Sunday, July 29, 2018


So, we go to dinner last night, and are sitting waiting for our food, when who should walk into the restaurant.... 

It's the Real Estate Agent from Hamilton who tried to sell us a leaky plaster home.  Who deliberately doctored the contract we put on that house, so we couldn't get out of the purchase!  Who knew the owners of that house personally, and was aware that house had issues.  She had a conflict of interest, and was also dishonest in not disclosing all she knew about the house.

Luckily of course, we did get out of the purchase, but it took almost a week of agonising negotiations with our lawyer and bank before we could cancel the contract.  It was probably one of the worst weeks of MY LIFE.

This estate agent WAS a person we had known and trusted for over 20 years.  I considered her a friend.

After that shonky, incredibly horrible experience with her, I never wanted to see her again.

And there she was, walking into the restaurant.
Apparently she waved at Stew and he politely waved back.  I didn't see that.

But I did see her walk in and sit down, with her back to us.  All evening, I was acutely aware of her in the background.  I felt on edge the whole time.

Then, bugger me if she didn't come up to me and put her hand on my shoulder and say "Hello, I didn't see you there, how are you?"
I almost cringed, kept my eyes on my phone and said "Fine thanks"... not looking at her for even a second.

She must  have got the message I was not going to be passing the time of day with her, and she left the restaurant.  Phew!

I know I was pretty rude to her ... but she's lucky I didn't say something downright nasty instead of just blanking her.  

I hope to never run into her again, but if I do, somehow I doubt she will come up to exchange 'pleasantries' ever again.  The cow.  To this day I wish we had taken her to court for the stress and expense she put us through, not to mention the downright dishonest way she acted.

So... while it wasn't nice seeing her last night, I am proud of the 'calm' way in which Stew and I handled the situation.

And she didn't totally ruin our evening, we still had a lovely meal in lovely company.

Moving on... we expect Martyn and Jacqui back sometime this morning.  Their kids have been great, no problems at all.  Sofia took quite a while to go to sleep last night... but she did eventually.
Not a problem really.  Totally used to kids in this house.

Later on today, sometime... we are going into Hamilton to visit Russell and Ange.  They have 4 week old chocolate Labrador puppies (5).  We fancy a cluck over them.

I will get heaps of photos I'm sure *smiles*

After visiting with them we shall go to the mall for lunch... something like 'air pie' for me!  Dinner last night was HUGE... so I doubt I will need much today.  I'm not going to be surprised if I don't lose weight this week!


ABOVE: One happy kid, one tired kid and three happy dogs.
Stew got up an hour ago to feed the spare kids... I was a bit slower, but am up now.

A bit disappointed... our FBG trip to Rotorua was cancelled due to a very bad weather forecast.  And today?  Sun is out, no sign of stormy weather.  Grrrr.

ABOVE:  Sofia came out this morning in a pretty shirt... I took one look and ... now we are twins!  lol  
She's a bit difficult to get a good photo of ... but we did get something semi decent.  (I'm talking about the kid btw!)

Been to town.  Just got home.  Photos:

ABOVE:  Beautiful puppies!  3 girls, 2 boys.  Fat little buggers!  Mummy dog looked totally over her kids.  lol

These puppies are for sale.  If anyone is interested I am happy to forward your name and contact details to Russell and Ange.

Well it's been a lovely day.  Winding down now, off to bed very soon.  


  1. how cute both in same shirt and u in pink that is photo worthy

  2. You did amazingly well at the dinner to respond that way. I think I would have lost it. Can’t wait to see the little chocolate balls of fluff.

  3. Maria1:56 PM

    Hope you get a chance to pop in and see Rena too.

  4. The hide of the woman! She seems to have no regrets or guilt about what she did to you guys. You handled it really well, I would have either gone all pathetic & been polite or muttered Fuck Off, depending on how much wine I had consumed.

  5. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Great pics! is there a little brown dog moving to your place? lol....good you snubbed the real estate woman..she would have been really embarrassed lol...better than making a scene... cutting and dignified on your part.


  6. Wow! I am glad you got the house you got! And were able to get out of that contract.The matching shirts are just too funny! Exactly the same!Oh - and cute puppies!

  7. Oh my God. Those puppies!!!!!!
    Photo #5 😍

  8. whose puppies???? Oh those blue eyes!! Christy xxx

    1. Our son Russell and his partner Ange own Mica, the mother dog. So their puppies.

  9. Oh my heart. Those puppies are gorgeous.

  10. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Great photos!! Mika is very protective....If any one is interested they can let Chris know and she can let us know, if that is ok Chris? Ange

  11. Trish in NJ6:49 AM

    Those pups are so cute. And so are you and Sofia in the pink gingham.

  12. Just saw all the pics of everyone with those wee pups Looks like they will find homes quickly They all looks so beautiful and good pics with all the ones holding them too

    Looks like Griffin is a real animal lover as well as all the others in the pic


  13. OMG so cute! The kid and the matching shirts (and you) are cute too lol


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