Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the kids arrived yesterday, I really wanted to show them the new 'bedroom'... with the new beds for them.
Now they won't need to sleep in the lounge with Steve and Bex.

Well... they just LOVED the new bedroom!

 ABOVE:  They wanted to get in the beds immediately.

Only I made a BIG BOO BOO.

I didn't consider little Archer did I?

He stood in the doorway and said "Where's my bed?"

Oh dear, I felt so bad.  So Stew is going to get the camp stretcher down from the attic and Archer can use that, in the same bedroom as his brother and sister.

Problem solved.  
I still feel stink about disappointing him yesterday though.

 ABOVE:  A happy little girl is our Keera.

 ABOVE:  I asked Steve to take a photo of the kids and me... the idiot took 75 photos ! ... I found a couple of decent ones....

ABOVE:  Of course, there is always ONE person who can't help pulling silly faces... and there were at least 20 of HIM doing THAT!!!  Little shit.

So Stew got the camp stretcher down:

ABOVE:  It has an air mattress that gets zipped inside the cover, but we are going to buy a foam mattress,  cut to fit today.  The air mattress makes a lot of noise when you move, so a foam one will be better.

Now Archer will have his very own bed too. 
Need to get him some sheets too, I promised him I would. 

The next thing I did to include Archer in the bedroom... I bought a 2nd hand set of drawers last night on TradeMe:

ABOVE:  Once we've picked them up, I will paint them the same as the last set.  This way each child will have a drawer for their clothes and pyjamas.  And Archer will be a happy wee man.

I can't wait till he comes down next, and see's his own bed and drawer.

So today we are going into Hamilton to get mattress/sheets/drawers/paint.  And goodness knows what else!

ABOVE:  See how Denim's little tail is now curling up and over like 'normal'?  She's getting happier, because before yesterday her tail was hanging down all the time.  Once her hair grows back you will hardly notice her tail is shorter than normal.  So happy it's going to be OK.


3 pm:  Another busy day!  We stayed in bed till 9.30, then got up, got sorted and went into Hamilton.

It's a horrible, wet, miserable day out there.  Freezing cold... unless you are Griffin.  Who likes to do the 'macho' thing and walk around in a t-shirt.  

Though, we did end up buying both kids a couple of warm sweatshirts each... the winter sales are great right now.

We went to Briscoes and got a warm sheet set for Archer:

 ABOVE:  Sadly all the car and boyish ones were gone, but this set looked nice enough.    It wasn't on sale anymore, bugger.

After that we got a couple of things from Warehouse Stationery for my market... just stands and bright star lables.

On to Spotlight, where I got more batting, and spied these:

 ABOVE:  Three Minky blankets for $5 more than the price of ONE!  Normally $70 each, got three for $75! 
We can always use more blankets in the house, and little kids can use these ones as they are singles.

Obviously, our 'spare bedroom' will be used by anyone who comes to stay ... including other grandkids (if they are ever allowed to come and stay!), not just Steve and Bex's kids.

I just felt the need to clarify that point.

After shopping at the Base and Spotlight, we picked up the little set of drawers I won last night:

ABOVE: They are just adorable, not too big for the room.  I am itching to paint them.  *smiles*
That will probably be tomorrow.  In the family room, cos it's too damn cold in the garage!

It's now warm up time... My feet are like blocks of ice.  

Stew cooked dinner tonight.
He got some of this:

ABOVE:  He cubed up some chicken and simmered it in this stuff, with some red onion and carrots.  The kids had it with rice, Stew and I had it with steamed cabbage.  It was really yum!  It didn't have a high sugar or carb content either, so perfectly fine for us to eat.

It's now wind down time... it's been a quiet blogger weekend... not many visitors.
Maybe I should just blog Monday to Friday, and forget about the weekends.  What do ya think?


  1. Poor little Archer! Looks like you're going to get him happy and sorted though!

  2. Aww you are a beautiful grandma. They will love you forever. And Chris you have lost so much weight. You can see it in your face wow! You are awesome! I need to find your self control.

  3. Chris I was in local farmers on Thursday they had some cute kids (and adult) flannette sheets a crazy low price..

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Haha archer was telling me how he had no bed at grandma's place haha. We showed him the bed today his smile was priceless. Xx looks like a overnight trip will be next haha. Love ya bex😂

    1. Tell him the blue minky blanket is his too , and the pretty mint sheet set. Dante's is the brown animal print and Keera's is the light pink one... of course! lol

  5. We had a little stretcher like that and just used a cot mattress on it. The Warehouse have a great fold up bed that we now use - it's only $75 which includes a great mattress.

    1. We have two porta cot mattresses, but they are a bit thin. We will just get a foam one to fit it, no need to buy another bed at this stage.

  6. I have been busy (and achieved nothing) trying to keep warm today. I have been recovering from the flu and back to work tomorrow. First time I have had the flu for 10+ years and yes I did get the flu injection.

    1. Bugger about the flu! Weird how you still got it after having the injection, must have been a different strain of the flu. I don't think I've ever had the flu!

  7. I need to update our spare room...yours looks great, can see why the grandies love it

  8. Awww poor little guy! They all got so big so quick! He'll be spoiled at Grandma's too :)

  9. No! I would miss you if you stopped blogging on the weekends. Now, why would you go and do a thing like that?

  10. That particular Chicken Tonight is a favourite in my house :)


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