Saturday, February 17, 2018


Oh My GOSH!!! ... I got a text from Donna late yesterday!

Donna has gone and finished quilting my 'special project'... in virtually ONE DAY!

I am so thrilled.  That means I can pick it up today, bind it today and tomorrow, and take it to it's recipient on Tuesday.

Monday is out as I am going to the bloody dentist again.  Eeeeek!  

So, we are heading into Hamilton this morning to do that, probably closer to lunchtime.  And we shall probably do the grocery shopping too.  Kinda have to, we are getting low on essentials.

ABOVE:  Both Dante and Keera have received Certificates from their teachers now.  Well done kids!

 ABOVE:  Yesterday's effort in the sewing room.  I moved the sewing desk away from the window, it was just too hot there.    I'm going to try using the sewing machine  'table'?  extension thingee... I've had it all this time and never used it. 

ABOVE:  I didn't change this side of the room as it's perfect as it is... I love having all my cutters and scissors hanging above my cutting table.  So handy.

I bought 'something' on Cambridge Buy, Sell and Exchange last night.  I was scrolling through my Facebook feed while talking with Steve and saw it, and immediately contacted the seller... and as I was the first person to contact him, I GOT IT!

We are heading out first thing this morning to pick it up.  I will show you when we get it home!  We are really, really chuffed to get it! 

OK... time to go.  I need to get some washing on before anything else.


So... what did I buy? ...

ABOVE:  A small pool table!  It needs a wipe down and tidy up, but on a whole it's fine!  We got it for $50, that was with two queue's and the balls and triangle!

After picking it up, we went into Hamilton and picked up the 'special project', then did the grocery shopping.

Home, had lunch and chilled out for a little while.

I've got a killer headache, so haven't done much else so far today.

I'm going to try having a nap, that might make the headache go away?  I hope so anyway.

Stew is cooked spuds for a potato salad tonight, to go with beef spareribs, cooked on the BBQ.

Well I didn't have a nap.  My headache was not gunna go anywhere ( cos of the toothache ), so I decided to sew the binding on the special project.

Now that's done and all I have to do now is hand stitch it down on the back side.  It's ONLY 340 inches, or 28.3 feet of teeny tiny stitches to do.  I can do that tonight and all day tomorrow.

Signing off for the day... another stinking hot night ahead.  Not getting much sleep, doubt anyone is!


  1. The kids looks so grown up. I'm thrilled the move has worked out so well for Keera.

    I have only recently found the buy swap sell sites. Slightly addictive!

    Can't wait to see the special project.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Yes, well done to the kids! Future educational success begins right where they are currently. My kids used to love getting certificates like those :) I love your sewing room.


  3. great find in the pool table. I am glad your special project is done and also dying to see it. Hope the headache is gone now.

  4. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Well done to the kids.
    I enjoy hand stitching the binding, in fact I find it rather therapeutic.


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