Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I heard from the Gazebo company last night, and the gazebo should arrive in the next day or two!
Whoop whoop!   AND I am getting a white one, which is what I really wanted.

Why white?  Cos my products will show up better with a white background, and the white will be the 'coolest' colour to have come summer time too.

I'm like so excited to finally be getting a gazebo.

I spent a bit of time last night downloading and filling out the Booking Form for the Tamahere Market too.  So now I just have to wait and see if I get a site soon... hopefully for the September Market,  and onwards.  It's going to be interesting to see if there is a different 'clientele' at that market?  

Stew reckons we will get more people from Hamilton at the Tamahere Market.  Stands to reason really, it's much closer to Hamilton.

I have a fellow blogger and patchworker who is a kiwi girl who lives in Australia named Sue.  She saw the farmyard animal panels I used recently for placemats and she contacted me... and get this:  She has that exact panel and is going to give it to me!  

AND ... and... she is coming over here at the end of the month and has/is doing some animal panel shopping for me from over there!  *SQUEALS*.... 

ABOVE: These are some of the panels she took photos of for me... I love the one with the dog and cow!  Hopefully she can get me that one for sure.

It's going to be neat to meet her when she gets over here.  We will be meeting up in Tauranga, so that's going to be a lovely day trip for me.

Lots to look forward to!
But for today... lazy day by the look of it!  I might get working on a few more placemats.
Or Xmas table runners.  I don't have many of those at all.  In fact... only 2 Trees, and 2 Elfs.
Better pull me finger out!


Anyone else has issues with Chorus?  I signed up for Fibre over a month ago.  We already have it connected to the house, all we needed was a new modem, and have CHORUS flip a switch to turn it on!

ABOVE: Spark gave us the modem etc.... so we still wait.  And wait.
I'm about to cancel it cos it's just pissing me off.  I'm NOT the most patient person obviously.

OH I left a  message on their Facebook page... just saying it was taking a long time to flip a switch!

LITERALLY..... 1 .... MINUTE .... LATER.... and I get a message from them!  They are going to 'look into it'.

Get this!  Just heard from Chorus again. They told me they don't do the fibre connections in our area, and it's down to Ultrafast Fibre!

So.. SPARK told me Chorus were doing it.  Clearly they don't know what they are talking about then.  Useless gits.  Now I have to go annoy UltraFast instead!

Actually NO, I'm going to annoy SPARK, cos I reckon they sent our 'job' to Chorus, and have stuffed up.

TWO ... HOURS ... LATER.... not heard a word from SPARK.  No surprises there.

So, I went into Hamilton to get more batting for runners. Spotlight had NONE of the one I wanted, and the only options were double/triple the price of my usual batting.  So I coughed up for just 1 metre of the more expensive batting, then went to David's Emporium.  They are a cheap, cheap 'got a lot of shit' sort of shop in town.

And I found some needlepoint there (it's like batting) for a QUARTER of the price compared to Spotlight!  So I got me some of that too.

Home now, and waiting on an electrician to arrive.  He's going to fix our bathroom lighting, it's all died and gone to lighting hell.

I think I need a new nickname.  DRAGON LADY.

The electrician arrived, wandered down the hallway to check out our lighting in the bathroom.
He checked, double checked, triple checked.... tick tock, tick tock.

So I said to him after half an hour... 

- "How about you just go get a new unit, that way you are not wasting too long on a dead unit?"

- He said "OK... are you worried about cost and time?"

Well hell yes!
And I told him how long it took the computer guy to 'not fix' my computer problems (FOUR HOURS!!!!)... 

So now my little electrician has RUN down my hallway, jumped in his van and gone to get a new lighting unit!  HE RAN PEOPLE!  Splitting my sides laughing.

I think he's scared of me.

SERIOUSLY?  It's now been two hours with the electrician here, and the unit is STILL not installed... far from it in fact.
Why do I always feel like I'm getting ripped off?  Goddamn it.

Well... that job took almost three hours!  AND, when he turned the unit on the fan made a rattling noise.  He said he really should take it out again and see what was making the noise!  I said HELL NO!  I'm not paying you another hour's time for you to take it out, investigate what's causing the noise then put it back in, when it might STILL make the noise!  

It's under warranty, if it dies you have to come back and fix it for free.

Tradies really do have you over a barrel when it comes to time eh?  Wish I wasn't so untrusting, but been burnt a few times over the years.  Kinda puts your back up.

Onto something nicer.
I've got a Social FBG evening out tonight.  Just to the Good Union Pub... nibbles and spending time with the girls in a social setting, instead of on the footpath walking.  Should be nice.
Better think about what to wear and get me face on.

I just had a courier turn up to deliver my gazebo.  *SQUEALS OF DELIGHT*

BUT HOLD ON ... they only had two parts of the delivery, the third part has been LOST SOMEWHERE!
So I refused to sign and accept the two packages.  No way.
I told them to take the two packages back, and not to return till they had all three.

This is not my day.

I have spent the past 90 minutes trying to find the missing parcel.  To no avail. Two courier companies .. both say it's not with them.  The company that sent the Gazebo say it's not with them either, they are sure it's been delivered in fact!  FAR OUT.
I better get the damn thing!  I know it's NOT HERE for sure.
Will try and put it out of my mind now, so I can enjoy tonight.

I'm going to sign off for the day early... catch you tomorrow.


  1. I hope you've got a good deal through Spark - we are with Slingshot and will get unlimited fibre plus landline for $74 - without landline it will be $69. It was the best deal anywhere we looked but now have to wait for Chorus to lay the cable - could be a long wait for that one!

  2. Our internet is shit out here in the country.

  3. Life is not worth living if you can’t scare somebody once in a while. 😆

  4. I am having technical issues today too. I finally got the studio to myself. I made a lsit of all the worry stones I need to make. Then qued up my new show that I am binge watching - and it would not play. At all. Pooh! I hope you eventually got your lighting sorted!

  5. Oh shit. One of those days where u should have stayed under the duvet .suggest u get someone to take u tonight and not tempt fate anymore today

  6. My goodness what a least there was one happy thing happen in the day! !

  7. OMG !!! What a day you have had....hope the social night is an enjoyable one so you end the day on a good vibe.


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