Monday, August 06, 2018


Today marks the start of the 2nd half of the Fat Bottomed Girls Urban Challenge for me, and quite a few others.

There is a walk on at 10 am which I will be going on.

Then there is another one at 1.30 that I'd like to get to as well.

The reason I want to get two done today is because tomorrow Brylee and I are off to Auckland for a couple of days.

Brylee won two tickets to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert, being held tomorrow night.

She is going with Bex. I have ZERO interest in attending a boy band concert!

But, I am looking forward to a trip up to Auckland in my new little car.  It will be interesting to see how much petrol I use.  Probably bugger all, it's really not that far to go after all.

So, later on today I need to pack a bag, and bedding for both of us.  I'm taking a double airbed for myself, and Brylee will be sleeping on the couch.
I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time with the kids, we haven't seen them in three weeks.  

Here's the placemats I made yesterday:

 ABOVE:  I am thrilled to bits with how they came out.  And they are really lovely animal prints.  My favourite is the sheep.  Sadly, they are the only ones I have... there's two of each block, except for the white/black rabbit, there's only one of him.

While I'm up in Auckland I am going over to Devonport to Cushla's Fabrics.  I might get lucky and find some nice animal fabric there?  Ya never know.  I've only been there once in the 2 years since we moved here.

So, certainly time to visit them again.

Right, I better get moving, I've got a walk to get ready for, and some washing to get on ... not that it's going outside anytime soon.  Still raining, miserable and wet.  edit:  It's turned into a glorious day! Sunshine and nothing else.


12 noon:  First walk done and dusted.  It's not raining today!  In fact it's a glorious day out there, and I got rather HOT on the walk. 
It made me think, do I want to get out there at 1.30 and do another one?

Yeah... I probably will and I will no doubt get all hot and bothered, but it will be worth it.  I know I will feel happy once it's done.

I didn't lose .800 grams this week to crack the 20 kilos.  Grrrrr... but next week I will for sure.
I think I'm holding water again... so will just wait for that 'WHOOSH' to happen again.  Slow and steady is better than the alternative.

ABOVE: This morning's walking group.  It's neat how we mix it up and see different walkers on most walks.  Though there are some girls who can only walk before work or after work walks, so I don't get to see them very often as I tend to do the day walks now.

Let's see who's on this afternoon's walk eh?  I know at least ONE girl from this morning's walk will be there!

 ABOVE:  DONE! Two walks in one day, that might be a first for me?  Can't remember.  But it was good, while it was fine, it wasn't too, too hot.
And there were four of us on this walk who had done this morning's one as well.
And Cleo the dog, she did both too.

ABOVE:  I loved seeing the dear cows, all of them hugely pregnant.  Some were curious cows and came up for a sniff, so cute.

And YES, cute or not, I still eat beef! lol

All up today, I walked 10.3 kms, not a bad effort at all.  Seeing as I will be spending the next two days doing bugger all walking, it was worth doing.

Well another stupid Blood Sugar low this afternoon!  Clearly I'm not eating enough midday to counteract all the activity I'm doing.
*sigh*  I will have to reassess what I'm eating at lunchtime me thinks.

Quiet evening here, as per usual.  Winding down for the day.  Packing for tomorrow.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the walks, they sound really good. I have that panel and could send it to you if you like. Happy to share.

    1. Oh WOW ...REALLY? That would be awesome.... Send me an email and we can talk about it more... address etc.

    2. Will reply when I get home

  2. Love all the dogs on the walk too! Looks like an amazing day there so hope you enjoy the afternoon walk too.

  3. well done on the walks-you may not have many walks as such but lots of snuggles and little kiddlet fun. looking forward to photos of the kids

  4. fabulous effort sure 10ks is amazing from any age/stage /wage..

    Fab work ..

    Well done you and all the others ..

    away for a few days R&R from Wed (crack of Dawn lol) so if I dont catch up on here

    take care and

    Cheers !!!

  5. C'mon! You don't want to go to the Boy Band concert? You might find a new crush! You might fall in love! Hee hee!

  6. I pretty much don't like rock band concerts lol. I just drop the kids off if they want to do that now and hang out and pick them up when it's over. Much easier on the ears lol.

    WTG on 2 walks! I am really missing my running lately, need to just put on my shoes and start the whole thing over to do it.

  7. Have a burgen bread sandwich at lunch time with cheese, meat and salad and maybe a are not eating enough for all the activity you are doing.


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