Monday, July 30, 2018


So yesterday I decided to give myself a little 'reward' for doing so well getting my blood sugar level down.

I'd been wanting some new, winter proof white shoes.

Looking around all the shoe shops in Hamilton yielded... not too much!  I didn't want white sneakers, I've already got a couple of pairs of sneakers.  My white skechers are stained (boo)... but I did eventually find something at MERCHANT, which is a branch of Overland Shoes.

 ABOVE:  They are leather, so should be fine in the rain.  And they look pretty smart eh?  I like 'em.  

ABOVE:  Brylee (yesterday), getting sniffed like crazy ... our girls could smell the puppies all over her!  It was nuts, they sniffed and sniffed for ages.

Today.. well I'm going to stay home most of the day... and sew.  And take a piddle pill and piddle myself silly.
I looked at those photos yesterday and could see I was all puffed up with fluid.... my face never lies.
I hate that I retain fluid so easily.

At least I only have to take a diuretic once in a blue moon now.  So think of me today, running off to the loo to pee at least a dozen times till lunchtime!

After lunch I will be popping into the supermarket to get a few things that we need.  Might just wear me new shoes.  *smiles*


2.15 pm:  and a really good morning!
I went into Hamilton on a mission, but it didn't pan out. Less on that.

Then back to Cambridge ... went to the supermarket then...

I met with the organiser of the St Andrew's Church Fair, which is held in October.
I had applied for a site a couple of months ago, but was on a 'waiting list' as he had no sites left.

This morning I went on their Facebook page, which I didn't even know existed, and left a comment.  I just said I was anxiously waiting to find out if I was going to get a site.

And the bloke rang me within 10 minutes and said "Meet me at the Church at 1 pm"!  So I did.

AND... so lucky, he's given me an extra big 'single  site' so that Bex, her friend Verena and I can share it.   Bex will be selling crocheted toys, Verena sells hand painted ukuleles and I will be selling my usual stuff.

ABOVE: Our site, and ...

ABOVE:  Standing on our site, looking towards the Church.  It's a good site as we have a tree to our left which will afford some shade.

I'm just thrilled we actually GET a SITE.  He's got about 30 people waiting to see if they get a site!  That will only happen if he gets cancellations now.

I'm feeling a bit jaded now... I've been on the go all day so far.  Time to chill out for a while I think.

OH!..... hold on a minute, I'll be back.

.......  so... did I lose any weight this week?  Well YES, I did!

ABOVE: bye bye 700 grams.   7 more marbles moving over to the 'LOST' side.  Excellent.

And just like that, it's 11.30 pm and time to wind down the blog for the night.
I made nacho mince tonight for dinner... I had it on burgen toast... and have paid for it ever since.  Far too rich for me.  Feel really ill.
So, I'm staying up till I start to feel less likely to throw up!  *sigh*


  1. trickle trickle trickle hope u r having a great morning Chris

  2. Oh yay for the stall site, it will be nice to have Bex there selling her wares as well.

    Well done on the loss, you are doing fabulously well :-).

  3. Congratulations on the loss. I wish I could do the same. i have been stuck at 155 for months. Maybe because it is tooooo hottttt to exercise. Love your blog.

  4. Fantastic news on both the loss and the site!! Will be great to have a stall with the 3 of you. Looks like a great location.

  5. Congratulations, it sounds like you have had an excellent day!

  6. Also, I am seriously impressed at your restraint re real estate shark on Saturday night. I remember you being so stressed and I only saw what you put on here xxx

  7. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Sounds like a great day all round!


  8. Love those shoes they look like comfort Supreme. Good buy.. Brylee and the dogs Awesome,, her hair always looks beautiful and shiny,,,,, and you can see those wee pooches love her as well..

    Gr8 3 of you to the stall area,, lots of variety and hopefully lots of sales

  9. Score on the site! Sucks when our bellies rebel!


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