Monday, July 23, 2018


I know I've done this a few times already... but oh well... I'm doing it again.


Visual motivation.

A reminder of how far I've come... COS I CAN'T see it in the body much yet.

ABOVE:  When I started trying again... I was XXX.  I had approx 30-40 kilos to lose, depending on how I feel as I get lower in weight.

So far I've lost 17 kilos... from when we first moved here to NOW.  Not in the last 3 months!  But, a good amount of that was lost in the past 3.5 months I must admit.

So... I'm almost half way there!  And only a handful of marbles left to get to my first BIG goal.  I can almost taste it!

Today the kids go back to school.  So it's back to 'normal' around here.  I get the house to myself from 8 am - 3.30 pm.
I like that.  I like that very much!
Not that the kids have been a bother at all, but it's still nice to know I can do whatever I want and not have to worry about what they are doing, where they want to go and so on.

Give us 5 years and Stew and I will probably be finally free of kids!  I wonder what that will feel like?
I simply can't imagine it to be honest.  Our eldest 'kid' is now 39 and a half. I've been full time 'mothering' for all that time, and Stew has been 'Fathering' for 33.

It's a lifetime!  

For today though, I think I will just enjoy the fact that our last two are at school all day.  *smiles* 

There is an FBG walk on this afternoon and I'm seriously thinking of going on it.  It's just under 5 kms, so maybe my knee will be OK?
It's not too sore now, I just have to be careful how I bend it. So... I'll probably go on the walk.
IF it starts to hurt too much I can always sit down and get one of the girls to pick me up after they finish the walk!  I'm sure I will be fine though.

I am so relieved I got all the washing done this weekend! You have no idea how much we got done!  And I'm damned if I know where it all came from!  Seriously, I reckon half the linen cupboard contents were in the laundry.  *sigh*

But it's done now, so not much to do today.  
I might end up doing some sewing for market.
I've got heaps on the go.


Minor correction on me numbers.  I've now lost 18.5 kilos.

And I'm getting ready to go for that walk, after slaving away doing some serious shower box cleaning! OMG the kids shower was DISGUSTING!
You say ... please clean the shower... and expect them to do it properly.  HA HA HA!
What a joke.

I dread to think what sort of filth they will end up living in on their own.  Well no, I will make damn sure they don't live in a bloody pig sty.
No more 'turning a blind eye' going on with me, and I've told them so too.

2.30 pm:  Just back from my walk with the FBG's... and so happy to report it went well.   My knee held up fine.   Hope it's still feeling ok in a couple of hours!

Took this photo, I am a bit hot and sweaty:

ABOVE:  So here's a question for you all.


........ DUMM dee doooo....

- it's not me smile
- it's not me eyebrow (though they are rather sparse)
- it's not me purple shirt

YES!  DEE, it is my double chin!  Well done on guessing.

As I've said, the only place I can see a difference is in my face.  And I'm fine with that. *smiles*

Looks (sniffs) ... like I'm getting an head cold.  Getting snotty.  Nice eh?

Stew got home early from work today, so cos I'm feeling shitty bone lazy, he's getting dinner.
Just chicken rissoles baked in the oven with coleslaw, (already made), and some potato and kumera.  

The knee feels fine btw, which is excellent.

End of the day and I'm feeling like shit.  Over the course of the afternoon/evening I've come down with a head cold.  Ugh.
Probably get to bed early and sleep in tomorrow, try to throw it off.


  1. I did tons of laundry yesterday while the wie was working.
    The Sherlock Holmes in me notices that all the marbles wouldn't seem to fit in one box. As you lose weight and move marbles, you're eventually going to need a bigger box.
    I could use a walk today too.

  2. The marble idea is brilliant, very visual. Enjoy your walk :-)

  3. How much weight does each marble represent? That's a lot of marbles!! Don't mention filth - you should have seen the state of our rental property last week after the tenants left. AND apparently they had cleaned it... yeah right.

    1. Each marble represents 100 grams.

    2. Haha... that's a lot of marbles!! Good incentive though to see so many go across to the other jar.

  4. I’m sick of winter and lack of sun Days below 12 the heater goes on.

  5. Love the chest of drawers from yesterday's post!
    I am freezing here today and just sitting.... I know I will feel better if I get up and move but motivation is sooo low.. Hate winter with a passion!!
    As for grubby teenagers... yup Know all about that.

  6. Your beautiful smile is missing! Happy your knee is better and you can do your walks. Nothing better than the feeling exercise gives you.

  7. MMN Beats me,, but is it part of your eyebrow???And /or,, your purple top???

  8. What’s missing ? The double chin has gone ? No idea

  9. Chris you look absolutely fabulous! You face has changed so much. Keep doing what you are doing. You are really inspiring ��

  10. I never ever noticed you had a double chin anyway just look at the hair eyes and smile .. Good on you getting on top of the health and fitness for your sugar levels etc

    Such an inspiration for all of us here on our OE

    Cheers +

  11. yup I noticed the photo before the message and I said well done girl your double chin has gone-u r doing an amazing job

  12. You don't have to approve this, I just found a post I think you'd like:

  13. I like the marbles idea. I know some people use a picture with part of it being 1 lb and colour it in as they go. Visuals are really helpful. You are doing so great and are an inspiration to this Diet Coke addict :)

  14. Bummer you're sick! Bye bye double chin!!! Awesome!!!


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