Tuesday, August 21, 2018


It's not looking too bright outside I must say.
Knowing my luck the FBG walk scheduled for 9.30 this morning will be cancelled.

But, let's just wait and see eh?

Miracles do happen.

Either way, this morning I will be making a start on the stitching of the Tree Runner I got laid out yesterday.  It's a really long one, so is going to take twice as long as 'usual' to make.  But, oh well... it's good to be busy, I'd rather that than be bored shitless. 

ABOVE:  That is PART of the Tree Runner I laid out yesterday!  It's 2 metres long!  It finally ended up with 6 fabrics ... I had to go with what felt right to me at the end of the day, and what worked.  I think it will come out amazing once all the stitching is done.  

At some point today I should do some housework too...  I've got friends coming tonight for Card Night.  I always look forward to Card Night!
Then there's a load of washing to hang out... or rather, hang on airing racks.
No point hanging it out!  It will just get rained on no doubt.

Our weather forecast is pretty dismal for the entire week... with rain predicted non-stop.
Walking might not happen at all till the end of the week at the earliest!  

Right, I am off to start the day.  Fingers crossed it's not pissing down so I can go walking.  It's a great way to start the day.


GODDAMIT!  They cancelled this morning's walk AGAIN.  I was awake at 6 am and it was spitting a bit, and then it cleared up, but they still cancelled the walk!  I have to say it... PUSSY'S.  Seriously I'm so damn cross.

SO... I'm going to do the walk on my own.  IF it starts to rain, what's the worst that can happen?  I get wet.  Boo hoo.  I'm just going to have to start walking on my own more if I want to get my exercise done.

So, I'm heading out in just a minute... catch ya in  90 minutes or so.

10.45 am:  home from my solitary walk.  It was PERFECT weather for a walk.  Cloudy and cool.  NO RAIN at all.

ABOVE:  My only company today was a horse or 3, and they totally ignored me.  Little snobs.

I am now cooling down before heading into the garage to clean it up.  I forgot to open the dog door yesterday morning, so the dogs did 'whoopsies' inside the garage.
Now I have to freshen it up again.  That will probably take me an hour or so.

3.10 pm:   Dog's area all clean again.  Got a few other jobs done around the house, then I did some 'alterations' to a couple of my bras.
I made the cup size smaller... the boobs are finally shrinking!

I had thought of just buying new bras, but these two were pretty new, so I thought, why not just try sewing the cups in a bit?   IT WORKED!

Boom!  Happy about that. 

After that I had my lunch and as I was freezing cold, I turned on the heat pump and have been watching TV ever since! Talk about lazy.

I better pull finger soon though, as I have the girls coming over tonight for Cards.

9.35 pm:  Another very enjoyable evening playing cards with half a dozen lovely girlfriends.  And now they have all gone home and it's time to wind down and look forward to bed.
I'm feeling a bit tired today.

p.s.:  Marley and Denim turned 1 today.


  1. I wish it would rain a bit here, it's been so hot and smoky.

  2. Good job keeping up with your walking. IT can be so easy to stay on your butt, when you have an excuse like "the walk was canceled". VEry good motivation you have these days with walking and food! I really like the start of that runner!

  3. I was going to say the same as Dogstars..... soooo tempting to just not bother walking when it's cancelled so GOOD JOB, I just wish I was a tiny bit more motivated. In a huge slump right now..... Christy xxx

    1. Sorry you in a slumpy thing right now Christy. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. It's been dumping it down here today. Very dismal. I love the colours on the runner.

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Good on you for getting out there and walking! Unless it's bucketing down, walking in the rain is quite refreshing anyway - but then, you had no rain! Snobby horses.. ha ha! Liz

  6. Naw thanks Chris.... now I'm all teary eyed, so kind of you... Christy

  7. I'm jealous of your walking... I have a bad knee and can't do long walks now. Hey, I just thought this might interest you - if you freeze bread and then toast it the glycemic index is lower ie, it lowers the insulin response. I'm not sure if you freeze bread but this also works for potato (chilling them in fridge then reheating) etc. The starch turns into 'resistant starch' which is actually good for your gut! Google resistant starch and freezing bread resistant starch. I cook potato, chill in the fridge and then roast or pan fry or whatever. It certainly gives you a few more food choices!!

    1. Yes we freeze all our bread before eating it, I take out one slice as I want it, never the whole loaf. I am not eating potato at all.

    2. OH SHIT I tell a lie! We did have some potato salad last week! I was craving it. So OK, I eat potato once in a blue moon! lol

    3. The point being the potato in potato salad is "resistant starch" so not such an issue for blood sugar. Certainly something to consider. Same applies to frozen chips (not that I recommend too many of them).

    4. You have some great helpful tips Lynda even for people like myself who aren’t on low carb diets, it’s good to know other alternatives to high carb and what is lower G.I.

  8. Good on you for getting out!

  9. good for u for going fro your walk Im collapsed in the lounge chair been grocery shopping nowhere near as big job as u have (no hungry teens in this house) but I still hate it all the same.

  10. Photos of the bra alterations please. Sounds like a great idea.

  11. Oh ... I should have said just the actual bra and what you did - not on you :)


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