Monday, July 02, 2018


On Friday just gone, Stew 'Celebrated' working 20 years for the company he works for.

Did he get a special morning tea?  A pat on the back? Anything???

How disgusting is that?

I feel so sad for him.  Talk about undervalued, under appreciated. Under fucking everything. 

I am so angry about it.  He doesn't deserve that sort of treatment.

He has said he doesn't WANT anything now, it's too late to right the wrong.  I don't feel the same, he DESERVES some sort of recognition for the 20 damn years he's put into giving that company his all.  

Moving on...

Monday.  Hoping there is a walk on with the FGB's sometime SOON.  I've not had a walk for a few days now.
Probably just as well actually!

I've got blisters!  

ABOVE:  There really is nothing attractive about feet is there?  I might have to invest in some sort of cushioning insoles, so this doesn't keep happening!  

Hmmm, that might just mean a trip out in the car.  Oh yaaa!  *smiles*  We have a Smith's Sports Shoe shop here, might just go down and see what they have that might help.  


Well I've been out and about a couple of times already today.
The little blue car is a dream to drive and park... I am not missing my big car at all.

I have to go out again in 45 minutes, Denim needs to see the Vet. She has a sore tail and I want to have her checked out before her operation tomorrow.  I am hoping her pregnancy symptoms are just a phantom pregnancy!  
OMG I can't bear the thought of her being pregnant!  

ANON:  Yes I know my feet are looking awful!  Thank you for saying it 'so nicely'.   YA TROLL.  I've never had a pedicure, maybe one day I will, but not cos you told me to that's for sure.

WELL... it's all bad news at the Vets for Denim sadly.  I cried.

Her tail has been broken by the look of it!  I have NO IDEA how that could have happened, we are so very careful with doors and so on.  But, it is looking like tomorrow she will have a tail amputation! OMG that is unexpected.

She's on antibiotics now, just to keep her from getting an infection.  Her tail is NOT infected right now.  One good thing I suppose.

As for being neutered tomorrow.  Might not happen.

IF she is having a 'phantom pregnancy' as I suspect (and the Vet does too), then they can't do the spey until that is over.  IF she IS pregnant (and how the hell did that happen???), we have to decided tomorrow on either leaving her to have pups, or terminate and spey.

So tomorrow is going to be a big day for Denim and me.  I feel sick.  Mostly about her poor tail.

I cannot imagine how she got injured, she might even have got herself stuck between something and wrenched her tail?  *sigh* 

Too late now, they are going to try and save it tomorrow, but no promises.

At least for the rest of today she can stay out of that horrible Elizabethan Collar!  The Vet said no point having it on now. 

OMG!  While Denim had the nasty collar on, she was subdued and depressed, and just so sad. Not herself AT ALL.

NOW?  She's happy again.  Running around like a mad thing, tail wagging (but bothering her still)... but she's baaaaaack!  So nice to see her happy again.

Sadly, tomorrow it will be back on.

7.15 pm:  Just got home from an FBG walk, 5.3 kms in an hour.  Not a bad walk and my feet felt fine tonight.  Buzzing, it was just a lovely walk tonight.

Fed the family Spaghetti Bologneise for dinner, had it ready for them before I headed out for the walk.
Time to wind down for the rest of the evening now.


  1. Sadly employee loyalty seems to be a thing of the past in bigger organisations. Enjoy your new ride!!! Every time you see that blue colour it will make you happy. I used to have a blue Rav4 and loved it.

  2. It’s really poor isn’t it? I ‘celebrated’ 30 years with the one company a couple of years ago, and I was underwhelmed to receive a pen. Not a Mont Blanc, or even a Parker.... just a pen with the company Logo on it. I work in a ‘caring’ profession as well. Obviously our bosses don’t care as much for their staff as we care for our patients!

  3. I feel for Stew, unfortunately I think it is common especially when staff are restructured and moved around so much. If it makes him feel better, when I left the insurance company (after taking voluntary redundancy) after 18+ years with the same company, I didn't get a thing, not even any goodbyes, just left on the Friday never to return.

  4. I feel for Stew, how unfair is that!!! the new cars

  5. Poor wee Denim :-(

  6. The large company my hubby and I worked at used to give fairly generous long service awards but when we were both made redundant after 17 years for me and 22 years for him the redundancy packages were abismal.Love the new cars and blue is my favourite colour as well and love the red interior.Also loved your little video,so nice to hear the voice of someone who blogs.Sorry to hear of Denims health problems and hope that everything turns out ok for her in the end.Fur babies can be a worry at times.Wendy(UK)

  7. Well nothing stays the same does it Chris from Day to day.. So pleased you are happy with the crs.. Wee Denim their tails can break quite easily so its no fault of yours or anyone elses..

    You took her as soon as you could and the vets care as much for the wee animals as we do..

    Take care

  8. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Oh, poor Denim! I hope they can save her tail, but whatever the result, I'm sure it will be what's best for her health. Glad she's at least happier today without the cone. Good luck tomorrow - hope it's not too hard on the heart! Liz

  9. Poor little Denim. Glad she is back to herself and zooming around. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  10. Anonymous6:24 PM

    That's horse's butt with Stew's employer would be very hard not to bring it to their attention! Will be thinking of you and little Denim tomorrow. George's Mum.

  11. Hubby worked at the same place for 24 years but when they lost the contract no one got any recognition, mind you a lot of cleaning items ‘disappeared ‘. Where I work a big group get together is held every year and pins are presented for those that have been employed for 5, 10, 15 etc years. Flowers are sopposed to be given when immediate family has passed but I have missed out on those

  12. I got nothing when I left the contract employee I had for 9 years and got on as a real employee (all in the same office). Some girl left after like 3 months and they had a bloody BBQ for her.


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