Saturday, July 07, 2018


First up for today, I am attending a meeting at Lake Te Kotu here in Cambridge, for a photo shot with the FBG's.
Then once that is done, we are going on an FBG walk, followed by a late morning tea with the girls.

Then home to see what the family is up to.

I finished my 'new' project last night, and I'm thrilled to bits with it:

ABOVE:  It's an Elf Table Runner... today I am going to make another one in different colours.  It was such fun to make!

It is the first time I've put binding on a curved edge, and the first time I've bound a corner that wasn't a 90 degree angle too.  So a couple of firsts thrown in there for fun.  They were not as difficult and I thought they might be too.

Here is Denim after she can home from the vet's yesterday afternoon....  

ABOVE:  Awww poor Denim, she's really not a happy girl!  Luckily she did settle down after a few hours.

Right, I better go and get some things sorted out for the day... catch ya later.


First up... OMG it's freezing again.
The photo shoot didn't take too much time... which meant we had to stand around and wait half and hour for the other walkers to arrive before we could get walking.

I got chilled to the bone waiting, then hot and bothered on the walk... and now?  Freezing cold at home again.  *sigh*

Once I've warmed up I'm going to some more sewing.  I started another Elf Table Runner late last night, different colours this time.

Stew and Griffin have gone into Hamilton to see if they can source some roof rails for Stew's car, so we can use our existing roof rack on his car.  We would rather have rails than the bolt on attachments you can get, which ain't the look we are wanting for the car.

Well Stew didn't get his roof rails as the 'spare parts' man left at lunchtime and won't be back till Monday.  So their "Open till 4pm on Saturday" is bullshit.  Grrrr.

While he was out I carried on sewing, and now... I'm at the hand stitching end of it.  Should have this one done and dusted in a couple of hours.

Off to bed early tonight... got the Market in the morning.  Fingers crossed for a good day, and no rain!


  1. My dog had to be in a cone for quite a while after he had an eye removed earlier this year. As bad as it all was, that cone was the worst of it for him. I hope Denim can be out of the cone soon.

  2. Love the runner! Poor Denim :(

  3. ooooohh the runner is gorgeous!! you are SO clever!!!! Christyx

  4. Awww poor Denim. Poor you. It can't be easy seeing your loved pets so frustrated.

  5. Your table runner looks.... What's the word?... Christmas-ey! I think it is quite nice.
    Poor Denim! She looks uncomfortable to say the least.

  6. Love the runner!!! Hope Denim heals quickly.

  7. Interesting! I have never really seen a dog and cone in action like that. I always take them off my dog and he hasn't really tampered. But Denim is giving it her all to get at that tail! How did her dressing change go? I never heard the outcome.

  8. I just backtracked and read that Denim can keep the rest of her tail. Yay !

  9. I love the new runner


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