Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I'm off to Hamilton this morning, I am in need of more red buttons!
I bought 60 about a week ago, but will be needed plenty more in the next week or so.

So, I am going to buy as many of the size and colour that I can get my hands on at David's Emporium.  Then hopefully I will have enough to last me a while.

It's crazy that I have to go all the way into Hamilton to buy friggin buttons!  Oh well... it is a good excuse to go out and about I suppose.

Lacy will no doubt come along for the ride too.

My next FBG walk is tonight at 7 pm, so it should be a good one in the cool of the evening.
I'm looking forward to it too.  It's a 5.3 km walk, with a long, slow hill involved.  I did this particular walk at least 5 times last year!

Rather funny... after the glut of photos on yesterday's blog, I have NONE for today's... YET!
Perhaps I will find something interesting to photograph while out and about... ya never know.


9 am.  About to go into Hamilton.  Lacy isn't up yet so might rattle her dags, see if she wants to come with me or not.

I'm doing another 1.30 pm walk today, the walk leader needed at least one more walker for it to go ahead, so I put me hand up.  The weather is supposed to get shitty tomorrow, so best to get the  next two done today if I can.

112.40 pm:  Well we both went into Hamilton and got 100 buttons!  Then home and I got on with some sewing while Lacy took herself off to town for the hell of it.

Now it's time for me to get ready for my FBG walk.  
Not a lot else happening right now!

ABOVE: Today's walk photo was a screen grab off a video.  One of our walkers celebrated her birthday today, so we lined up and pretended we were going to take the photo, but instead we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so surprised!  It was lovely.  Joanne (Birthday Girl) is to my right as you look at the photo. 
The walk was good... wasn't too hot thankfully.

Home and cooling down... in a couple of hours I will need to get the dinner ready, then head out for my 2nd walk of the day.

ABOVE:  2nd walk of the day, done in the dark tonight.
And I won't be walking tomorrow as it feels like I'm going to get a massive blister under my right foot.  Dammit.

Time to cool down, relax and watch some mindless TV.  I'm bloody tired!


  1. I’m glad I don’t have to sew 100 buttons on

  2. Looking great Chris!

  3. Well done on completing two walks in one day. Fingers crossed that the blister doesn't appear.

  4. If you are still thinking you'll need more buttons look at eBay! They are super cheap, take awhile for us to get them but it's worth it if you plan ahead.


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