Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Today I am taking Bex, Brylee and the three little kids on a day trip.

First up we are driving over to Devonport to check out the fabric shop... then a wool shop.

After that... we shall be taking the Devonport ferry over to the city centre and walking up to the Sky Tower and taking the kids up to the top to see Auckland from up high.

I reckon it's going to be an awesome day!

And I hope it's a distracting day because today my Mum is in a Sydney hospitsl for surgery on her back and I'm just a bit worried.

There's a few other things going on with other people in another family circle today too.... so distraction is good all round.

 ABOVE:  Brylee enjoying the concert last night.
She loved it. HEAPS.

ABOVE: Looks like they were pretty close to the front! 

Now... as for how Bex felt about the concert?

This was her face when I asked her how much she enjoyed the concert:

ABOVE : Something tells me she won't be accompanying Brylee to the next one!



10.41 am: and so far so good!  Fabric shopping DONE. Bex is off finding a longer time park here in Devonport so we can hop on the ferry to the city.

Right, we are safely home again.
Our day was awesome, and fun, and tiring!

I will show you a few photos tonight, and the rest tomorrow.

 ABOVE:  My fabric purchases... I couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked in the shop due to 'children'... but I did manage to find a few nice pieces.
I can always go back another time so not a problem really.
Cushla's in Devonport is certainly one of my favourite fabric shops!

 ABOVE:  I got this cute little pattern too.

ABOVE:  Next door to Cushla's was a Hospice shop... I found a few handy plastic boxes for the sewing room and a nice Tupperware container too.

ABOVE:  Look how happy wee Archie is to be 'helping' carry Grandma's shopping.

 ABOVE:  Next door to the Hospice Shop... was an art gallery... and I had to go in!  The blue dog!!!!!   Got a 'spare' $27,000 ?
You too can have a huge blue dog if ya do!
It was amazing... if a bit quirky.  Not my cuppa tea really.

 ABOVE: These two were happy to pose with the dog, but Archie was having none of it!

The lady in the shop was just lovely, and perfectly happy that we only came in to look at the dog, and we were allowed to take photos, which is very unusual for a gallery.

 ABOVE: Now while I would NEVER spend that sort of money on a blue dog, these Rhinos would be in my house in a flash if I had a shit load of spare cash in me wallet.  Which I don't, hence they are still in the shop. *sigh*

You really would have to be a millionaire to afford that sort of art work.

 ABOVE:  Excitedly awaiting the ferry...

 ABOVE:   Here it comes.... our's was the ferry on the right.

 ABOVE:  It's docked, and off we go to get on it.

 ABOVE:  Happy, excited kids.  Brylee?  Not so much.  Her and Bex were tired and had sore legs from standing up all night at the concert.

 ABOVE:  Yeah, the back of the ferry.... I love seeing the churning water.

ABOVE:  Coming into Pier 1, Port of Auckland. That weird shaped building is called The Cloud.  It is used for events, and looks amazing at night when it's lit up with coloured lights.

ABOVE:  a few more happy snaps from on the ferry.

My Mum has come through her surgery well by the sound of it. It's early days, she faces a long recovery and rehabilitation period now.  

And that's all I have for now, I'm cold as buggery and want to wrap and and warm up.
Catch you tomorrow with a few more photos.


  1. Too funny Bex... lovely that you took Brylee though. Have a great day out all of you, it sounds great.

  2. Awwww Aunty Bex I do feel for you but it is making memories enjoyable ones lol. Have a lovely day everyone wear dark glasses and power nap in between places....

  3. Lol funny.. next time I would love to take her...

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Come on Bex you just need a little drink next time

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      A drink or to. From Brylee

    2. Oh look!!! The resident spelling psycho spelt two wrong. Tut tut

  5. glad u enjoyed concert Brylee Bex I know Brylee will love ya (u be fav aunty) enjoy your day

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    It's ok brylee I'm glad you enjoyed your self. Yea drinks before sounds good lol. And less phone usage. So many phones in concerts these days it's pretty sad. But yeay let's go enjoy our adventures today . Xx bex

  7. What a great memory for them both. The pictures of Bex are so funny and telling. Encourage Brylee and griffin to keep their concert tickets in an album. Start now before they start forgetting concerts. We gave our son a ticket scrap book . We tried to remember the things we had brought him too and found the dates or announcements on the internet, printed that stuff. And now he keeps or prints tickets. Even for free shows. My “cool” uncle always went to tons of concerts in the Sixties and seventies. He had a poster on his wall that he taped all his ticket stubs too. Then threw it away, and really wishes he had those now,

  8. good to hear your mum is doing well-sleep well tonight x

  9. Ohh I have been to the cloud thing!! Thats not far from where we caught up for lunch that day?? You are looking great!! So glad mum is doing ok... speedy recovery to her!!

  10. Anonymous1:02 AM

    How good does your family look, they all look so loved. Jo

  11. Looks like a lovely day. Good to hear Mum is doing well.

  12. Hugs for mum, I hope she has a speedy recovery xx


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