Tuesday, July 17, 2018


I don't know what happened last night, but we moved my computer from one desk to another, and ended up buggering up the keyboard.

The damn thing just stopped. Nothing happening. Zip. Nada. Grrrrrr.

No matter what I tried, it wouldn't work.

So I went and got the keyboard from the laptop in our room, and plugged that in.

Still nothing! Then I tried going to the Control Panel and trouble shooting, something that has never worked for me before, and dang! It worked. So here I am typing again.

It is so HORRIBLE when you can't use your computer! I literally go mental. Like some bastard cut off me hands!

I know I could do things using my phone, but seriously, that is so LABORIOUS. Ya can't touch type on ya phone for a start, and I'm a fast touch typist. Thank goodness I got a keyboard working.

Crisis averted. On with my day.

Which involves another walk ... this time at 10 am. I think the weather will hold so it can go ahead. I'm excited about this one cos it's my last one 'this side of the river'.

After lunch I am going into Hamilton so Marley and Denim can get a groom.  They both need it really bad, and our local groomer is away till the end of the month, and I don't want to wait that long.  Denim is getting knots on her face from the cone, and she won't let me near her face to sort them out.  And muzzle knots are the pits to sort out!  Best to leave that to experts!

So, while the dogs are in the groomers (at least 2 hours), I will probably wander around the mall, or Spotlight ... ahhh no!  NOT Spotlight, that shop is the pits.  Silly me.  I only go in that shitty shop when I really need something from there.

Maybe I will check out some Op Shops?  

Either way, I will have a couple of hours to kill.  Till then, I better get ready for the walk.


Well... we had a perfect morning for walking!
No rain, sun shining, cool breeze.
For our 'walk' photo today... I stopped a tractor driver and asked him if we could 'pose' in front of his tractor?
He said fine, and jumped off and even took our photo!

ABOVE:  Anna even got in the driver's seat... and that tractor was still running!   It was rather funny.
It was a road sweeper tractor, this area is still being developed with new houses.  I would have loved to commandeer a BIG dump truck ... that might have been pushing my luck! lol

So Brylee has gone off to spend the day with Anna and her daugther Emily (in the photo), so it's just me at home. Griffin is a work.

Lunch time for me, then off into town with the dogs for their groom.

4.50 pm:  Finally home from Hamilton.  Trip went well, got my test pots from Resene, dogs got groomed, had a wander around the mall.

Brylee ended up coming with me.

 ABOVE:  We got the girls a bunch of new chew toys.  The keys... well they chew through those fairly quickly... so I got two bigger sets this time.
Hopefully they last a while, they are not cheap!

ABOVE: Both girls nice and short.... the groomer said Denim LOVED being out of her cone for a while.  Awwww poor girl, I can't wait till she can have it off for a while.
Then sadly, she will get speyed, and end up back in it!  But that won't be for a while, I'm going to give her a good break from it.

ABOVE: While at the mall, Brylee got hungry, so we stopped in a cafe and I got her a pie and hot chocolate.

She had a little accident with her drink, tipped almost the entire cup full over the table, herself and onto the floor!

Rather surprisingly, she missed me! LUCKY.

That photo was taken AFTER the cafe lady had done a quick wipe up! Still plenty left on the table and floor to be cleaned up.

Having walks on two consecutive days has made me AND Brylee a bit tired!  We really didn't feel like Op shopping, and we ran outta time anyway.  So we might end up doing that on another day out.

Right now... I better think about dinner.  I might just make a silly bugger dinner.
Bacon.  Eggs.  Chicken Rissoles. Spaghetti on toast?  Something like that.

Calling computer repair company first thing in morning... can't do blogging on damn phone for long.


  1. Well, I guess you got your keyboard sorted. Hope you had a good walk.

  2. Busy day :-). Looking forward to the post-groomed photos :-)

  3. Enjoy your quiet! And shopping :) I'm trying to stay out of the thrift store until I get rid of some more stuff. We'll see how long I make it, it's been about 2 weeks lol.

  4. Our weather started off windy, now add rain and cold. We have the ac/heat pump and gas heater going. I hope it improves before I have to go to work

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Walk looks lovely. I'm going to try and fit one in on Thursday whilst the kids are at school. Unfortunately it's the only fine day forecast for the week, so I also need to try and fit in a million loads of washing :-) Good luck Op shopping! Hope you find some bargains. Liz

  6. My dogs got groomed today, too!

  7. Love the photo of the group with the tractor. Well done Brylee missing mum with the chocolate!!!

  8. There is something about tractors , that we grew up with,,, and took it as a given,, and NOW love to see the pics and reminisce .. Thanks for the share.. Maybe its an over 50s THING !!

    All good news on the Blog

    Cheers !!!

  9. Lovely weather for walking. Great group photo.


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