Friday, July 27, 2018


I can't believe how fast this week has gone by!
Most weeks seem to drag, but for some reason, this week has just gone by in the blink of an eye.

Looking forward to the weekend.  Fingers crossed it's fine on Sunday, as I have an FBG excursion to Rotorua on the calendar.  If it's not looking good weather wise, I suppose it will be cancelled.  

Now yesterday I said I would show you how Stew is doing on the new 'diet' ... so without further ado:

ABOVE:  As you can see... he's doing VERY WELL!
He's lost about 6+ kilos now... he's looking better than me, and I've lost more than that!  Not fair.
But, I'm so proud of him, he's looking so good!

And I'm sure he's feeling much better too.  I think he only needs to lose a few more kilos before he's where he should be.

I don't want him to get skinny!  I like him a bit cuddly.  *smiles*

Last night I showed you a sneak peek of what I was doing in the sewing room.... 

ABOVE:  An FBG friend had the little mouse on the left, it has essence inside it... smells lovely. So I borrowed it to copy.  My 1st attempt?  Nah, not happy with it... the ears are all wrong... and the 2nd attempt I went bigger ... now the ears are a bit small!  Grrrr.  Next one should be better.

I'm thinking they will be a nice, smelly addition to my market stall.  

So... today I will be doing more sewing... and there will probably be a trip into Hamilton too. 

Our granddaughter Rena has been unwell with tonsilitis and has spent the night in hospital on a drip to re-hydrate her.  If she's still in there, I will pay her a visit.  

I'm gunna have to fill up me little car with petrol finally.... a full tank has lasted me 3 weeks, and I've done more than TRIPLE the trips out and about in it,  than I would have done in my big Highlander!  

In other words....  what has cost me $78 in my new car, WOULD have cost me approx $360 in my Highlander!  What an eye opener that has been.  I have really enjoyed being able to go into Hamilton more often and not worry about the cost of petrol!

And now... I better start my day.  I hope you have some nice comments for Stew... he deserves some accolades! He's been working hard on his diet.


This is weird.
NO DOG BARKING next door!  ????
What is going on?
It's a week day, that dog always barks on a week day.
So, maybe someone is home today, hence dog is happy?
Or... maybe someone read my blog and has locked the dog inside?

Either way, it's quiet for once.  Yaaaa.  edit:  *sigh*  it's barking again. Which suggests someone was home and has now left.  At least I'm going out now, it will run outta bark by lunchtime.

I'm about to go and gas up my car and go into Hamilton.  Haven't heard from Kelly so don't know if Rena is still in hospital or not.  I will text her and find out.

2.34 pm:  Just home from Hamilton.   I took a gift and card up to the Hospital for Rena, but didn't go in.  Parking up there is near impossible, and I know that Rena's in safe hands with her Mum and Dad.
I can see her once she's out again, which will be ??? Not sure yet. Maybe a day or two.

After that I got a few things from Spotlight (3rd day in a row there!), then I had lunch with Stew in town.  That was nice.

A quick wander through town then ensued, and now I'm home again.

I might make a mouse ... now that I have more cord for tails and buttons for eyes.
OMG I have literally HUNDREDS of buttons, but none small, black and matching!

ABOVE: how adorable is this one!

Well.... I made two more after that one.. then called it quits for the day.
Been a quiet evening.  Dinner.  TV.  Yakking to kids. The usual.
Time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Trish in NJ6:45 AM

    You both look great. It's so obvious that you are working hard to get where you want to be. I can't wait to see your next mouse.

  2. Awesome result Stew! And Chris, I love how he's dressed him and posed in the same clothes. That's a significant result regarding petrol too. I only fill my Suzuki about once a month and buzz all over the place every day. It's Friday, have a great weekend :)

  3. No, it's still Thursday.
    We'll have to start calling him "Skinny Stu"! And skinny YOU!

  4. Looking hot there, Stew. Great job buddy!

  5. Both you & Stew are looking noticeably trimmer - awesome work :-). Hope Rena is feeling better.

  6. Such an amazing difference in both of you. Men always show it sooner tho! Sorry to hear Rena is unwell. Hopefully you can visit and cheer her up.

  7. WTG Stew!! Looking good! Hope Rena recovers quickly! The mouse is cute :)

  8. Awesome job Stew.

  9. The blue mouse looks awesome, bex said she wants a mint green one please, will pay the going rate. Nice of you to take the time out to see Rena, hopefully not getting out of the car doesnt get taken the wrong way by the parents, parking can be an absolute shit storm there. Tell dad he is looking good, might need to get some smaller clothes tho :) glad the new diet is working well for both of you, catching up to me is going to get more fun tho, I'm shrinking bit by bit at the moment (not that I need to but it comes with the job), wait till I start getting back into my workout routine.

    1. The green one is made now. I will bring it up next month when Brylee and I come up for her concert. I'm sure Rena appreciated me dropping off a gift for her, maybe we can visit her on the weekend. We will see. Stop trying to shrink! I want to 'pass' you!

    2. Yea bex is looking forward to going with Brylee, a girls night out lol. I'm sure Rena would love a visit, hopefully you can visit soon. I'm not tying to shrink, it's just happening, but if it makes our race last even longer then all the more fun :)

  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Yes you both look great...weight loss makes you both look younger...good on you...


  11. Woo hoo Stu 🌢🌢🌢🌢 πŸ™„

  12. You are both looking great. Well done both of you. Hope Rena recovers quickly. Cute mice.

  13. Well done you two! Keep up the great work. Hope Rena is on the mend and home soon. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Quite the difference when comparing the pictures of Stew, great job both of you!!


  15. Awesome Stew, you looking awesome.
    Love the mice Chris...

  16. Congratulations to Stew on his weight loss and also to you Chris for losing so much weight yourself and for your Dr to send you that awesome text.I will have to show my Stu (Stuart) the photos of your Stew so that he can see how the hard work has paid off.Mine looks nine months pregnant and only put on the weight when he packed up smoking.Glad you are enjoying your run around and that you are saving plenty on money especially on fuel.I think you could do with some of our warm weather as we have had at least six weeks of drought conditions here in the U.K. and although rain is now falling in parts more hot weather is forecast for next week and will be back up into the 30’s...Wendy(UK)

  17. I agree Stew doesn't want to lose the cuddly boy. Good for hugs lol. I'm sure Jacqui agrees too. Do you want a supply of little buttons for eyes Chris. I have quite a lot I can send up to you!. Let me know.

    1. That would be awesome Karen! I had to go buy some and they ain't cheap! They do need to be tiny though. those mice are approx the size of a real mouse.

    2. I'll package some up and put them in the mail.


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