Sunday, July 08, 2018


Earlier on this week the weather forecast for today was DREADFUL!  Torrential rain and gales.

But last night's forecast was for rain this afternoon, not this morning!  So I might be lucky and not have to contend with wind and rain.  But it will still be bloody freezing for sure.

I'm going to be wearing three pairs of tights, and two long sleeved merino tops, then a thick jacket ... and me hat and mittens, scarf... you name it.  I will be wearing it!  lol

I hope that keeps me warm enough.

It will be great once the winter months are over and people come out to the market in greater numbers, this shitty cold weather keeps them indoors.  I don't blame them really.  

I started another Elf Table Runner late Friday night, and got it finished last night:

ABOVE:  I really love this one!  But of course I do!  It's blue.
I have used some 'sparkly' fabric with this one, so it's rather special.  

So, it's almost time to get going... wish me luck!  And warmth... even if I'm so over dressed I can hardly move!  lol


Yaaaaa a successful day at the market!  AND it didn't rain.  AND I wasn't freezing thanks to many layers of clothes, tights, socks, gloves, mittens, wooly hat and scarf!!!

And I had a really good time seeing lots of friends, one of our  neighbours,  and our friends Martyn and Jacqui came over from Tauranga too.  

Now it's quiet again, visitors have just left, all my market stuff is away and I'm KNACKERED!

But happy.

And it's 3 pm and I might just have some lunch!

Well, it's been a very quiet afternoon and evening for me.  Tired.  But not cold.  I got some thermal type socks at the market and they are wonderful.
Off to bed shortly...  looking forward to a good night's sleep after not sleeping much last night.


  1. Time diff so your Markets probably are half done lol I am sure you will have a good morning rugged up like that,, can only make you feel warm and fuzzy ..

    Have a gr day


  2. I hope that your market is going well this morning and you're managing to keep warm.

  3. Hope market went well and u not to frozen

  4. Great to hear you had a successful market and you weren’t frozen.

  5. My event yesterday was horrible. 100 degrees outside and hardly any customers. First time losing money on a booth space. I'm done until it cools off here.


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