Saturday, February 03, 2018


We have no reason AT ALL to get outta bed early today.
Not going anywhere.
Not got to do grocery shopping.


It might rain today which would be lovely... the temperatures have been dropping in the past couple of days.  Last night it was almost cold!  Not cold like winter, but certainly cooler.
Made sleeping easier.

Here is the little cow wall hanging I finished last night:

ABOVE:  She's so cute!  And I love the flowers down the side instead of hearts.  Nice for a change.

I've now got to make a Fox for a girlfriend's birthday next month.  

Oh I also better make some price signs for the market... which is now in 8 days.  I'm not in the least nervous about the market... if I sell anything... Great.  If not, I will try again in a month.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I just hope they are easier to sell than the tiles!  Certainly will be easier to transport and set up!

Right, I am now off to get a load of washing on, then fluff around the house.  I didn't get the dog gate painted yesterday, so will probably do that today.


12.35 pm:  And the day is going as planned.  I've sanded the wall spots, painted them and put a coat of paint on the hall way dog gate.
I don't think I will be painting it with any colour, just cream like the walls... 

 ABOVE:  Dog gate... maybe it would look nice with a little colour? I dunno.  

ABOVE: I'm a little frustrated with the new lens.  It's focus point is not always where I want it to be!  Obviously I wanted the pups in focus.  *sigh*

ABOVE: Obviously I wanted Denim in focus.  But it's still a lovely photo... she's so cute!  And crazy.  I do love my coffee table setting too... it makes me smile.

5.55 pm:  We ended up going into Hamilton after lunch.  Got the kids school stationery, Griffin got a haircut, I got a few more animal applique patterns upsized and can't remember what else!
Oh yes, got the birthday present for our Grandson Liam's 5th Birthday party tomorrow.

Came home and Stew moved a few things around outside.

 ABOVE:  Those two blue pots were out the front of the house, but they got no rain where they were, so now they are here.  I think they look lovely there!  Pop of colour, and still plenty of room to come and go off the back patio.

 ABOVE:  Again, as this area gets no rain, Stew moved the big pot out and put my old letterbox there.  Stew moved it on his own from around the back, no mean feat as it weighs a ton!

ABOVE:  The big pots over here, acting as a screen ... and they get water there.

Almost dinner time.  Stew is doing sausages, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and gravy.  GRAVY for Brylee... her favourite food is mashed potato and brown onion gravy!

10.20 pm:  Watching Coronation Street, the house is silent.  So tired, so ready for bed.  Can't understand why Coronation Street is on SO LATE now?  It used to be on at 7 pm... but has slowly been pushed out till now it's really late!

Oh well... just as well I'm an OWL, not a fowl.


  1. I love the cow πŸ˜πŸ„πŸ„ can't wait for my fox 😊. It has been cooler up here aswell. Have a lovely day relaxing xx

  2. The cow is gorgeous Chris as are they all. I hope you're taking your tiles too. Different markèt different customers. I love mine

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I love your wall hangings! Very very pretty.


  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Those girls are stunning well done Mac George's Mum

  5. The wall hangings are really darling! Is there anything you can make in about 5-10 minutes? Like a tote bag or something? Having a bunch of cute (you have the best fabrics) lower price items can add up too. And of course, a cheapskate like me is always looking for a bargain!


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