Saturday, February 24, 2018


Yesterday I started the stitiching (quilting) of the dog placemats.
I'm happy to say that stage is now done.

ABOVE:  Now all they need is their backing fabric stitched on and then the top stitching done.  I haven't made up my mind what colour backing fabric to use yet... it won't be brown though.

I hope to get that done today.

They really do look lovely.  I hope they sell! 

My next project will be... probably a table runner or three.

Steve, Bex and the kids are due here for lunch.  I am making fresh scones... cheese ones and date ones.  Steve hates dates, so I have to make two batches.  Not hard to do at all.
Somehow, I doubt the kids will like the date ones either. 

Have I mentioned lately that the temperatures are finally dropping a bit?  Well... they are.  It's almost pleasant by the time I go to bed now.  Such a relief. 

Right, I better bugger off and get a load of washing on... or the kids won't have clean uniforms on Monday morning.


OH!  Did I forget to tell you about my camera?  When I went to the 'Get off AUTO' class a couple of weeks ago the guy in the shop told me that the parts that Canon were waiting for from Japan had 'GOT LOST IN TRANSIT'... so they had to reorder the parts... and I won't be getting my camera back any time soon!

I threw my hands up in the air and declared Canon USELESS... utterly useless.  You can fly little parts like that from Japan in a bloody day... but no, they go on in a container, on a fucking SHIP... and they stop in Australia first... and sit on a bloody dock for weeks before getting forwarded on to here.

I'm still seething about that... but having teeth trouble made me forget for a while!  I just remembered.  Grrrrrr.

They have had my camera and lens for almost 4 months!

Well... been trying to get a load of washing done this morning.  THREE. HOURS. LATER... it keeps going off balance and stopping.  Grrrrr!
It's now after 1 pm and it's still not done!

Steve and family arrived.   I made scones.

ABOVE:  everyone enjoyed lunch.  Dante has a tummy ache.  But, he's also a Drama Queen. So who knows with him!

I'm going to potter around in the house and garden, then do some sewing.


 ABOVE:  Dante dusting all the cobwebs away before he would play on the jungle gym.

ABOVE: Lots of puppies and kids.  

I'm making butter chicken for dinner.  Bex is making some naan bread from scratch to go with it.  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.

Our dinner was wonderful!  Bex's naan bread was amazing... she used garlic and butter to make it taste even more yum.

So tired tonight, no idea why.  Probably going to bed fairly early.


  1. The scones sounds super yummy!

    Re your camera, I don't think I would have been as patient as you have been. I would have contacted Canon by now and demanded a brand new camera. I did that with Pentax years ago when I had a good camera with a fault and it was taking far too long to repair. Thankfully my replacement camera proved to be an excellent one.

  2. That's disgusting service from Canon. I'd be threatening to put that story on fair go and demand a new camera or money back. Shocking because they are a well renowned company.

    Love your placemats.

  3. How friggin frustrating. I had the same thing happen with my crappy Mercedes work van. It broke down and no one in nz had the part so it was ordered from Singapore ( of all places). I can get there on a plane in less then 9 hours but nooooo it took three weeks to get to nz then my mechanic phoned with the news that they had sent the WRONG part, I swear I just about blew my own gasket as I was having to rent a 17 seater at $182 a day while waiting for muppets to do their job properly. Another 3 weeks waiting and then 2 more days off the road to fit it and put the vehicle back together. Thsnkfully the hire company ended up discounting the hire vehicle to the long term rate of $ 110 a day instead of the casual $182 a day rate, but still ended up costing just over $4 grand, that in my opinion could have been avoided. Who puts vehicle parts on a slow boat these days??? A moron, that’s who. I would be super furious a canon too, not good enough.

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Morning. If you have made a contents claim I would be onto the insurance company for them to assist.

  5. Photos of kiddies and puppies you can't go wrong then to cool cheese scones and date scones yummmmmmm

  6. Great pics! I'm surprised they can't just order the parts on Amazon. Everything is on there.


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