Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Well... today Denim goes to the Vet to have her tail fixed, and then MAYBE her spey operation.

Something tells me she won't be having the Spey operation.  She's either having a 'Phantom pregnancy' so can't have it until that's over, or she's actually pregnant.

And I don't want 'Shih Tzu' SURPRISE PUPPIES either!   But, we will just have to wait and see what the Vet says once she's done an ultrasound on Denim.

I am getting her down to the Vet's at 8 am, so should know what's going on with her by around 9 am.  I will literally be sitting holding my phone waiting for the call!

Once decisions have been made, they will go ahead and do what is necessary.  

I doubt I'm going to get much done this morning, my mind is going to be totally on our Denim.  *sad face*


9 am... not heard from the Vet yet.  Hope everything is OK.  Maybe they are doing her tail and nothing else, so will just ring me when she's done?  Dunno. I keep watching the clock...

9.20 am:  just heard from the Vet.  Denim is NOT pregnant, so she's having a phantom pregnancy. Which means she can't be speyed today.  That will have to happen in another month or two.  

She is having her tail amputated though, which is heartbreaking, but necessary.
There is a very bad injury to her tail, the vet said obviously she's caught it in something in the last week or so to cause such an injury.

So, we will get her back later on today, and keep her nice and warm inside till she's recovered.  Poor wee girl.

I'm going to head into the sewing room now and finish off that smaller Tree Table Runner in time for my market on Sunday.  

2.50 pm  And I got worried, I've not heard from the Vet all day... so I just rang and they assured me she's FINE, and can be picked up after 3.30.  So I will be outside the clinic at... 3.30!

While I've been waiting, I have managed to finish this:

ABOVE:  Smaller Christmas Tree Table Runner.  I think it's rather lovely.  Notice I got a couple of 'Kiwi' trees in it too?  This one is for sale if anyone is interested. ($50 plus $7.50 P & P)

I have half an hour to kill before getting Denim... dumm dee doo...

Denim is home.  NOT a happy girl.  Moaning and trying to get to her tail... or what's left of it!
I'm very surprised, they didn't take off as much as I thought they were going to.  She will still have a fluffy tail!  Just not as long.  We have to go back on Friday to change her bandage, and in the meantime she's on painkillers and antibiotics.  So... a shit load of money later, at least she's on the mend.

Happy to say Denim has settled down heaps.  She's asleep in a crate in front of us in the family room.  She will be sleeping in it for the next few nights so Coco and Marley don't disturb her or her wound.

Looking forward to a quiet evening.  It's getting bloody cold... we are expecting a good frost tomorrow of -2 degrees C.   Brrrrrr.  


  1. Oh Dear Denim, What have you been up to? Hope everything goes smoothly for you today!

  2. Hope by now u have had good news thinking of you.

  3. Poor wee Poppet, at least you know now and once her tail has been docked she won't have that pain anymore - although the cone of shame will have to be on for a bit I guess.

  4. So sorry about Denim. I’ve had mostly male dogs and the few females I’ve had were already speyed. I’ll need to google phantom pregnancy. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear about Denims tail.

  6. What a day for you all Lovely to see Griffin with her ,,,He is so relaxed will make her feel better too ..

    Good though its all done now and hopefully she (and all of you ) will sleep good tonight ...

  7. Poor little Denim, I can’t stand to see an animal in pain. I hope she feels better soon, she obviously loves Griffin, he will comfort her.

  8. Sorry to hear about Denim. Wishing her a smooth and pain-free recovery.

  9. I missed what happened! Poor baby! Have to catch up. When I took my car in for his eye they never called me and I was a wreck.


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