Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I'm feeling pretty lucky.
My cold is so much better, my head is feeling clear again... no headache even.  Such a relief it was so brief.
Never had a cold go so quickly!  I didn't even get 'the cough from hell'!!!

Today ... well my knee isn't up to another walk quite yet, so it will probably be a quiet day.
OR... I could go into Hamilton for the hell of it?
I might go to Spotlight and get a few more Christmas fabrics for table runners.

Just remembered a girlfriend asked me to make her a red and gold tree runner... but I don't have the measurements yet.  Better remind her... JB/C  ya reading this?  You still want one?  lol

So... maybe I will go into Hamilton... and maybe I will stay home and sew some more coasters and placemats for market?  Let's wait and see shall we?

What are YOU doing today?  Going to work?  Shopping?  Day Tripping? Doing the housework?  I hope whatever you are doing, you have an awesome day.  


OMG it's freezing today.  Woke up expecting a frost, but no.  Just cold.  Then at 9 am a fog rolled in... and that's worse than a frost... cos it seeps into you.  Brrrrr.
Trying to keep warm by doing some housework.  Got washing on, bed made...and am about to go into Hamilton I think.

Then this arrived on me phone:

ABOVE:  How cute is that?  There's not many doctors who take the time to send you personal texts!  

Well... it's now 1.41 pm, and I'm home from Hamilton.  I did a small grocery grab, mostly lunch snacks for the kids.  Then I went to Spotlight for a few things.

ABOVE:  A new lunchbox for Griffin, hopefully the little bugger actually USES it.

ABOVE:  I also got a few pieces of fabric.  The Christmas fabrics are really coming in now, which is neat.  The blue one on the top right?  Well I just loved it!  I only got a small piece (1/2 a metre), so I didn't bust the bank.  *smiles*

Just had lunch, which was surimi/shrimp salad.  And a boiled egg, cos well... I love them in a salad.

Time to relax for a little while me thinks. 
Everyone sounds busy out there!  Good on ya.

10.55 pm:  And it's the end of another long day.  Brylee had work again this evening, so just the guys and me for dinner.  Which was pork strips with coleslaw and potatoes.  I didn't have any potato.
Coronation Street just finished, so time to head off to bed.  Well... soon.


  1. I’m doing some serious housework / washing, because tomorrow I have a house sitter arriving to look after my 2 dogs and cat as we are off on our ‘ escape nz winter’ holiday and are heading to Thailand / Laos / Myanmar for a two week adventure.

    1. Nice one Lynise, enjoy! I am teaching this morning back home mid afternoon, then will be doing stuff with our two year old.

  2. Glad that the cold passed by for only a quick visit. I'm off to golf soon, although it looks like rain aghhh, and then home to quilt.

  3. Day 12 of renovating our rental property! More painting, cleaning and even some finishing! Two more tradesmen to chase up and then the property manager. it's been a tiring two weeks. When it's all done then I get to relax :)

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I have started the cold but have to go into work today. Hopefully it will disappear. Your doctor sounds so lovely. Definitely a keeper. Enjoy YOUR day x

  5. Makes you feel so good when your efforts are commented on by your GP. Very well deserved though. Well done to you

  6. Working at work. Then I’ll go home and work some more. I try to do chores at home throughout the week so I can have free weekends.
    Your text is just completely awesome. That Dr. is a keeper. Kudos to you for your determination!

  7. so glad you knocked that cold on the head so quickly and OMG I'd never get a text like that from my doctor!!!! Well, I don't even have a regular doctor, I'm afraid. I'm still looking for one :( I had a good one last year but she moved on without a word to anyone, but oh well, enough of that, congrats on your new lifestyle and all the efforts you've made, Christy xxxx

  8. Sandy in the USA10:46 AM

    It's really hot here in the Mojave Desert of Southern California! But I cleaned my downstairs living areas anyway and sweated buckets while doing it. Super job on the A1C results, you are doing so well!

  9. Fab txt from the Gp. She is a treasure to keep as well. whole day off here today today.. Yay

    We did a massive prune yesterday and now its time for "A trip to the tip" lol

    was 23deg yesty afty (one out of the box) so we had a gr8 prune!!!

    Our council send 2 free tip tickets a year with our rates, so will use one of those,, then come home, clean up and get changed and havin haircuts etc then coffee n treats in the sun ,,

    Hope you have a gr8 day too all of you near and far !!


  10. what a great text to receive from your doctor...that make your day for sure.
    what am I doing today Im making a birthday card to send to my grand daughter Sarah she is 11 next week...11 years ago the get together at yours in Palmerston Nth.

  11. Love the text from your Doctor....great to have a Dr that cares. to work till 4.30. More bad weather coming in so its sure to be busy.

  12. Well your Dr is correct of course!!! You are amazing :-).

    Working today, trying to cram all my work into 4 days instead of the usual 5 as I have Friday avo's off now plus I have a funeral tomorrow avo so another half day, plus I am basically doing the job of 2 people!!! Looking forward to my mini cruise next weekend I can tell you!!!!

  13. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I'm at work...all day...6.15am - 4.30pm....then running :-)

    Awesome text from your Dr!!!!! So lovely!!!!!

  14. The text from your doctor is cute as! My kiddo turned twenty today.

  15. Gary has that exact same lunchbox.

  16. Great text from your Dr, not many do that !
    Love the blue fabric too.

  17. I'd use that lunchbox!
    That's a good doctor, sending you nice texts
    Glad you're feeling better from your cold too.


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