Friday, August 17, 2018


I find it hard to come to grips with Cambridge's lack of shops.
I need red buttons for that table runner... and there is NOWHERE in Cambridge where I can get some!
Seriously... I have to drive 25 minutes into Hamilton for BUTTONS!

It's annoying.  Apparently there was a fabric shop here years ago, but it closed due to lack of custom.  

So, that's what I'm doing first thing this morning.  Heading into Hamilton.
I will be going to David's Emporium first for buttons, they are much cheaper even that Spotlight!

I should think about what else I might need before going in though... cos it's silly to go in JUST  for buttons!

I could do a grocery shop... we are overdue to do that.  ONLY... ya all know how much I loathe grocery shopping eh?  Perhaps I will put it off till Saturday, when Stew can help me do it?
Yeah, much better idea.

ABOVE:  Did ya all know I wear glasses?  I do, for watching TV, reading, computer work and driving.  A friend commented the other day that my glasses were now too big for me face!
I didn't give it a second thought, till I was trying to take a selfie ...  for a new profile photo on my TradeMe account! 

She was right.... my glasses are a bit big now!

Not that I'm going to do anything about it... glasses cost far too much to be changing when there's nothing really wrong with them!

But I will pop into OPSM and see if they can adjust them around my ears so they don't keep slipping down my nose so often.

How weird that my HEAD has shrunk!!!  *laughing*

Once I'm home again I will work on that Christmas Table Runner, then move on to a couple more Tree Runners, in Christmas tones.
That should keep me busy for a few days.


Mission accomplished.  Got me buttons.  Got me glasses adjusted... free of charge of course.  OPSM's after care is excellent.
They took my lenses out, and heated up the frames and squished them to make them fit better:

ABOVE:  I'm very happy with the result.  They feel so much firmer on me face, and they don't look so 'sticky out' now.

Sadly, I ended up having morning tea on my own as neither daughter was available.  Oh well.. I'm used to it really.

I'm now going to sit and stitch on 20 odd buttons before moving on to the next step.

20... buttons... later...:

ABOVE:  button on, now I have to add the backing fabric then the red binding (outer edge)... It's going to be lovely.

But right now... I'm taking a break.  Sewing on 20 buttons was not fun.

Brylee came home from school, and made me change the 2nd 'glasses' photo! Cos in the new one I'm kinda smiling.  Derrrr.

I really should get off me butt and do some more sewing... 

And I did ... well... I spent 2 hours cutting out trees.  Didn't finish that runner yet, that will happen tomorrow.

Stew got home early-ish tonight.  

Tomorrow's post will feature why he got home early... and a BARGAIN... and Marley... .who's in trouble!

For now though, we just has roast chicken and salad for dinner.  And I'm having another shitty low blood sugar episode.  They are awful.

Looking forward to a quiet evening, Coronation Street...and not much else.  I'm freakin' tired.


  1. I find Specsavers good for cheap glasses. You have a choice of several different costs for frames & we have had no problem with them.

    Have a happy day :-)

  2. The glasses are too big for your face now, isn’t that good. My last glasses cost me $840 �� The frames were cheaper ones at $200. Previous ones were $600 and I got two pairs Next time I will do the 2 hour round trip to get tested and to same to pick up and give Specsavers a try

  3. My girls buy their glasses on some website online super cheap. I'm tempted to give it a go. They did a great job with yours though!

    I have a TON of buttons. I have bought most of them on the facebook destashing groups. I wonder if they have any for your area so it wouldn't be so much for shipping.

  4. In a hurry,so one sentence atm (smiles. The 2nd pic of you in the new glasses,, and the blue is fab cos that BLUE is your colour for sure..



  5. I like the 2nd glasses photo.

  6. They made a great job of adjusting your glasses. Lovely second photo. 20 buttons are alot to sew on and it looks superb. Enjoy your evening and hope the blood sugar sorts out.

  7. Your glasses look great now. your face has shrunk Chris! I joined WW this week plenty to eat but got to get organized.

  8. Glass look lovely. Have a nice weekend.

  9. I use my machine to stitch on buttons, have you tried that? Super fast and easy.

    1. Nope, too scared of breaking the needle or stuffing it up somehow! And too lazy to read up on how to do it too. I really should though eh. *sigh*


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