Sunday, August 05, 2018


So, I finally got my last lot of coasters and mug rugs finished last night:

 ABOVE:  This lot took me a couple of weeks as I was a bit lazy!  I tend to not rush when I know I've got a few weeks till my next market.
There would be a few more in the pile, but I sold 6 coasters to a chick down in Wellington last night. 
They will be heading off to her on Monday.

 ABOVE:  I am not a cat fan, but I do think this fabric is darling.
I've got a few more placemats in this fabric to sew up yet... but they can wait.
I want to do these next:

 ABOVE: Farmyard animals.  I only have about 12 blocks of them, I think they are just gorgeous too.

So, that's what I will probably be doing today.  

Not sure what Stew wants to get up to today?  Maybe a trip into Hamilton?   Who knows.  He's probably told me ... but I forgot.  
Sometimes he talks to me and it goes in one ear and right out the other... selective hearing loss.

I employ that when the kids talk to me too sometimes... they talk too much.  It's all just 'background' noise.  *laughing*

As I'm still in bed... I might just roll over and examine the inside of me eyeballs for a bit longer.  NO rush is there?  It's Sunday after all.


5 pm:  and WHOOPS!  I have been so busy sewing ALL DAY... that I forgot to update the blog!  
Sorry girls.
I hadn't even turned the computer on today!

So, I have been sewing:

ABOVE: See that pile on the sewing machine?  Well that's what I've been doing.  They take TIME... time to add the side pieces, time to cut everything out, cut and add the batting, then the backing, turning in the right way, and now all I 'have' to do is the top stitching.

It all takes time.  In fact, quite a bit of time.  I reckon most people look at a hand made placemat and think, simple.  Yeah simple, but time consuming.

Anyway, I'm about an hour or two off finishing them, so I'm happy.

Then I'm going to do a big tidy up in the sewing room before starting on the next lot.

It's been a lovely day in the sewing room. I've watched a couple of Jason Bourne movies, and now I'm watching 'You've Got Mail', one of my favourites... TOM HANKS.  *drool*

Stew had a roast of pork in the oven.  I'm not having any as I had a very late lunch... another seafood salad.  Think I will just keep sewing now till those placemats are done.

Catch ya later.

DONE.  And now ... well tomorrow, I shall be making a few more mice.  Cos they are cute.

Clearly, having a seafood salad for your LATE LUNCH is not enough food for the day.  I just had another nasty blood sugar low.  Grrrrr... they are so horrible.
So, peanut butter and cheese on toast, a hot chocolate drink and I'm all better.  Well I will be once the stupid tingling stops.

And on that note, I'm signing off for the day.


  1. The coasters look fabulous I am sure you will get lots of interest and you have a sale in Wellington already .. Love your work!!

    Nice that your Mum is keeping up with you on the blog She sure looks fit and well for her age and lovely she has the get up and go attitude,, Makes for an adventurous life (smiles

    Fab weather where we are today so better go and enjoy it.
    Hope all of you have a gr8 day as well


  2. hope all is ok im sure u still aren't in bed hehe

  3. I do agree about the time thing, people who don't sew really don't appreciate the work that goes into something handmade.

    You've probably explained this before but what are the numbered panels on the wall of your sewing room please? Are they a stitch 'bible'?

    1. Yes Athene, I have sewn out all the stitches my sewing machine has, that way I know what the 'default' stitch looks like, and can adjust it to suit what I am doing... ie, make it bigger, smaller, longer etc. It works for me really well.

  4. Love the sewing pile! That is so much work!

  5. Oh I LOVE the kitten ones! Anything kitten or froggy for me! :)

    I am going to help my daughter make a small blanket soon. Blind leading the blind!

  6. I did a bit of sewing in between all the busy weekend stuff. I had dragged my machines out to the living room but people are annoying so I think I'm going to move them back into my bedroom lol.


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