Thursday, February 01, 2018


Well... after the last few shitty days (pardon the pun)... I am going to try and do something nice for myself today.

NO housework.
Just chill out... I just lost 3 kilos in 3 days!  Stress! Shits. Not eating well.  

Time to unwind.  

Any ideas?  I can't really think of much.  Maybe I will stay in bed?

Brylee and Griffin are back at school today, so it's the start of a new year's routine.
Thank god I don't have to go out every morning to drop the kids off at school and pick them up again in the afternoon.
I've been so looking forward to that.

I had hoped to start Aqua Fit again, but they are moving the class out to St Peter's College soon due to the town pool getting closed for renovations in the next couple of weeks.  And the pool at St Peter's is very shallow and WARM, and INSIDE, so stuffy AND warm.  Fuck that!

Bummer as I was looking forward to Aqua Fit again.

I'm tempted to take myself out to the lake for a swim there, but that's probably not safe on my own.  I am a good swimmer, but ya just never know what can happen on your own eh.

So... clearly I have no plans for my day!  Gimme some ideas...


ABOVE:  The little girls after their groom.  So much better than the last groom.  They are still holding on to their colour!  I wonder how long that will last?  

......  2.55 pm!

So.  I took myself off to town and had a wander around the local op shops.  I didn't buy a thing!  Very conscience that I have a BIG dental bill coming up!

I didn't even have morning tea or lunch in town (no fun on ya own anyway), I came home for lunch.

Since lunch time, I've been doing a little sewing, and taking a nap!  I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night, it was just so hot.

Now, we have a very blustery wind and steady drizzle going on! It is still hot, but not as bad as the past week.

I'm freaking out cos Brylee is now riding my bike to and from school.  Today it's wet and windy... I hope she is OK on the road!

I'm a worry wort.

edit: They both got home safely.

UTTERLY HEARTBROKEN.  One of our dearest FBG girls had the worst ever outcome with her surgery today.  I won't go into details, but she has limited time left here on earth.  WHY DO THE WORST THINGS HAPPEN TO THE NICEST PEOPLE ???  Just not fair.

In other news:  the lower parts of New Zealand have been hit with the remants of Tropical Cyclone Fehi.  Massive amounts of wind and rain.  King Tides are also causing chaos.

ABOVE:  Two photos 22 hours apart, of the Crossover Jet Base down south!

Well... it's now 1.09 am in the morning and I think I should go to bed!

It's been a quiet night really, TV and rain outside ... but no flooding here.  We are high and dry.  Thankfully.  Plenty of places around the country that are flooded.


  1. Good on you for having a "me" day. Maybe take yourself to the movies if it's hot over there. Or a gentle stroll somewhere peaceful. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and be gentle with yourself.

    1. I went down the street and browsed all the op shops! Didn't buy a thing either. Amazing.

  2. whenever I want to seriously de-stress I have a facial or a pedicure. Or go to the library and ready all the magazines!! Christy xxx

  3. They will be much cooler now. How long do they usually keep their colour? Shame about the pool. How about a pedicure to treat yourself?

    1. I've never had a pedicure! Maybe one day I will, but not today. I don't feel like going into Hamilton!

  4. Oh they are BEAUTIFUL!! you sound restless tho. You should work on a UFO!

  5. Wow that's a lot of water. So sorry about your friend :( I'm glad you are getting your teeth taken care of.

  6. Lovely groom this time. Yes UFO aplenty, glad your nerves tummy feel better.

  7. So sorry about your friend 🙁


  8. So sorry to hear of your is just sux sometimes xx

  9. So sorry about your friend. Sending love to her and her family.

    My husband and daughter did that Shotover JetBoat ride when we got married over there ten years ago this month! They loved it! Devastated by what's happened to that lovely river. I hope it doesn't take too long to come back to it's natural beauty. So sad.


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