Monday, February 12, 2018


I shall be popping into Hamilton this morning to get some fabric from Spotlight.  Just backing fabric for some blocks I've made for the 'special project'.  Oh and I shall need lots of thread too... this project requires lots and lots of stitching.  Last thing I want is to run outta thread half way through.

I anticipate this project taking me at least 2-3 weeks, so there won't be too much coming out of the sewing room to show you for a while.

Then again... I might be able to sneak a rabbit or two in there somewhere!

So, apart from that ... I don't really have too much on today.  There is always housework of course, but meh.... it can wait.  Who gives a shit if the floor isn't vacumed and washed?  No one in this house besides ME really.

 ABOVE:  Last night, like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT... Stew gets the stare down from Coco.  She sits in front of him and just stares at  him...not moving a muscle... just staring.
It's her saying 'Come on Dad, feed me dinner'!

She knows she has to wait until we have finished our dinner before she gets her's.  If Stew doesn't move fast enough, she tosses her head in the air!  Like 'COME ON DAD!'

Such a hussy.  Just so ya know, that bark collar DOES NOT WORK... but having it on is a huge deterrent to her barking.  She doesn't know it's not working!

 ABOVE:  The little girls yesterday... running like mad things on the back lawn.  Marley runs behind Denim and tires to bite her tail!  EVERY TIME.  Poor Denim.

ABOVE:  Thirsty work being a pup.

My tooth is sort of settling down a bit I think?  It is still a dull ache, much like it was before I went to the dentist.  So, I'm going to wait and see over the next few days... maybe it will settle down completely?  I live in hope.
Last thing I want is to have to get another root canal!

Annoyingly, I do have to go back ... the sore tooth has a large rough patch which is very horrid.  So... *sigh*, I will have to ring about that soon too.

Right.... I might put a load of washing on, then head into Hamilton around 9.


TOOTH IS HURTING BAD.  So I emailed the dentist and said I was really upset that it was looking like it needed a root canal after all.  I felt like we had paid for a filling and wasted the money.  He said on Friday it MOST LIKELY did need a root canal, but when I said we couldn't afford another one right then, he said OK, lets just try doing the filling.

So, he rang me just now.  Said he was sorry the filling hadn't fixed the tooth.  So now I have to go back next Monday for the 1st part of a root canal... and again in a month for the 2nd part of the root canal.  He is prescribing antibiotics and pain relief today, so I'm not in such pain.

Thank god.  OH ... he's also allowing us to pay off the root canal, and we don't have to start paying for that for 5 weeks!  What a lovely man.  Paying for Friday's treatment tapped me out already!

So, I'm now heading into the clinic to pick up the prescription... bring on some pain relief that works!
HURRY UP AND WORK.  I am 1000% over toothache.

COLLEEN:  I have found the pulled pork is best if cooked, then left in the fridge for a day or two, then made into a cottage pie or similar.  It tastes so much better then!  In fact it's amazing!

32 degrees inside, 100% humidity... you can't MOVE at all without breaking out in a sweat.
I'm doing some sewing this evening.  In a sweat box of a room.  Had a tickle-ish feeling on the back of my legs.. it was SWEAT running down to my ankles!  Not nice.

Quiet today... but I loves ya anyway.  *smiles*


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM


    Nothing worse than a dying nerve toothache, can you ask him to start earlier ?..they kill the nerve on the first visit and it is such a relief...having been there a few times when deep fillings decide to pack it in...that pain relief is good for nerve pain...panadol doesn't help at all..


    1. I'm pretty sure that tooth's nerve has been dying for MONTHS! He said I need to wait a week now, to let the infection settle down first... and the pain killers he's given me will keep the pain at bay till then thank god! It's horrid eh?

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Yes...terrible...the antibiotics take about 24 hours to kick in but of course the painkillers work immediately...I once sat up all might with ice pressed against my gum to stop the pain I was waiting for the dentist at 8am lol...


  3. Ugh! Bummer about your tooth. I would still trade teeth with you in a heartbeat, though! I thought of you today when this New Zealand speed skater came out of nowhere and beat the Netherlands guy!

  4. 😥

  5. Good idea re the pulled pork hey. I have leftovers I might so something with tomorrow night :)

  6. Once that tooth is sorted you will feel so much better & your dentist sounds awesome.

    The damn humidity is driving me nuts, my hair is just awful & I had sweat dripping off me every time I left the office.

  7. Heck i hope that medication kicks in soon! I have worked all day in this heat humidity sickening!

  8. Sorry to hear the tooth is still giving you problems. Hopefully the meds take the pain away. Good luck.


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