Saturday, July 14, 2018


Well... we've had our new cars two weeks today, it sure doesn't feel like it's been that long!

Stew is still discovering things in his car that he didn't know it had.  Like the other night he was driving around a corner in the dark and noticed that the lights actually turned to illuminate the corner as well!  Pretty cool!

My car sure doesn't have half the stuff his does... but I still love it.

We are expecting Steve and the three kids for lunch today.  Bex is staying home in Auckland with the rabbits.  Her rabbits got de-sexed last Tuesday, so she's keeping an eye on them.

Steve is going to be making a 'Jiggly Cake' once he gets here.  He swears it's A...MAZING.  So looks like I will be trying a little bit of that once it's cooked!

I'm looking forward to seeing Keera and giving her her birthday present.  And of course it will be lovely to see the boys too.

As they are not due here till late morning, I might pop into town for some more batting for the sewing.  I sure go through a lot of that stuff!  I'm making a heap more coasters and placemats right now.  

ABOVE:  I added fabric strips to my bamboo screen (it goes all the way around), that way I can pin things to it easier.  It was a right pain in the butt before, only being able to hang one thing per 'section' from the top.  Now I can hang 2-3 in each section.  And I can move the strips to where ever I need them to be, they have elastic on the back making it easy to move them along.

Right, that's me for now, I shall endeavour to come back sooner than I did yesterday.  *smiles*


Right, it's 2.25 pm and I've finally managed to get back here and update. 
Steve and the kids arrived mid morning and we've been kinda entertained since then.

ABOVE AND BELOW:  Kids checking out the new cars.

ABOVE:  kids 'n' dogs.

 ABOVE:  Stew and his youngest grandson, and Coco, who Archer just loves to bits.  Coco doesn't seem to mind him either, which is so sweet.

 ABOVE:  Keera and her birthday presents, Lego and clothes.   

 ABOVE:  We found the box of old Lego and gave it to them.  I wasn't sure if we still had it all, thought I might have given it to the Hospice shop in Manukau before we left Auckland. 

Glad I didn't, as these kids are old enough to play with it now, with some help from the parents.

ABOVE:  Steve in the kitchen ... baking Jiggly Cake!
It came out lovely, we ate it hot!  Archer had double helpings, seems he loves it!

ABOVE:  Jiggly Cheesecake video with recipe.  It's the best one I could find.  Sorry it's quite long.

This 'cake' has a very interesting texture... nothing like cake as we know it.  Quite eggy, not too sweet, interesting.   I've seen some recipes where they put raisins in the bottom of the cake pan before the cake mixture too.

Right, it's been a quiet evening as per usual.  I've watched TV in the family room (boring shit on) and Stew's watched sport in the lounge.  B & G have done their own thing in their rooms (Playstation/Sims)... so  yeah, quiet night.
Maybe when we get Netflix we will finally have something worth watching over the weekends?

Time will tell.

But for now, I'm getting cold so... bedtime soon.


  1. Great idea about the bamboo screen. Sounds like a lovely day ahead with Steve and the kids - what a shame that Bex couldn't make it this time. Sadly we had to buy a new car this week for my husband after some young lady decided to t-bone his car by going through a red light at the same time he was going through on a green light - writing his car off. You'll be delighted with his choice of new car I think ... it's a little blue car!!

  2. You have the most amazing ideas Chris. What is jiggly cake made of? Interested. The kids are gorgeous and growing so fast . Happy birthday beautiful Keera

  3. What is jiggly cake? More photos please!!

  4. those kids have grown so much...miss the photo updates

  5. Agree, kids are so much bigger! The cake looks great!


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