Friday, August 24, 2018


Well... it's taken me a few weeks, but I've finally found just the right name for my cute little blue car.

When I first saw her, I said 'MINE, MINE, MINE!"

It recently reminded me of the movie 'Finding Nemo', when the seagulls said "Mine, mine, mine".
And it made me think of the movie... and Dory, who was the other fish prominent in the movie.
And well...

ABOVE:  Doesn't my little car resemble a 'Dory'?
Well she does a bit!  So, her name is DORY.

Now I have to find some cheap yellow decals or bubbles or SOMETHING to put on her!
We had bubbles on one of our earlier vans many years ago!  We called that van the Yellow Submarine, cos it was yellow.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I just added some bubbles using my computer... could look very cute, and make her stand out from others!
So, I'll check out a few places online that I could get the decals from.

 ABOVE:  Russell and Ange came out for dinner last night, which was lovely.
They brought out two of their labrador puppies too.
One little girl and one little boy.

 ABOVE: Coco absolutely LOVED the pups, as I knew she would!  Marley warmed up to them fairly quickly too.  Denim?  Not so keen on them at all.  So she got put to bed after a little while.

ABOVE:  Marley and Coco checking out the little boy puppy.
He is 8 weeks old.

ABOVE:  We decided to name him 'The TOY BOY'... but not for the reason you might think!

 ABOVE:  YEP... although he is ONLY 8 weeks old, he tried to do the deed with Marley!!!
She was having none of it of course, but that didn't stop him trying.
Little toy boy for sure.

Check out Brylee's face.... priceless.  

It was a very funny evening.  The pups got tired very quickly, so it wasn't go, go, go all evening!

Right... today.  I'm going for a walk first thing this morning (6 am!).
Then I will be going grocery shopping.  The house is very low on food!  
Now that Lacy is here I have a helper on hand... yaaaa!


OMG I'M FROZEN TO THE BONE!!!  6 am this morning... we had a frost AND fog! And I went walking in a t-shirt like I always do. BAD MISTAKE. I am SO SO COLD I'm back in bed trying to warm up! It's been an hour and I'm STILL not warm.

Once I have warmed up I will be going to do the grocery shopping.

The frost has gone now and it's going to be a glorious day. Sun is out at last.

ABOVE:  This morning's walk photo... see, it's still dark outside!   And me, like an idiot thought I'd be fine in just a t-shirt! Yeah NAH.

1 pm:   Well.. I have to wait for the owners to get back from holiday before they can work on something cute for my car.  So... next week sometime all going well.

Groceries done and dusted, so much easier with a helping hand I must say.

Lunch done and dusted too.

Now... expecting a girlfriend (Sharon) to pop in on her way up to Auckland.

After that, I will be taking a nap!  Cos I'm bloody tired.  And still cold.

The only time I've been warm all day was in the car, with the heater going full blast!

9.43 pm:  My girlfriend Sharon arrived and we had a lovely visit.  I gave her a lot of clothes that no longer fitted me, and she was thrilled to bits.

After that I tried having a nap, but it didn't happen. So I cooked dinner, spaghetti Bolognese instead.

Catching up on Coronation Street now... I missed two night's worth!  So I get to watch three episodes tonight.  Then off to bed.  
And I will be sleeping in tomorrow for sure.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Hi Chris

    Don't mean to pry, but is Lacey pregnant? It may be the way she is sitting in the photos or what she has on. The puppies are adorable, by the way. I want one!

    Love from the UK, Sue Park xoxo

  2. So when you try to find your car in the carpark it will be "Finding Nemo"... haha, love it. Hello to Lacy too - I hope life will go well for you from now on. Please listen to your Mum and Stew and try to take a new direction in all that you do. Good luck :)

  3. 6am walk - well done you, I was still asleep (even the cat hadn't woken up at that stage :-).

  4. I would be an idiot like you and think I would be fine to go walking in a T-shirt, although I might have chosen a long sleeved one

  5. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Hi I get really cold too...I have the ducted heating on in my house all day and night...Lol.. how tall are you Chris you looked taller than everyone in the photo this morning..


    1. I am ONLY 5'4"! Everyone else had serious 'duck disease'!!! I just look bigger cos I am bigger!

    2. I'm only 5'5" and I tower over most of my friends. It's so weird. Then with family I'm the short one lol

  6. Maria2:21 PM

    when I can't get warm I go and have a very hot shower.
    The fabrics you bought yesterday are super cute.

  7. car name n spots n all a gr8 idea Bright, bubbly and lotsa fun!!

    love the pups Amazing and so cute they all gel together.. They make us want another wee one here,, BUT because we are away quite a bit ,not fair to have another dog, and the colours in Lacys top awesome .

    Lovely you are all back safe and sound..

    Love your blog colour,,Deep Purple,, cos pinks,,, mauves n purples are faves all thru our Whanau ..

    take care and enjoy your weekend


  8. Cute name for your car! I seriously thought you were going to say her name was "Smurf" :) Well done on your motivation for getting out so early on your walk.

  9. Thanks so much for the gorgeous clothes love love them x you are looking amazing so proud of you 60 my eye #notevengee


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