Monday, July 09, 2018


Time for me to have my diabetes blood test.

And in a couple of days I will know how much I have managed to lower my HbA1c number.

But for TODAY, it is my 'reward' day.

I am going to literally have whatever I feel like!

Seriously, I'm going to have a little of just about everything I've denied myself for the past 3 months.

Why?  Cos 1 day in three months is not going to do any damage to my NEXT blood test in another 3 months is it!

I went shopping last night, and got a 'few' things:

ABOVE:  It's all in that bag, and there's a little pot of ice cream in the freezer.  *smiles*

I fully expect the kids to help me out with some of it... but OMG I am looking forward to some self indulgence.

I've clearly not lost my sweet tooth ... wait till you see what's in the bag!

But for now... I am getting ready to go and have that VERY IMPORTANT blood test!  I expect to have the results on Wednesday.

So, apart from pigging out all day.... I am going to be making a few more Owl Mobiles in the next few days.  I'm down to only 3 left.
And that's all for now.
Catch ya later... with a reveal of 'what's in the bag'.  lol


10.10 am:  Just back from town.
OMG today's blood test was THE WORST I've had in many years!
The nurse thinks she hit a nerve, cos it hurt like F#*K the entire time she was drawing blood.  I felt like I was going to pass out, it hurt that much!

I even felt rather 'wobbly' for a few minutes afterwards, so had to stay sitting down for a while.  Nasty needles.

Once recovered, I went to my favourite coffee shop and got more 'evilness' for my day off.

And here's the line up of evilness:

ABOVE:  Now please don't freak out!  I will NOT be eating all that on my own, or even trying to finish it all!!!!
Griffin has gone to work (holiday job) with a container full of this stuff, and Brylee is going to be having some too.

I'm going to start with the club sandwich, cos that's what I have missed the most.  Then the banana.  After that, who knows!  lol

FELICITY/CHRISTY:  Thanks for the concern... I am going to be careful don't worry!  I will be checking my blood sugar readings during the day, and if I feel sick I will obviously stop eating that crap!


12.15 pm:  And I've just checked my bloods.  Level has gone up to 10.3, which is the highest it's been in 3 months of course.
And... I'm done with the sugar shit.  I haven't even had the ice cream/chocolate sauce, meringues or custard slice!  
While I don't feel SICK, I certainly feel like I've eaten too much!

What did I eat?  One club sandwich.  6 jelly beans.  3 chocolate fruit clusters and one Toffee Pop biscuit.  And I'm done!

I will probably have the other half of the club sandwich for afternoon tea.  I feel a bit sad.   I thought I would really enjoy all that evilness.

But I didn't. *sniff*

I stopped eating that crap at lunchtime, and I STILL feel revolting.  Not happy at all.  Clearly sugar makes me sick.  
Brylee and I went into Hamilton to Spotlight for some supplies.  I felt incredibly ill while there, was not fun.

Happy to say I am back to 'normal' blood sugar levels this evening.  And I feel much better too.  Phew, never doing that again.

I got some sewing done this evening, and have quite a bit lined up to do tomorrow.

Time to bugger off for the night, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the test !! Maybe do a little "prick" test after your blowout today because it might be a reminder as to why you are not doing this every day. As I've learned a good HbA1c result does not mean I can't spike like crazy :)

  2. Be careful with the extra sugar kiddo you dont get over load and whoozy

  3. thanks for commenting on my blog, you made me giggle. I'm all for indulging (as I'm sure you know!!!), but I hope you don't feel sick afterwards!!! Christy xxx

  4. Love it you write a gr8 blog ..

    But I know you will share (as you have with Griffin already) some of the stash (smiles) and also you are very sensible, despite going without it for so long

    Onwards and upwards and have a gr8 day!!!

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM


  6. After 3 months you deserve a treat....enjoy your few rewards.
    Bugga bout the jelly beans and toffee tops though!!!

  7. I'd have the custard slice - I love custard slice!! Meringues.. yum. The rest? Not so much. It's interesting too how your taste buds change and things taste much sweeter when you don't eat sugar often.

  8. Haha so your tastes have changed,I thought that might happen, you have weaned yourself off all the sugary stuff :-)

  9. looks like a perfect selection..... yummo!!! Christy x

  10. Penny1:00 PM

    I hoe you enjoy your treats. It will be interesting to see how you feel. I'm not wishing you to get sick but whatever happens you will learn something from it, I'm sure!

  11. Penny1:01 PM

    I also like that if you are going to et I cream, you re going straight to the good stuff. More expensive but if it's a one off, enjoy it properly and move on! Xxx

    1. Penny1:20 PM

      Guess that is what happens to spelling when you type on a phone on a train!

  12. Chris, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you over the last 11-12 years of reading your blog, you go big or go go home. I literally laughed out loud when I saw your goodies, and wondered if you could eat even a tiny portion of of it. At least you know what spikes your blood sugar. The club sandwich would definitely be my weakness.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      The Club sandwich would have been where I would have caved too. I can skip the sweet stuff, don't really care much for candy except good chocolates, which I never get anyways. But the sandwich.. oh yes!!! I go tomorrow for my blood lab and pretty sure I am going to just over the cusp for diabetic; having been swaying between prediabetic numbers and 1 point over and I just think this time doctor going to call me diabetic! But she also told me that I am not going on any meds for it but strictly better diet!!! Dawn P. dba GADawn57 from Albany, Georgia USA

  13. I know those days where you just want to devour all the sugar! I nibble a lot of it through the day. Can't seem to help myself. But, I can't do much in one hit any more. Tried to have a pancake with berries on the weekend. managed half the pancake and all the berries but felt so, so sick afterwards. Ugh.

  14. Everytime I run down the rabbit hole of shit food and feel terrible I think "this is how I must have felt all the time"
    Hang in there!
    When is weigh in? That will be exciting!

  15. I also vote for the club sandwich! You had me worried when you said the blood draw was the worst in years! I thought you meant the numbers! Phew!

  16. Sorry you had a painful blood test. I have big veins that look easy, but roll and collapse and the nurses can never get the blood out.
    I think I've said it before, but have you ever tried looking for sugarless candy? For me, it helps when the craving is bad.

  17. LOL I was thinking that was going to make you sick!


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