Friday, July 13, 2018


Poor wee Denim will be getting her tail stitches out this afternoon at 2.30.  I am sure she will be a much happier girl after that.

ABOVE:  Those stitches have been bothering her something rotten!  No wonder too, I bet they catch on everything.  I can't wait till she's back to her old self again... and minus that bloody cone!
Once her lovely long tail hair grows again, you won't even be able to tell she's lost half her tail (I hope).

OOOOOooooh , just realised it's BLACK FRIDAY.
Just as well I'm not in the least bit superstitious. 

I'm off on an FBG walk this morning, Yaaaa!
I only have 3 sections left to go to finish 'This Side of The River'... and they were early ones that I missed due to being a bit unwell.
So, fingers crossed today's goes ahead, as it's one section that I have missed.

I'm pretty sure we will be going to morning tea after the walk, which will be lovely. I've not done many walks where there's been a morning tea afterwards.  I like to have a hot chocolate drink with the girls, and a yak.  Let's not forget the yak, it's the best part.  *smiles*

Yeah.  'Nuf said.


OH SHIT!!!  Sorry, I forgot to update all day!

So, I went on the walk, which was nice, if a bit cool.  We had a fog till after 9.30.  Then it was just a miserable, grey old day.

No one was keen on going for morning tea, so I came home and got stuck into my sewing.  (first chance to update, and I forgot).

Then I had lunch, and sewed some more.

Then Griffin had to be dropped off at his after school/holiday job... and then I took Denim to the vet's for her stitches removal.

That went well, but she has to stay in the cone for another week so she doesn't chew and open up her wound.  What a pain in the butt that is.  For me, cos I have to make sure she can get outside often for the bathroom, and she has to be hand fed too. (Stew does that bit).

After that, I got dinner made, the kids had macaroni cheese with franks (hot dog sausages), and Stew and I had the franks, onions and broccoli with the cheese sauce... no macaroni.  It was OK, the sauce was a bit stodgy tonight.  Not my best effort.

After dinner I have been doing more sewing, and will continue with that until Coronation Street comes on, then I will stop for the night.

Well... I've stopped.  Sewing. Watching TV. Time for bed.  Bloody tired.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I thought at first glance today's titl5was Bitches Be Gone oops George's Mum.

  2. OH DEAR, I would NEVER be that rude!!!! .... OH hold on... YES I WOULD. lol

  3. I'll be glad when she's glad her stitches are out.

  4. You must have been so busy you have not updated today. Hope all is ok and it went well with Denim.


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