Thursday, July 26, 2018



Another dreary start to the day ... weather wise anyway.

Me... I'm feeling awesome.

I put my feet in my sneakers... and ummm... either the sneakers GREW bigger, or my feet shrunk!

I suppose, thinking logically, my feet have shrunk eh?

Cos... I sure had to tighten the laces HEAPS more today!  Weird to think ya feet lose weight too!  

So, my face and me feet are smaller.  Great.  Now let's hope what's left in between them shrinks too!  Not a big ask is it.  *smiles*

First time in forever I feel like I really, really can do this again!  That feeling has been creeping up on me for the past couple of weeks now... it's such a good feeling.

Today I shall be sewing.  I need to get some stuff finished!  I keep putting it off, as I seem to do every month, until I only have a week left till my next market! Then I have to race to get everything finished in time.  I'm a dick.  Procrastination is my second name.

So, hopefully I can get motivated to sit down and do some work.


9.36 am:  And ...

ABOVE:  I am sewing!  No longer procrastinating.  But it's rather cold, so me heater is about to go on.

 ABOVE:  A much happier Denim now.  She's all healed.  I feel sorry that in a few more weeks she's going to be back in her cone after getting speyed.  *sad*

My neighbour's little dog has been barking up a storm this morning, like it ALWAYS DOES the minute everyone in the house leaves for work/school.

Normally I just try to ignore it.  But today? Nah.
I dragged the hose out and stood ready to blast the little fucker with it.
But... it saw me and took off inside the house... and I've not heard it again!

Yaaa.  A win for me.  Clearly it has remembered the last time I got it with the hose!

I know that may sound harsh, but seriously, you try listening to a small dog yapping for fucking HOURS and HOURS every single day.

I have three dogs and they don't do that.  The neighbour's over the back have two dogs and they don't do that.  Hell... no dogs in the area do that except for that little bastard right next door to me.

Over it.  I'd say something to the neighbours about it, but I just know they won't do anything.  They don't even talk or wave at us as we pass in the street!  Not very nice people obviously. 

Right, I'm starting to get cold in here, so back to my sewing room, and get the heater on.

COLLEEN: I've only ever got him once with the hose.  Clearly he's remembered cos he's not made a sound for over an hour and a half!  

4.30 pm:  And I have been busy in the sewing room most of the day.  I did have to pop into Hamilton after lunch, I ran out of brown thread!
It was only a quick trip in though, just to Spotlight and back.

Both kids are home, and it's time I took a break and decided what is for dinner.
Possibly something with pasta for the kids.

***Someone asked me 'How is Stew doing on the new diet?"
Well... I will show you tomorrow.  *smiles*

I took some time out from the mug rugs and placemats, here's a sneak peek:

ABOVE:  Any ideas?  *smiles*

9.50 pm:  And Coronation Street is on... so I've stopped sewing for the night.  After Coro, I will check out a few You Tube updates, then head off to bed.


  1. Your feet will also have shrunk due to less fluid retention perhaps? One hint regarding walking shoes - buy another pair before you need them! Break them in while you still have your comfortable ones and alternate them from time to time - that way you don't get caught out with no good walking shoes if you need new ones.

    Regarding the weight, yes you can do this and best of all you are not "dieting" so it's sustainable. How is Stew doing? Don't forget to let us know how he's going :)

  2. My shoe size went down one and a half sizes when I lost my weight. I think it's in the fluid that we seem to accumulate! It's a great feeling!

    Nothing worse than barking dogs. We have two big great danes and a little yap dog on one side, and a cattle dog on the other, and they all bark more than our two dogs. All. Day. Long. But I don't like the idea of the water in winter. I remember a neighbour in Adelaide had a little puppy who barked when she was at work and the old turd who lived behind us used to spray the poor little fellow with water every time. She'd come home from work and her little dog would be soaking wet and shivering because it couldn't get away from the spray. It got sick too. Poor baby.

    However, yours seems to have worked so maybe that's all it needed! (Oh, and I think someone used to do that to our border collie before we got him, too because he is terrified of the hose, which makes bath time very, very difficult!!).

    1. I'm glad it's worked :) :) If only it was always that easy!

  3. I hate dogs that do that all day. Our neighbours had one and she wouldn't believe us until she came home early one day and walked down her drive instead of driving down it at our (and other neighbours) suggestion....

  4. I used to spray the dogs behind me years ago too. Little assholes used to throw themselves against the fence every time I went outside.

  5. You made me laugh writing about your neighbor's dog yapping! I agree that it's annoying as hell, but the way you described it was hilarious. I have a small dog who virtually NEVER barks. I would lose my mind if I had to listen to that high pitched yapping for hours on end.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Can you ring the council and report that dog? What a pain to live with! Cranky

    1. We have friends in Dunedin with this problem, except they had the barking dog. The council involvement annoyed them but made them think about how to solve the issue for their dog's sake too.

    2. Reply to this question is down below ....

  7. What evr happened to your undercut hairdo? Are you maintaining it or letting it grow out?

    1. Oh My Gosh! It was a disaster, and I'm letting it grow out.

  8. A chair cushion or pillow?

  9. You can phone the council about the barking dog. My Aunty has a dog that yapped when the family were not home. ( in fact she didn’t believe hers did ) but she got a letter from the council advising they had received a complaint and as an owner she needed to ensure her dog was not disturbing the peace. Two more complaints were received and she finally set up a webcam in her laundry to see what the dog was doing and sure enough it was barking up a storm and howling most of the day. The council letter said if they continued to receive complaints the council may require her to remove the dog from the property. ( we were not aware they had that much power, but turned out they do. She now has to take the dog to doggy daycare each day as it barks or howls 80% of the day.

    1. I have thought about doing that, but I am probably the only neighbour who is being annoyed by it's barking. It runs up and down our boundary fence, only on my side, and everyone else around us has gone to work by the time it starts up. AND it's bark is not so loud that it carries far, just as far as my house and my ears! It ain't breaking any noise levels I'm sure. So I suppose I just have to put up with it? Dammit.


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