Saturday, July 28, 2018


Griffin wants to go to the movies with a friend today, so a trip into Hamilton is on the cards.

Not sure what else is on the agenda for today!
I will get a couple more mice made, then get back to my coasters/mug rugs and placemats I think.

Spent FOUR HOURS yakking to Mike last night!  Over Facebook.  It sure is a great way to keep in touch without running up a phone bill.  So neat to have such a good catch up with him.
All going well him and Joyce will be up towards the end of the year for a birthday.
I wasn't really looking forward to my next birthday, but now I am.

I'm not bothered by reaching another 'milestone' in my life at all... what bothered me about it was trying to 'celebrate' it without stress and family issues ruining it.  I was ready to just forget it so there would be no issues.  But nah, I'm just gunna have two parties! lol

There will be more on that... later on in the year.

For now...  it's back to the daily stuff.  Must get some washing on and hang it inside, cos the weather is supposed to be utter shit all weekend.

Our FBG excursion to Rotorua tomorrow has been cancelled too, thanks to the weather.  Sad, cos so many of us were looking forward to a girl's day out!  Now we have to wait till at least September.

I had a 'naughty' meal yesterday for lunch, chinese shit.  So now I feel all crabby with myself.  AND I'll have to watch what I eat all weekend to ensure I have a loss this week!  I'm so close to reaching 20 kilos down since moving here!  Sooooo close!

Steve is getting heaps of exercise going up and down 8 flights of steps every day with his work. The shit is going to lose weight, making it so much longer for me to be less than him. Grrrrr.  I am so looking forward to that day too. 

Gotta have goals eh?  

But for now... my goal is to get outta bed and get the bloody washing on. 


112.15 pm:  And Hamilton has been canned.  Griffin isn't going to the movies afterall.
Brylee is at work till 8pm tonight.
I've been sewing and Stew has hung out all the washing for me.

I'm on a 'mouse roll'...

 ABOVE:  They are coming alone nicely.  By the end of today (or tomorrow) I will have enough to take to market.  

ABOVE:  More...  half finished.  I will be making about 6 more then stopping.

My eyes get all blurry if I sew for too long now!  Does my head in.  Age I suppose.  *sigh*

I'm actually going to stop for now and dye me hair, the dark roots are getting pretty bad!  I'm rather lucky that it's not GREY coming though...  I don't have much grey at all. 

JULIE:  I only dye my hair cos I hate the dark roots!

Good news:  Rena is out of hospital.  Seems it wasn't her tonsils causing the problem, but some bug she'd picked up.  So, all is well and she's on the road to a full recovery.

We are expecting our friends Martyn and Jacqui and their kids this evening.  We are all going out to dinner to celebrate Martyn's birthday.
We are going to Onyx here in Cambridge.  I've only ever been there for a coffee, so will be keen to see how their meals are.

Think we will be taking the night off our diet, seeing as we hardly ever go out to dinner.  *smiles*
Though in saying that, we will NOT be going overboard!  There won't be any chips or evil bread that's for sure. And certainly no dessert!
I am sworn off sugar now.

I've got three mice left to sew up, then I am taking a break.

9.20 pm:  Just home from dinner.  We had a really lovely meal, coupled with lovely company.

I'm sure the Birthday Boy had a nice evening ... sadly we didn't think to get a cake for him!  I did make a rude suggestion on where he could put a candle later on tonight... but something tells me he won't be doing it.

Jacqui wouldn't play along with that I'm sure! lol

 ABOVE:  The birthday boy and his other half.  Love these two friends.

 ABOVE:  The entree Stew, Martyn and I had.  Scallops.  OMG they were so yum!

5 of us also had pizzas, and did some swapping around to taste them all.  Such a good idea.

I'm stuffed now!  

Brylee joined us after her shift at work finished, and she had a dessert with us.

ABOVE:  These three were enjoyable company too.  Sofia has a bit of a cough, but did well all evening, hardly coughing at all.

Little Miss Sofia has gone off to bed, and the bigger kids are self entertaining.   Stew is watching... RUGBY .... and I'm going to muck around on You Tube till bedtime.

Little 'incident' happened at the restaurant... will tell you about it tomorrow.


  1. I'm the only one my age that I know that doesn't have to dye their hair. Maybe we are so laid back haha.

  2. those mice are so cute! What filling are you putting in them? Also, in the last pic, they look like they could be little purses! You could put a zipper in the "bum edge" and sell them. Little girls and teens would adore them and mums could use them for loose change!!! Christy xx

    1. They are part little plastic beads and part polyester filling. They are too small to put a zip in, like the size of.... a mouse! lol

  3. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Your day sounds busy, dinner out will be good. Is your friend still on his Jenny Craig ?


    1. Ummmm I'm not sure if he's still doing Jenny Craig. He's still holding his weight loss well though.

  4. Glad Rena is out of hospital, hopefully you will get to see her soon.

    Enjoy your night out :-)

  5. They're so cute Chris. Enjoy your night out. Say hi to Jacqui. Hope she behaves herself!

    1. Well she did behave at the restaurant... can't vouch for her behaviour at their B & B though! lol

  6. Burning, like a candle in the.........wind.

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Where does brylee work? Good for on her getting a job!


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