Sunday, July 22, 2018


I don't think we have any specific plans for today.
Griffin has to be at school for drama practice for a few hours, and Brylee is going to work.

Did I mention she's started a part time job?  Well, she started yesterday.

It's only a weekend job for now.

Now both kids have part time jobs, which is great for them.  

So, at some point today, we might be like 'Darby and Joan' and be all alone!

ABOVE:  Finally got them done.  I'm really happy with them, except the left hand side ... that needs to be sanded back and done again... but it can wait.

I'm sick of looking at it in the family room!

ABOVE:  They look lovely there.  The small set is now beside me in the family room, I can put all my bits 'n' bobs in it.  Handy dandy.

As you read this, I will still be in bed.  I have no intention of getting up till it's warmer, I'm perfectly happy just lying here doing stuff on me phone for now.

Catch ya later.


I've been playing with marbles.

And folding washing.

And having to endure DAMN RUGBY ON THE TV.  Cos Stew is home, and that's what he does to relax. He will watch rugby ALL. DAY. LONG.  Sometimes, I just want to throttle him.  I hate rugby, I  really do.

ABOVE:  The loaf must have been nice!
I will be making another one later on today.  More lemon this time.

2nd Loaf made.... much more lemon in it.  Yummo.
It's sure quiet here today... and out in blog world obviously. 
Seriously, NO COMMENTS TODAY?  I'm a bit sad.  I thrive on comments!  When I don't get any I think no one likes me anymore. moan over.  I'm sure you are all just too busy having a nice weekend eh?  I hope so anyway.

Stew's just gone out to pick up Griffin from school.  When he gets back, he will be sitting down for an hour, then taking Brylee to her job too.

We are turning into a taxi service!

♥LOVE YOU GIRLS♥... thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment.  It makes my day.
Glad so many of you are having a great day, commiserations to those hung over/super tired.  I'm sure it was worth it! lol

7.30 pm:  Been a take it easy sorta day. Nursing my knee so that it's (HOPEFULLY) recovered enough for me to get back into some FBG walks this week.

There's stuff all on TV on a Sunday night... so I'm watching some You Tube Videos... crime stories which I really enjoy.  

I'm signing off now.... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The little dresser is darling. I truly don't think you need to bother sanding the one side. Congrats to the kids on getting their first jobs!

  2. What surely I'm not the first to comment come on peeps it's 4.15pm

    1. *sniff*... yeah I'm being sadly neglected today~! lol

  3. I still luvs ya... I'm just a bit hungover 😉

    1. Shit you must be badly hungover! It's late afternoon already! Ya little piss head you!

    2. Soooooo worth it 😉🍻

  4. I had a lazy Sunday too Chris .had mid winter Xmas here last night a HUGE amount of work putting up lights and food prep but a great time and a GREAT excuse to have my lights up some I'll encourage to stay up, have tod consider others who live here. They don't all get the same enjoyment out of them.

  5. Sorry Chris ... you can blame the beautiful day in Christchurch for my absence in commenting. After a week of super long hours stuck in an office at work, it was too nice a day not to take advantage of the weather to get out of the four walls. Your new painted drawers look lovely. Enjoy what's left of the day :)

  6. HI Chris. The draws look just incredible! You are so talented. I wish I could do things like this. Enjoy your evening ox

  7. I dont think the comments I leave via my iPhone get hello and goodnight

  8. Late catchup you will probs be asleep by now but love the drawers and so happy that Griffin and Brylee are having some gr8 times when schools not in .. So much to offer at that age and stage,,, and well done to all of you getting to this stage,, as well, Its been good team effort and well done to you all...

    Wheres the weekend gone ??? seems to have raced by AGAIN lol

  9. Been out and battening down the hatches for a wet and windy night.

  10. When you have to drive somewhere, listen to the podcast "Dirty John": fabulous true crime story!

  11. Those drawers are really cute. As far as the rugby goes.....I’ve lucked out really.... two husbands, the first a total ocker Aussie, who would take or leave the footy, the second, probably the only man born in Manchester who doesn’t follow the football... I also have three sons who don’t care about sport.... bliss!

  12. Sunday Suffering, husband watching sports! My wife will be feeling your pain in about four weeks, when the NFL pre-season starts!
    I can't see why the left hand side needs to be re-done. Looks find from here!

  13. Hi Chris, haven't been commenting as I don't comment very often but right now I'm going through a bit of a rough patch. Got shingles 11 weeks ago which is now PHN-Postherpetic neuralgia. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. The pain can be indescribable. It is improving a little bit, down from 21 pills a day to 18!!! So my blog reading has fallen behind quite a bit, but I do eventually read all the posts in my reader. Take care.

  14. The dresser looks so cute! No plans for my Sunday here today woohoo just going to mess around with my fabrics.

  15. Congrats Brylee & Griffin on the part time jobs! Dresser is really cute!!!


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