Thursday, August 02, 2018


Marley is in season!  FINALLY!!!!  Really, really in season.  And she's almost a year old. Man that's late.
As for Denim, she's still having a false pregnancy... no season yet for her.  She's had me guessing a few times now, but no, nothing 'real'.  She can't be far off the real deal?

So, I now have about 8 months or less to decide if I'm going to breed off Marley, and all that entails. The biggest thing will be finding a boy... IF I go ahead.

I want a Bichon Friese, but that could prove difficult.  So I will wait and see.

This morning I'm thinking of going on another FBG walk.  Depends on the weather and how my knee feels.  It's still not 100% better.

No matter what, I will be working in the sewing room for the majority of the day.  I've got so much half done in there.  I've been a bit lazy the last couple of days. 

So that's me for now... let's see if I go on a walk or not...


12.30 pm:  And I DID go on the FBG walk this morning.
WE have a fog, a thick, wet fog.  Horrible.
I actually wore my FBG jacket for at least half the walk, which I've not done before, it usually comes off within a few minutes.

ABOVE: So, another walk photo... I better get my camera out soon and get some more interesting photos!

For now though, I'm frozen to the bone and am trying to warm up.  Watching Home and Away before going into the sewing room.

Sorry... it's been a pretty boring day here.  I have spent my afternoon sewing.  Then I cooked dinner (lamb rissoles and veges), and now I'm enjoying a relaxing evening in front of the telly.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good on you for going for the walk, you really are looking so much slimmer and healthier - keep up the good work :-).

  2. What a neat pic of you all gr8 going esp with the weather you had today.Everyon smiling and happy Way to go..
    That book exchange really interests me..Fab use for an old phone box..

    Is it like the lilliput ones (a lot I see advertised in Dunedin etc) where you take and swap a book you have already read??

    If so will look at that when we come home on hols so if we get any bad weather
    always have a book on hand to read ( or real late at night )Smiles, and will buy some extras from Retro shops like hospice shops etc while we are there and leave them behind at different ones/towns etc

    Take care all of you there...


  3. Love your motivation Chris. Foggy and miserable here until after lunch then the sun came out. Love the photo.

  4. Foggy in Taupo too quite a dreary day... TGIF.

  5. Hope your feels better. Keep up the good work.

  6. Fun! Is that a little free library?

    1. Yes kinda. You can borrow a book to read, then return it. You can also donate books to it. It's very popular apparently. Very cute.


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