Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It's been quite a learning curve adapting to my new car.

In my Highlander, it being a big 6 cylinder vehicle, I could be at the lights and know I could put my foot down and be the first off when the lights changed.  It was particularly satisfying when there was a car full of little hoons lined up beside me, revving their car like they were race car drivers! I always beat them!   I liked that.  *lol*

And waiting at an intersection, if another car was approaching, I had the speed to just go and not worry about waiting for the other car to go past (as long as it wasn't TOO close).

Now?  I have to wait.  And I no longer 'win' at the lights.  I have had to learn to just take it easy, accept that the car does not just 'pick up and GO'!

It takes time to get up to speed.  It's a much, much smaller engine.

And ya know what?  I'm fine with that.  I know I am saving HEAPS of petrol with this gorgeous wee car.

And I don't feel like I'm driving a 'nana car' either, cos it looks so perky and cute.

I still LOVE IT so much!  

Today is Miss Muppet's 6th Birthday!  Keera has been with Steve and Bex for almost 7 months now, so firmly established with her new forever family.  It's such a relief to me that she is finally settled and happy.

We are looking forward to seeing her and the family this coming weekend.  Hopefully they will be coming down for a visit... and birthday cake.  *smiles*
We all know I won't be having any cake though.  Not after Monday's fiasco.

I'm not sure yet if I will be going on the FBG walk this morning, it's SO COLD!  Freezing in fact.
And right now, I'm quite happy in my warm bed, thank you very much!  lol
I do need the exercise though.  There's been very few walks scheduled the past couple of weeks, which is bothersome.

I might even have to go on a few of my own, just to keep up the fitness!  

Right, I am off... to 'think' about when to get outta bed!  lol


I really thought my lab results would be in by now... but they are not.  Grrrrr.
I am SO SO keen to know what my HbA1c number is!  HURRY UP!!!!  I will check in another couple of hours.

TWO. HOURS. LATER.... and still no results.  *sigh*

So, I've kept myself busy getting this lot ready for stitching:

ABOVE: A bunch of placemats and coasters.  All Dog or Cat themed.
Waiting on more cat fabric to arrive too... probably get that tomorrow.  We only get post delivered 3 times a week now, which is a pain in the butt when you are waiting on something.

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet this morning, I pinched this photo off Bex's Facebook! 

THREE. HOURS. LATER.... and now I'm feeling pissed off.  Still no results. I've rung the Medical Centre and left a message asking for them to ring me when they get the results.  But of course, they are busy and might not even get them today?
I'm starting to feel crabby now. It usually only takes two days for the results to come in.


ABOVE:  the nasty result in April.... 90

ABOVE:  and NOW!



My Doctor is on holiday.  So she won't get to see my result for a week or so.
In the meantime, the clinic nurse said a doctor will need to see me to adjust my medication, as I am probably taking too much now!

That's why she took so long to ring me with my results, she needed to talk to a doctor first about my medication.  I preempted that conversation, so now I have to wait for them to call me in for a consultation.

I am truly shocked at the result.  I never expected it to be so GOOD!  My doctor had warned me that it might not have gone down 'MUCH', and not to be disappointed, as it would surely show up better after 6 months.  PFFFFT.  I rocked those numbers.

I got some pork belly out for dinner, then completely forgot to get it in the oven, too busy waiting for test results and doing sewing.
So we went to a local kebab eatery for dinner.
It was bloody yum!

I had a kebab 'salad', so just meat and salad stuff.  I got a 'regular' size:

 ABOVE:  Darn glad I didn't get the large!  I couldn't eat even half of this.

ABOVE: So I brought it home and there's my lunch for tomorrow!  Excellent.

And now, it's wind down time, watch some telly, Coronation Street is on in a couple of hours.  It's another freezing cold evening, so me blankie is on my legs warming me up.  Heat pump is on too... so should be warm soon. 

I'm so happy with my day.  Still feeling so surprised at my HbA1c result!


  1. I went from a 6 cylinder to a smaller 4 cylinder new car recently, and I have to agree, it's been a real change pulling out into traffic. I don't have the same assurance that I'm not going to get plowed into that I used to have. But like you, I'm so very happy with the gas mileage that it doesn't bother me at all.

  2. Well done on the weight loss, that is an awesome achievement. I did post yesterday from my phone but it doesn't seem to go thru x

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Congratulations on your weight have done well...I know what you mean about six cylinder cars I was exactly the same as you at the lights new car is a 4 cylinder and I can still go fast, but it turns it self off at lights to conserve petrol, so I am slower I am enjoying so many things about my new car..the heated seats being is -5 here this morning.


  4. Haha, they are probably rechecking your results because they are so different from last time - maybe they think they've mixed them up with someone else :)

    1. HA HA! Wouldn't that be nice 😊🤣😂

  5. happy birthday Keera

  6. I think I am almost as keen to hear your results too!!!!

  7. Keera looks so grown up. Happy Birthday little lady, hope you have a great day.Nothing worse than waiting for results. Hopefully later today!!

  8. Happy Birthday Keera :-)

    Where are those bloody results woman!!!! I am supposed to be working not checking for you blood tests every 5 minutes lol.

  9. Don't those people know THE INTERNET is waiting for the test results! I keep logging on too!

  10. Woohoooo!!! Well done, I am so proud of you :-)

  11. OMG Chris that is frigging fantastic! Well done you xx

  12. Fan-bloody-tastic!!!!!! You did it. I'm dying to hear what your doctor says :)

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Fantastic !!


  14. wahoooo that is MARVELOUS Ive kept popping in all afternoon and was getting very frustrated for you great result my friend...Ill say it again WAHHHHOOOO

  15. That is fantastic! Go you!

  16. OMG that is incredable. Well done Chris you have smashed it.Doing a happy dance for you!!

  17. Omg you are totally amazing. My last hba1c was 69 and you have motivated me to bring that number down.
    Fantastic result that you totally deserve.

  18. Only one word Chris


  19. Well done on the blood results Chris ... that is totally awesome!!!

  20. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Superstar!!! J.

  21. wooohoooooo.....bloody fantastic result Chris

  22. Well done keep up the good work.

  23. That's fantastic Chris. Back in the normal range. I need yo take a leaf out of unit book.

  24. Well done in getting your HbA1c levels down and you are an inspiration to us all in winning the fight against this terrible disease.Will be following your progress over the coming months...(WendyUKj

  25. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Congrats on the results!!! Awesome work!!!!!


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