Sunday, February 18, 2018


Today's the only thing on my agenda is to stitch down the binding on the Special Project.

That is going to take me a few hours, if not all day.  But it is going to be worth it.

Here's a sneak peek of the BACK of the Special Project:

ABOVE:  Donna Ward has done an amazingly beautiful job of the quilting!  I could NEVER have done it so quickly or so perfectly.

OMG I reckon it would have taken me 6 months to do that!   So I'm so happy it's done and will be totally finished by tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon Stew and Griffin rearranged everything in the garage, to make room to play on the pool table.  It was already very cramped in there, but they did an amazing job:

In fact, the way they have condensed up the gym equipment and laundry area has actually given us MORE room that we had before, even with the pool table added into the mix!

The kids and Stew have been enjoying playing on the little pool table.  It's probably a wee bit small, but hell... it was only $50!  

I don't know what their plans are for the day... probably just mucking around the house playing pool.  Griffin has a friend coming over to play too.  

Yaaaa.  I finally found a way to get him out of his room!  It was worth $50.  *smiles*

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


2 pm:  and I can hardly see straight!  I've been stitching for hours and my fingers are bloody sore.  So, I'm taking a break.

Sorry, but today has been a very boring blog fodder day!  Nothing is happening.

Well.. I did get a shit text from up north that just pissed me off.  But it's from someone who I NEVER EVER reply to.  He will eventually stop I hope.  I ain't buying into other people's wars.   Don't care who they are.  

OH I dyed my roots first thing this morning.  I've now got ginger roots.  lol  Might have to try and buy some toner online.

ABOVE: Little video from this afternoon.  Just filling space here!  lol
Told you it was a quiet day.

ABOVE:  Sunset tonight.  It's been like this every night for days now.
It only lasts for probably 5 minutes, then it's gone.

Quiet evening.  Stinking hot and sticky.  Probably be the same all night long, it's a wonder anyone can get any sleep!


  1. Lol I love that get Griffin out of his room idea! Lol that quilting is amazing. I can't wait to see the front.

  2. I feel your pain! That's a lot of hand stitching. Can't wait to see the finished product. The back looks amazing.

  3. The back of the quilt is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the front.

  4. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Kerosine I think smashed wasps but not like everyone's got a can of that handy! George's Mum

    1. My Dad used to wait till dark, when all the wasps were back in their nests, then he'd douse the nest with petrol and set it on fire! That sure killed them all!

  5. Anonymous8:09 PM

    We recently had wasps which to start with I thought were bees = honey. Hubby tried fly spray the first night which only made them very angry. Second night he used a red light instead of white and puffed some powder that we got from the supermarket for less than $10 That killed them instantly

  6. The back of the quilt looks gorgeous. Great buy with the pool table.

  7. The weather you having sounds dreadful, I thought Melbourne was bad in summer, but we have had mostly lovely days and cooler nights lately around 13degress Celsius. I think I know who you are making the beautiful quilt for.

  8. Beautiful sunset!


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