Friday, July 06, 2018


Well... it's been a long week!

All the excitement of getting new cars, Denim's operation and the resulting stress levels... and a couple of FBG walks thrown in for good measure, phew... busy!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend, it's going to be crazy busy too!

But for today?

I need to go into town and get cash for my Market on Sunday (the float), and then much later on Denim has her dressing changed at the Vets.

I am hoping like hell the vet says it's healing well... cos if it's NOT, she will possibly have to undergo another operation, and have more of her tail removed!
I really don't want her to go through another operation.  And end up with an even shorter tail, or worst case scenario, no tail at all.

And then there's the added time involved in her recovery.  I'd hate her to be dragged back to the beginning again.

So... let's keep positive and hope she's recovering really well.

I have quite a bit of housework to get through today, mostly washing.  It would be neat to get some stuff hanging outside!  I've not hung anything outside in what feels like weeks.

And it would be nice to get back into the sewing room and work on the new project.  I'd love to get it finished in time for my Sunday Market.

So, I better get outta bed and make a start on the day.

Hey guess what?  IN THREE DAYS I GET MY NEXT Hba1c Blood test!  It has been THREE MONTHS since my last one, which revealed a shocking result.  Now, after following an almost ZERO CARB AND SUGAR diet, I am dying to find out the results of my hard efforts!

Monday I will get the blood test done, and I should have the lab results by Wednesday!!!!!  Getting excited/anxious/nervous.... the number has to have gone down considerably ... surely?


CLARIFICATION:  A 'normal' Hba1c level is 50 or below.
I used to be between 60-70.
My last Hba1c number was 90.

Yes, I am sure my number will have gone down, it must have because my month of daily testing showed perfectly 'normal' daily levels.

But I am still nervous.  I really, really want the number to be lower than 60!  I am probably dreaming.  My Doctor said I can't expect it to drop too much in only 3 months.

Something is changing.
I went down town to get cash for Sunday.
And I popped into the op shops (as ya do).

One had several really nice larger size tops/jackets/tunics so I tried them on.  And they all fitted!  Mostly XXL.  And all of them were only $10 each.  But they were ALL BLACK.

NORMALLY I would have bought them... COS THEY FITTED, and I always wear black (it's SLIMMING RIGHT?).
But my head said NO... just because they FIT does not mean I have to buy them!  So I left them in the shop!  

What is wrong with me???  Something is changing.  Hmmmm.  Weird.

6 pm:  And some of you are probably waiting to hear how Denim went at the Vets!  Sorry, when we got home I got sidetracked with sewing, then getting dinner made.

SOooo... her wound is healing nicely!   No need for a second operation so far.  She now has her bandage off and a much bigger cone on, so she can't reach her tail at all.  She's not a happy camper!  

All going well, as long as her tail doesn't get infected in the next week, all is looking good for stitches out next friday and then ONWARD with an all better Denim.

I did something today in the sewing room that I have never done before... will show you the finished new project tomorrow.  I'm feeling really happy with it.

It just needs it's binding hand stitched on tonight and it's done!
Yaaaa... I can take it to market on Sunday like I had hoped to.

Yaaa it's done and everyone here thinks it's gorgeous!  Can't wait to show you tomorrow.

But now... it's Coronation Street soon.


  1. I am positive that you will have good numbers. You have been doing such a great job. And Denim will also have a good outcome! I was cleaning my studio today and found one of your cards. Its so cute. Do you sell those at market?

  2. What a busy week is right! I hope Denim is healing and doesn't need another operation. I must get my blog up and running again now I have a laptop. I hope you both have a great day today and good news. I have an appointment with a panel of neurologists this am to decide what medication to put me on to keep this autoimmune thing at bay. I don't want to go on steroids. Keep your fingers crossed please.

  3. I love it when I get off work Thursday an it's already Friday there!
    I have no doubt that your blood numbers will be fine. I'm pretty sure that you're pretty sure too!

  4. you have done such an amazing job with your lifestyle and health changes!!!! You have seen great improvement so the numbers will surely reflect that!!!!! Christy xxxx

  5. If your blood testing was that low then your HbA1c should be low too. When your doctor said it can't drop that much she didn't factor in the Chris determination/low carb factor!! It will certainly be very interesting to get the result!!

  6. you are looking forward and excited about blood test WOW chris that is a biggie hoping for great results but I sure it will be significantly lower you have been rocking this

  7. I’m excited for you! Whatever the number may be, your reward is feeling better and motivated to stay healthy. Numbers don’t lie though, do they? lol 😊 It’s going to be good!

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Hi Chris ... you have inspired me and I am trying to go as low carb as possible to. Can I ask what a normal days eating is for you? I am finding that I am eating too much meat as it is an obvious protein. Any suggestions. Michelle from Iz

    1. I have my seed bread made with Almond meal as a bread substitute, with scrambled eggs or bacon, peanut butter, vegemite, tomato or whatever is in the fridge. Lots of veges, sometimes with a cheese sauce. Quiches. Soups. Waffles made with almond meal and with sugar free Maple Syrup, which is super yum! Corn fritters with almond meal instead of flour. Coleslaw or lettuce salads with ham/eggs/bacon/seafood/cheese etc. Dinner is usually meat and veges/salad/coleslaw.

    2. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Thankyou😊 I definetely need to get some almond meal and try some new recipes. You are doing so well. Keep up the good work!

  9. Hard to believe it has been 3 months already.

  10. Busy day busy life like all of us Thanks for the shares ... Think positive and all will be good with The Monday results

    and wee Denim will bounce back,, and you all will be good again!!!

    Brylee and Griffin will have catch up time with her and the 2 others wee fluffies,,, and before you know it ,,the weekend will be over..

    Enjoy weekend family time With stew and the teens and all

    all the best at the market on Sunday!!!

  11. Good to hear Denim is on the mend. Have a lovely weekend. Good luck with your next test.

  12. Julie H has left a new comment on your post "YAAAA IT'S FRIDAY":

    I hate the cones!

    SORRY JULIE, accidentally deleted your comment.


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