Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Last night my keyboard stopped working again.
And it took me 3 hours to get it going again.

I'm NOT computer savvy at all.  So I tend to go around and around in circles, getting madder and madder until I either give up or smash the damn thing to smithereens.

I've 'killed' a few mouse's that way!  Yep, not a very patient person.

Anyway, I DID get the damn thing going again... I really don't know HOW I did it.  

But one things for sure.  It ain't happening again tonight.  I'm ringing a computer repair outfit at 8am this morning, and they can come out and sort it out for me once and for all.

It's bound to cost me more than the price of a new keyboard, but as I already have TWO keyboards that are playing up, it will be worth it.


Today... well as long as it doesn't clash with the computer repair person (presuming he/she can come today), I have another FBG walk on at 1 pm.  It includes THE MASSIVE HILL on (get this), 'Carter's Flat'... Ha ha ha!  FLAT????  Who the hell came up with calling that area FLAT?

Oh well... I'm doing it again.  This will be about the 5th time I've done the hill from hell.  I'm looking forward to it!  Crazy.

After that I will be home painting those drawers.  I finally got all the undercoat on last night.  It's gone on rather weirdly... looks like the wood has seeped into the paint?  Oh well... let's see how the next layer goes on.

When I was in Resene's yesterday, they had a small display of bedroom furniture painted, and this was there:

ABOVE: It's similar to what I did to the little drawers in the spare bedroom, but they hadn't used crackle under the last layer of paint.  This was just rough brush strokes of different colours.  I don't think it looks as good as mine, but then, I am a bit biased.  *smiles*

I'm doing the crackle/multi-coloured effect again on the larger set of drawers.  It's rather fun.

ABOVE: Marley looking like a sheep in the back of my little car yesterday... poor Denim was stuck down low by her cone.  They both look so good now!  And any day now Denim can have her cone off.... she's going to go nuts!

Right, I better get off here, do some washing then ring that computer company (Geeks On Wheels) ... fingers crossed they can come out today.


Well... the 'Geeks' are coming at 3 pm, so I will be back from my walk by then.
I did some painting this morning, and for some reason the paint went all funny on two of the drawers and I had to wash it all off again.  Grrrrr.  I think, even though I sanded the wood back, there is still something leeching out of it and affecting the paint.  So frustrating.

But, I will persevere and hopefully get them done over the next few days.

So typical of the Waikato, we have a fog.  So it's damn cold... it seeps into your bones cold.  I loathe this sort of weather.  Nothing gets dry.  The house feels cold even with the heat pump on.

Did I mention it's 10.20 am and the fog is still down?  Yep... shitty.

11.35 am:  STILL GOT FOG!  Starting to think I need to get dressed for the walk, but I don't want to take my electric blankie off!  I'm cold.  I don't like being cold at all.  The only time cold is good is when I'm out walking, cos then I get too hot!
I. CAN'T. WIN!   

ABOVE: Whoop!  Whoop!  I got up the dreaded hill without stopping!  And I wasn't gasping for air at the top either.  I must be getting fitter.

It was another lovely walk today, though we started out in fog.  By the time we finished though, the fog had finally burnt off and we have clear blue skies!

Having a late lunch now, before the computer geek arrives.

So the computer guy has been here for over two hours already! BIG BILL COMING MY WAY... but more on that later. Hes now backing up and saving all my photos as my computer is not going to last much longer.  DAMMIT.

Right.... computer geek left after almost 3 hours here. My HP Keyboard is dead, so I have to use my 2nd spare one from now on.
My computer has been playing up for a while... the guy sorted out and got rid of all the virus's and Malware... cleaned up everything... then he found all my photos, which were in several different placez and he's sold me an external hard drive to store them all on.

That is happening now and will take about 10 hours to finish!

I have over 120,000 photos on my computer!!!  He said an 'average' person might have 10,000 photos on their computer....seems I'm NOT your 'average person' then. *laughing*

I'm unable to use the computer till the photo download is finished as it would just be too slow... so blogging from my phone till tomorrow. Oh yaaa.

So...I'm going to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It's so handy actually living with a geek!!! Stu is my "geek on wheels"... I'm just like you if something doesn't work. Usually asking google solves the problem but if not poor Stu gets it.

  2. Well, the past tense, and plual of, a computer mouse is meeces. I just made that up.
    A geek is a person who bites the heads off chickens and snakes at a carnival. (I didn't make that up)
    Good luck on your walk.

  3. I hope it warms ups for you soon. We had a foggy start here this morning although mostly cleared by the time I hauled my butt out of bed :-).

  4. Glorious day here in Methven actually its been pretty good winter so far. Lambing starts anytime so weather will turn pear shaped. Good on u making hill top. Nice see brylee joining your walks .

  5. Fab news on the walk,, I noticed you powering up the hill in one of the pics Gr8 stuff Chris You are an inspiration.. Lovely Brylee joining the crew as well .. She is our Gem..!!

    Amazing,, when out and about how our own body heat revs us up..Like you I find getting over our own doorstep the hardest after that >>Well its all good lol
    Hope your comp is done and dusted by now I have no one nearby to call on either so my thoughts are the same better to get the experts than go with out it!!

    Cant wait to see the wee pooches after their spruce ups!!!

  6. Get yourself an Apple Mac Chris, or a 12” iPad you can get one on eBay , you won’t have the issues you have with Microsoft, I would never go back to Microsoft.

  7. Ditto what Magpie said - I love my Apple MacBook Air !!! Photos back up automatically as well. I would never go back to a PC :)

  8. Anonymous7:56 PM

    External hard drive for backing up photos sounds like an excellent idea. Great he came when he did - I've had a computer completely die on me once (no warning) and I lost everything on the hard drive. Even the professional place that restores hard drives couldn't recover anything. Sad. By the way, I love, love, love that blanket/throw on the back of your couch. It's gorgeous! Liz

  9. I bought what is called a passport external hardrive compact wee thing that it is about the size of a hand!!! lol 500GB for $99,, at JB Hi Fi ,,about 5 years ago.

    Brilliant it is,,, so good for you ,,,to get that done Chris ..You will be happy as and still have lotsa memory left on the board!!! catchup soon

    Having said that must spend some time and take heaps off this comp and back them up on the Passport

  10. Regarding photo backup your best option instead of an external drive is Dropbox. It's a storage system online that stores all of your information and backs up automatically. All of our data and files - including wills, house documents etc are on dropbox. No need for a hard drive which can be stolen or lost in a fire.

  11. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Yes, we have drop box too...


  12. Glad you are saving the photos.

  13. I have two external hard drives, OH lost a load of stuff he needed, he is backing up every week now. I did tell him but he just does not listen, goes his own merry way.


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