the road in her automatic lessons.

  12. Just wondering have you ever tallied up how many calories you are eating a day? Could be you are UNDER eating and so your body is holding onto it.

  13. Great to hear that Brylee is enjoying to drive. Once she's got her licence it may still be a good idea to do a few manual lessons. You never know when she may be put in the position of having to drive someone else's car (eg. An employer) plus if she ever goes to Europe some countries favour manuals (like where my husband is from). Re the weight loss, maybe try upping your body's metabolism by splitting your daily food intake over more but smaller meals.

  14. Enjoy your blog, but I don't post very often, so here is a big hello from Western Canada, (where we are choking from really bad forest fires. Scary!) I have a big concern about having your eyebrows being tattooed, it is permanent and if you don't like it - that would be terrible. Why not go to a hair dresser and have them dyed, it lasts a long time, so easy care...


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