Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The new way of eating was NEVER about weight loss.

It was about eating healthy, and getting my blood sugar down to a safe level again.

I weighed myself yesterday morning.

And while I had a loss, it wasn't as much as I thought it would be... but I'm happy anyway, cos it's weight that I am no longer carrying around.

ABOVE:  better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

And now it will become about my weight too.  Clearly I can do better, and eat less protein!

Let's see what I can do in the next 3 months!

Even if I 'only' lose another 9 kilos.... shit that's not going to be a 'bad' result!

Today, well there's no FBG walks on, so I shall be doing some sewing.

And tonight it's Card Night at Susan's home.  Yaaa, that will be fun.

So, I'm off to see what needs doing around the house, then I shall be doing more coasters/mug rugs in the sewing room.  I've decided to leave owl mobiles for another day.


Well.... I decided to pop into Hamilton for some fabric.  Well OK, MORE fabric!
I ended up at Spotlight, then Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.

 ABOVE:  Quite a few shoppers have remarked on my lack of CAT fabric items, so I got this rather gorgeous fabric from Gordonton.  I've got more cat fabric coming from Whangarei too.

 ABOVE:  More greens for tree runners.

 ABOVE:  Reds/golds/bling for another tree runner.

ABOVE:  And how could I resist a shopping bag with that on it???  lol

I also stopped at an op shop by Spotlight, and found these:

ABOVE:  Toast holders to display coasters on, and a hedgehog....  

ABOVE:  Genius!  Perfect for the coasters too!  
And so cheap, certainly cheaper than trying to buy or make something 'fit for purpose'.  They will 'do'.  *smiles*

And now.... it's 1.15 and I'm hungry.  Food time...

Sheesh, I have been busy and forgot to update!

I did some sewing this afternoon and early evening, then I headed out to Card Night with the girls.  Brylee tags along now to keep the younger kids company.

ABOVE:  winners and loser tonight.  Not often we have a draw!  Sue and I were happy to share. *smiles*

Time to sign off for the day...  it's going to be a frost in the morning, it's FREEZING outside already.


  1. Nearly 10kgs in 3 months is an awesome result Chris! No dieting required. So pleased for you.

  2. Heck 20 pounds is pretty good I'd just continue on the way you are doing! WTG!

  3. Chris - 9 kilos is exactly what you would want after three months!! It means that everything you are doing is correct - don't forget you will no longer have fatty liver (google it, everyone overweight and especially with diabetes has it). That alone means your body is working better... bring on the blood test results and the next three months. Perhaps figure out more vegetable dishes you'd like if you want to cut protein a little. You have made amazing progress and I especially love that you've put health first and weight second. Well done.

  4. I agree, sounds like the ideal amount of weight over that time!!! Well done! Christy xxx

  5. WAHOO 9 KILOS IS AWESOME EFFORT MY FRIEND...so proud of your dedication and determination

  6. That's a lot of butter!
    I always try for more protein and less carbs and fat. I need to be educated I guess.

  7. That’s a great weight loss considering you weren’t trying to loose weight, just cut sugar to avoid numerous daily injections.

  8. Keep doing what you're doing. Protein is good for you, builds muscle and is what the dieticians recommend. High protein, low carb. Can't go wrong. Keep up the good work!

  9. toast racks awesome idea might steel it for displaying my greeting cards

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Can't spell steel. It's steal babes, steal

  10. Anonymous4:34 PM

    That is awesome. I can’t believe you sound a little disappointed with losing over 9 kilos. I am beyond jealous!!! Well done and keep up the good work. Michelle from Oz.

  11. Great news can't wait to read the updated blood results.....

  12. Fabulous your new eating plan is helping so much healthwise,,, Hope you get gr8 results again tomorrow from the Lab..

    You have been a stickler with it for 3 months so "Well done you"

    Please let us know results tomorrow !!

    Take care


  13. Forgot to say,, gr8 choice of colourful fabrics, Lovin them!!

    Love the retro shop finds too,, always a feel, good warm and fuzzy when that happens , cos they have things we would have to hunt years for and Retro shopping I sure am a big fan of

    Cheers Again (smiles)

  14. 9 kilo's !! WELL DONE thats a great achievement, you have done so well.


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