Thursday, July 12, 2018


Well ... after the long wait for my blood test results yesterday, and the ensuing jubilation... today is going to be rather quiet!

I'm hoping my new cat fabrics arrive in the post today... looking forward to getting cat stuff made for my next market.  I've got so much on the go in the sewing room right now!  Nothing like being busy and productive.

I'm also working on making it easier to display wall hangings and longer table runners on the bamboo screen I use at my market stall.

I will show you what I dreamed up later, once I've finished doing 'it'.

There's the usual housework to get done too... and with both kids home for school holidays, I will TRY and get them doing a few odd jobs around the house too.

Denim's tail is looking good, healing well.  She is still in the head cone, which is driving her mental.
She's clearly bothered by her tail ... it's probably itchy!  She gets her stitches out tomorrow, which reminds me... I better make an appointment for that!

She will have to keep the cone on a bit longer even with her stitches out, cos she will just gnaw it I'm sure!  

I heard from the doctor late yesterday afternoon.  He said I needed to halve the pill I take in the morning.... and see how I go.  The nurse said I should go to the chemist and get some glucose sachets that I can take if I have a 'hypo' incident.  Apparently they work much faster than sucking a barley sugar sweet.

If I have too many hypo's, I have to go in and get advice from them.  But I should be fine, I've not had many hypos!  

I'm going to be focusing the next 3 months on dropping my portions a bit more.  Now that I have the HbA1c level under control, I want to get the weight shifting a bit more.  I know I can do it!

Someone said I'm an 'all or nothing' type of person, and yep, I guess I am.  Bring it on, another challenge.

Right, I'm off to start the day, catch ya later.


So... I went into town (local) to get a couple of things for Keera's birthday, they are coming down on Saturday.
And for THE FIRST TIME EVER, I managed to park beween two parked cars ON THE CURB!

Admittedly, there was a HUGE gap for me to get into, but still, I've never been able to back into that sort of park before.
I was so happy with myself, I had to take a photo:

ABOVE: See?  VERY BIG GAP, but I did it!  And OMG my car looks so small!  But so cute.  I'm so very happy with my darling wee blue car.  *smiles*

Now I'm home and have a vege bake in the oven for my lunch, I am so cold I decided I needed something warm.  So no left over dinner for me after all.

Oh forgot! I checked out the local op shops for things for my stall... and found this:

ABOVE:  It will be perfect for slightly taller coasters and placemats.  $5, not bad.  

ANON asked me if my car had back doors:

ABOVE:  happy to say it does have back doors.  The door handle is higher up the door... arrow pointing to it.  This car is called a '5-door' vehicle actually, as the boot door opens up wide as well.

The cat fabric arrived this afternoon:

ABOVE:  Some are kinda nice, some not so... but then I'm not a 'cat sorta person'.  I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will like them enough to buy them!

I will be making them into placemats and coasters.

There is pork belly in the oven...  so dinner is pretty much sorted.  On to some sewing!

End of day and the pork came out perfectly.  Family were happy with their dinner.
Not enough meat for me, so I had peanut butter on Burgen bread, was bloody yum!

Not doing much else tonight, watching Coronation Street then bed I suppose.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM


    Do you have the HbA1c test every three months ?


  2. Well done on the parking - I am not sure if Cambridge has abnormally large parking spaces or your car is super small. Pretty sure you could have fitted the old car in there with room to spare lol

    1. It was quite a large space.... I could NEVER have got my Highlander in there, I was/am hopeless at that sort of parking, that's why I was so happy I actually did it! Backing ain't my strong suit. lol

    2. Fair enough, I can parallel park reasonably well but only if no one is looking!!

  3. That’s how much space I want for a little car too!

  4. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Is your car a 2 door or does the back doors open back from the centre?

    1. It's technically classed as a 5 door! Photo on blog of back doors.

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM

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