Thursday, July 05, 2018


Last night, 5.45 pm, and Stew rings me from work.
He can't get his new car to start!  All the lights and dashboard comes on when he pushes the button, but the car won't start!

I'm like, what the hell!  

So, Stew had rung the AA to come out, and he was told they would be at least 90 minutes.  So... he's stuck at work till then at least.

Now, the new cars we got are both keyless starts.  You just have to push the Start/Stop button and the car goes.

ONLY... there is a 'trick' to it, and I remembered it as I was talking to Stew while he was waiting on the AA.

I said to him: "Did you have your foot on the brake when you pushed the button? ... cos you have to do that or the car won't start".

Well, he said: "Ahhh, NO", and goes back to his car and tries that.  

AND boom!  The car goes.   I got a big "Thank You Darling, it works!"

GLAD I REMEMBERED THAT, and figured out that's what he had forgotten to do.  *smiles*

I saved the day.  Yaaaaa.

Obviously we are going to have teething issues with our new cars.  Just glad that one was an easy fix.

I started my next project last night, first off I had to make a pattern, which took me an hour or so. 
Here's a SNEEK PEEK:

ABOVE:  Yeah, I'm not giving too much away this time.  *smiles*  It is a Christmas Runner though.

Today I am going to do some grocery shopping in Hamilton.  This will be interesting.  Let's see how much I can fit in my little car!  
I have never looked forward to grocery shopping before.  Dumm dee doo....


1.14 pm:  And another successful morning.  I got a few essentials from Spotlight (cotton/felt), then on to the groceries.
AND it all fitted in my cute blue car, not a problem at all.
I could have fitted in more even.

I've now put all the groceries away, put Denim outside in the sun for a while, and am having my lunch.  Coleslaw and some pre-cooked prawns.  Rather yummy.

In a little while I shall get into the sewing room and work on that new project.
But for now... lunch and Home and Away. *smiles*

OH, I filled up my car with petrol this morning.  $92!  That's more a reflection on the cost of bloody petrol here than my car's capacity.
Now I wait and see how long that lasts!

So I looked at the new project and well... something wasn't right with it.  So I have to unpick it all and start again.  That doesn't happen too often, but the colours were all wrong.  

I have an FBG walk on at 6pm, followed by dinner with a few of the girls.  We are just going to KFC, which is good as I can have the chicken.  

Tonight's walk was great... it wasn't as cold tonight.  We covered 5.5 kms in just over an hour, then dinner at KFC.  I just had some popcorn chicken and a little potato and gravy.  I didn't think that small quantity of potato would muck up my diet.

Home now and slowly warming up, and looking forward to Coronation Street in an hour or so.


  1. I have done that with my push button car too. I don't quite understand the keyless start. I don't see why it's any better than a key. Oh well. Maybe just because they "can".

  2. You are a true hero! You saved Stu's day!

  3. If you can't fit your groceries in that car the you have too many groceries!! I love keyless start - I just leave my keys in my handbag the entire time and never have to get them out. Funny, my daughter borrowed my car one day and phoned up in a panic that it wouldn't start... um, foot on the brake? hehe...

  4. thought we would have at least had a photo of the "cute blue car" loaded with groceries

    1. I did think about it! But I really needed to get it all in and sort out Denim, she needed to go out for bathroom. She's been so very good today.

  5. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hi what year models are your new cars? I have the keyless start as well now plus a tiny little lever for the


    1. Mine is a 2011 and Stew's is a 2014.

  6. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Now I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast
    coming over again to read further news.

  7. I don't know what the exchange rate is, but our country (South Africa) petrol is very expensive, to fill my Micra takes about R600, if take the exchange rate one to one then it would cost $600. The price of petrol has tripled in the past ten years and never mind the price of other stuff. I actually earn less now and need to come by with 2 salaries compared to 2011. Just to think our Rand was stronger than the American dollar a few years ago.


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