Thursday, July 19, 2018


Hopefully when I go and check my computer it will have finished transferring all my photos onto the new hard drive.

Then I can relax!
And actually use the computer again instead of my phone.

Today I will be working on the bedroon drawers.  Last night I got this much done:

ABOVE: There's 2 drawers left to put the colours on... but I'm getting there!

This is the point when the drawers look a bit CRAZY ... but we know this is just part of the process eh *smiles*. 

I'm really excited to see it finished... probably a couple more days to go... nothing is drying fast in this weather.

There won't be a walk for Brylee and me today... we've done 3 in a row which is pretty good. I will probably go on another one on Friday.

Right... better get up and start my day.


Well... the day is going fairly slowly.

It's pissing down with rain, has been all night and morning.

First up for the day was getting the coloured paints on the last two drawers. Then I took Griffin to school for his drama practice. I went down town and picked up my prescription and a new modem for the Fiber connection, which won't be happening for a while by the sound of it.

Home. Lunch. Once I've finished watching Home and Away I'll be putting the crackle on the drawers, ready for the LAST coat of paint tomorrow.

So a very normal sorta day around here.

WHOOPS! Just sat down to carry on applying crackle to the drawers and my left knee went 'CRACK-CLUNK'... and OMG it hurt! Took my breath away for a moment.

But I thought, well it's not too bad right?

So, I kinda hobble out to the car after 10 minutes to get Griffin from school, and the pain is kinda radiating outwards and not very nice.

Get out of the car at home and get this sharp stabbing pain... again and again. Grrrrrr. So *sigh*... I've taken a pain pill and hoping like hell it eases cos last thing I want is to be stuck on me 'Fat Bottom', not able to go walkies for a while!

Meanwhile, all the crackle is on and now drying, and all going well I might even get some top coat on late tonight! Provided my knee behaves that is. *frown*

PORTION CONTROL:  is going so-so.  I still know I'm eating too much.  Sure, there's NO sugar or processed carbs going down my gob, but there's plenty of protein!  It's hard keeping the balance right... particularly when I've been doing quite a bit of exercise and getting hungry.
I didn't MIND feeling hungry all the time when I first started this new diet, it meant I was doing 'something' right... RIGHT?

But now when I feel hungry I get crabby.  And eat something like a piece of cheese, or I will make myself some soup and ADD CHEESE!  Derrr... 

So... what can I eat when I feel 'hangry', that won't pile on the calories?  And don't say fruit, cos fruit is full of .... SUGAR.  And I'm avoiding sugar like the plague! 

I'm gunna yak more about that (above) tomorrow.  Things are frustrating me.

Time to sign off, Coronation Street will be on soon... can't miss that!  lol


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I really like the drawers just like that - without the top coat on - so bright and fun!

  2. I kinda like the crazy drawers too :-)

  3. Will be good to see the finsihed drawers Gr8 thing is they are one offs and yours to enjoy (and ours cos you are kind enough to share on the blog). Such a varied and interesting day there and while we make hay while the sun shines lol you get to catch up on your town and indoor things..

    All swings n roundabouts ...

  4. How about some cooked chicken breast, baked beans, nuts? I find with nuts if I portion out a few into a small dish I am less likely to polish off the whole damn lot. I find them pretty filling. Otherwise after your walks you could look at protein shakes except that 1) many contain sugar & other unpronounceable ingredients, 2) a whole serving is too much 3) they are not cheap and 4) generally they taste like shit - yeah so maybe not that idea :-)

    1. Jesus! Laughing my head off... yeah that was not very helpful! Re: the protein shakes I mean. And yeah, I've tried them in the past and they all taste like shit. Nuts... I LOVE LOVE LOVE cashew nuts, but will eat the whole bag full, I just told Griffin he can have them all.

  5. That looks like some seriously high quality paint. The colors are si vibrant with just a brush stroke. Nice, thick, dense colors.

  6. I put a few peanuts in a tiny dish (that way you don't eat a whole bag) and nibble on them. How about some yummy low carb muffins, there are so many recipes. I make mine using a mix of coconut flour, LSA and almond meal. You can freeze them and pull one out when you want a snack. I also make low carb crackers which are yum with cheese. Maybe it's time to try some new recipes to keep motivated? My low carb pizza recipe is amazing... even the kids would love that.

  7. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Instead of having three meals a day divide them into six small meals...that works for me..


    1. I only have two a day... I would just get FATTER if I had more!

  8. You shouldn't be hungry eating this way...I really think you aren't 'fat adapted' yet and need to eat more fat! Your body will eventually get it's energy from fat, not carbs. This is probably why you haven't lost a tonne more weight.
    Seriously, read "The Obesity Code' or at least look at Dr Jason Fung's website and get some free info from dietdoctor! :)

    1. I've looked at quite a few of Dr Fung's videos, and Diet Doctor too. It really seems to be more about fasting on their videos, which I already do. *sigh*. You can troll through dozens of videos and get so much conflicting 'advice'. I'm kinda over it. My problem is still eating too much I am sure.

    2. You can only fast if you are fat adapted.
      I am really sorry you are feeling over it - why don't you track your macros for a week or so to see what you are really eating protein wise?

  9. Anonymous9:40 PM

    What I meant was divide your meals in two rather than eat a large amount at once...that way the calories are spread over the day...don't eat more just spread it out so you don't feel like extra snacks..


    1. Certainly worth doing Peta, thanks. I know I have to do something differently, cos what I'm doing ain't working that well in relation to weight loss.

    2. That’s basically what my daughter was told to do when she was first diagnosed, 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. Obviously it took some getting use to but she was loosing a bit of weight ( not as much as she will in a week or two but that’s not possible for you Chris ��)

  10. The drawers look fantastic!
    There are sugar free protein bars available. I buy them by the box. They are very filling and sugar free!


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