Thursday, February 22, 2018


Yep, another one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACY, we hope you have a nice day where ever you are.
Ya never know with her, she could be under a bridge for all I know.

Joking aside, I know she's not under a bridge!  She's back where she SHOULDN'T BE.  IDIOTS.

Yesterday I started a set of dog mug rugs/coasters.

At the last market, some ladies said it was a shame the mug rugs were not bigger, so they could be placemats.

*sigh*... of course I know if I made placemats, someone would suggest I make them smaller, like coasters!  So I know I can't win, lol.

Anyway, I digress.

I am thinking of doing this:

ABOVE:  If I add a brown piece, they would be the size of placemats.  Should I do it, or leave them as coasters?

I only have 17 of these, each one is of a different dog.  What to do?

If I decide to make them placemats, I will have to go into Hamilton to get some brown fabric, I only have that little bit.  So come on... I need your opinion!  asap

In the meantime, I will finish off those 4 Christmas coasters.


12.20 pm:  And decision made.  Placemats it is.
So I went into Hamilton and bought some plain brown fabric, and ummm....

 ABOVE: Also a small piece of this fabric, cos it was so cute!  

 ABOVE: Just after I got home it pelted down with rain, big fat raindrops. So lovely.  Now?  Back to sunshine and steam.  Like living in a bloody sauna.  Seriously.

 ABOVE:  Bang on lunchtime, I got a visit from Sarah, one of our FBG's.  She brought around bags full of newspaper... cos she knows we are 'doing' puppies down the track. 
She stayed for a coffee and chat, which was lovely.

ABOVE:  I listed Keera's old school uniform on a Facebook page for Cambridge uniforms, and sold them overnight.  Yaaa!

I'm now going to have some lunch then sew. 

TOOTH:  no pain?  Dammit, I have to say it... I can't bite on the tooth they 'fixed' on Monday... it hurts!  It shouldn't hurt!  It's had it's nerves killed off!
So, I rang the dentist's and they are going to get the dentist to ring me back when he can.

Because I was taking painkillers these past few days, I think that masked the pain somewhat, and I thought it was from the injection site.  Wrong it would appear.

Far out I am so over this! 

9.30 pm:  We've had a lovely evening!  My FBG girlfriend Anna came over for a natter and dinner.  Brylee and Anna's daughter Emily had a nice visit together.  Hide and seek is alive and well in this house! lol
I still can't get over how many wonderful, lovely girls I now know and am friends with here!  

And on that happy note, with the help of some nice pain killers, I will end the day.


  1. Did you sell many coasters at the market? If they were good sellers leave them as coasters. If not, make placemats. Personally I would buy placemats over coasters. Happy Birthday Lacey.

    1. Oops, sorry for the miss spell Lacy.

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I like these as placemats, it’s worth a try. Who knows what will sell, I’m sure it varies from day to day.

  3. Yeah what Marlene said. If they don't sell you could always cut them down later. Maybe find some other materials to make placemats with if you don't want to use the dogs?

  4. Placemats. And a trip to Hamilton. Win win!!

  5. Both? Choices and variety and all that.

  6. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Aw Chris you're so funny but I love the fact that you are so real. I have 4 kids, 3 are super and doing well and the 4th breaks my heart. Yes, we managed to get her through university so she has a degree but she behaves and lives so differently from the rest of us, that I have even wondered if she is even our kid. She has always attracted and run with the wrong people IMO .... pot smoking and shacking up with anyone who will let her live rent free. So I had to laugh when you said 'under the bridge' because I know what you mean. I can only hope that things will change down the road but I ain't holding my breath. I haven't spoken to my daughter since I finally threw her out of the house after years of abuse in November 2015. She is shacking up just a couple of miles from me.

  7. Happy Candles & Cake Day Lacy -----<<<<----(@)

  8. UGH! Sorry about your tooth! I hate teeth problems.

  9. It could be bruising from the root canal treatment, three days is not long to recover from all that, Chris! If that's all it is, it should subside in a few more days.

  10. Placemats and some coasters maybe? Sorry to hear your tooth is still bothering you...

  11. Happy Birthday Laci
    Loving hearing you have made heaps of friends there.

  12. Sorry to hear that the tooth is giving you such a difficult time. Good luck.

  13. Love the dog fabric so cute.


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