Wednesday, July 04, 2018


Today I plan on staying home and keeping an eye on Denim.  She will need to be escorted outside for bathroom as she can't get in and out of the dog doors in her cone.

Also, she needs to be kept quiet and calm.  She is bound to be in some pain, so I have to give her pain killers and anitbiotics twice a day, starting today.

I hope she's feeling much better in a few days time.

Here is a little video of Brylee scratching Denim's ears yesterday:

ABOVE:  Can't make up my mind if she was loving it or not!

I thought I would continue making a few things in the sewing room today.  Just not sure what!
I've got plenty of 'stock' for my market stall right now.  But I do want to be sewing something.  So... I will head in there a bit later and sort something out.


9.25 am:  Bloody freezing!  All three dogs are curled up on the floor in front of the heat pump!  No one's moving.  Don't blame them.
I should be doing some housework, but stuff that, it's too cold to venture far from the family room right now.

I got mail:

ABOVE:  Feather decals.  I'm going to arrange them in a horizontal line on a white board for the spare bedroom.  Should look nice once done.

Every year since we moved here, I've taken a photo of our back hedge... to watch it growing kinda.  Probably not much of interest to you, but it is to me.  So, as I post all sorts of shit on here, you have to bear with me!

ABOVE:  So as you can see, the hedge is very slow growing!  But, it is getting there.  I reckon in another two years it will finally be higher than the neighbour's windows and we will have privacy at last in the back yard.  

Denim seems to be fine.  She's not trying to bother her tail today, which means it's not hurting her I suppose.  The only annoying thing about this situation is her being in a cone.  She can't get outside on her own, so has had a few 'accidents' on the carpet.  

I just put her outside for the 2nd time today... hopefully she 'goes' while out there.  At least the frost has finally gone and it's a beautiful winter's day.  Still freezing though!

All I've done this morning is a few odd jobs around the house!  No sewing.  Too cold to sit still for long really.  Gotta keep moving.

12.15 pm:  I just ventured outside to check on my succulents:

 ABOVE:  Most of them seem to have acclimatised, and have survived the frosts, except the one bottom right.  It's got really soft, fleshy leaves.  It's died.  Oh well, to only lose one is pretty good.

ABOVE: Denim is lying in the sunshine.  At least she's outside for a little while.

4.35 pm: And I've had a bloke in me kitchen for the past hour or so.
A plumber.
He put a new Insinkerator in, and a new tap.
I went down to Mitre 10 this afternoon to get a new tap as our's was leaking from being RUSTY!   It's only a 5 year old tap!

So anyway, I was standing in Mitre 10 trying to make up my mind WHAT tap to buy and the plumber rang and said he was on his way around, so that was good in a way, cos I had to make up my mind faster.

Once I'd boiled it down to 4, it got easier.  OMG why are there so many to choose from?  Seriously, there must have been over 40 to choose from.

ANYWAY... I digress.

Here's the new tap:

ABOVE:  This was the old tap, it had a rusty section ON THE TOP of the spout!  Crazy place to rust out.  Cheap and nasty tap obviously.

 ABOVE:  The whizz bang new tap!  I love it.   You can change how the water comes out, either in a stream, or like a shower.  It's gorgeous... AND... 

ABOVE:  Griffin demonstrating the pull out nozzle... which will come in handy to clean stuff that is a bit big like oven trays... AND...

ABOVE:  Handy for squirting teenagers!  (her jacket bore the brunt of it)  Hee hee... got Brylee good.  She had no idea the tap could do that.  *smiles*
The plumber was highly amused, I'd warned him I was going to do that ... so he stood back outta the way.  Clever man.

Now I can't surprise Stewy, cos he will have read this.  *sigh*

It's the end of the day.  I'm really happy with my day.  Denim is doing GREAT, such a relief.  I started another project tonight, will show you tomorrow.  Being in the sewing room makes me so happy.
Time to sign off for the day.  


  1. Fabulous interesting post again Chris. Denim was loving Brylee playing with her cos she stayed there long enough to enjoy and the other dogs are funny have to be in there as well.. Its lovely to see whole families who care so much for the animals ( and each other of course) smiles

    Love all the outdoor pics your back looks lovely and to see the growth is great ( even though to you its slow) the pics tell the story.

    Only thing that chilled me was the frosty lawn !! Havent seen those in a while BUT have never forgotten them usually after the thaw tho its a lovely day!!

    Nothing matches the scenery there tho so thats why the seasons are so defined,, and such a fab country to live in and bring up a family

    Enjoy the day but over there its nearly half lunch time there smiles, you are a couple of hours ahead of where we are atm

  2. Well, I was looking at the sometimes frosty grass, but yes, the hedge is growing.
    I love quiet days at home, for me, a successful weekend is when I go home Friday afternoon, and I don't leave the house till Monday morning!

  3. I noticed this the other day in a photo you put up. It's pretty high now, the neighbours can't see in now unless they stand on a chair.

  4. looks a tad frosty out there girl!

    Hope Denim is okay, poor baby. Hugs x

  5. forgot to say earlier love the feathers such a contrast... The succulents are looking good and to only lose that many in frosty places is a gr8 bonus .. Love Lynda saying about on a chair,,, smiles,,, thats probably never going to happen lol


  6. Yeah, That is a silly doggy noise she is making. Looks like Denim still has a stubby tail to wag. That's good. She will be like an Australian Shepard.

  7. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Have you tried Cetaphil from Griffins acne? It looks very inflamed.

    1. We have tried several things. Having had teenage sons with the same issue before, we know he will eventually outgrow it.

  8. regarding your new tap, I think you were suffering with "analysis paralysis". It real! Can you imagine how I felt choosing approx. 4,671 things when doing our major reno last year???? lolololol Christy x

  9. I have the exact same taps in my kitchen and laundry. LOVE them, so handy to pull out the hose and spray things off. I wouldn’t want to go back to a fixed one again.

  10. love how Griffen still clutched onto phone while demonstrating tap priceless Brylee will get you back im sure

  11. drat forgot to say wow the weather was clearly warmer in 2017 photo of hedge grass is white with frost in the other pics

  12. We have a faucet like that. I switch the spray back and forth constantly. But, I rarely use the pull out feature. However it seems silly NOT to have that feature. It's great for actually cleaning and rinsing the sink. Anyhow - it looks great. I know you will LOVE it. Can't wait to see how Denims short fluffy tail will look in the end!

  13. Ouch hope Denim is fully recovered soon. Your Winters are our Fall temps. I wish our Winter was like yours. Keep warm.

  14. Sandy in the USA6:23 AM

    Hooray for hedge growth! I am not a fan of being overlooked while I am trying to relax in my garden so yes in a couple more years, you should have total privacy which is great :) My garden is overlooked by one neighbor's window so I am figuring out how to screen it without appearing to be rude to my very friendly neighbor LOL I hope Denim continues to heal!


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