Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Bloody hell... I totally forgot it was Valentines day today.
Oh well... just as well Stew and I don't NEED a 'special day' to say we love each other!

We say it/show it to each other every day.

Valentines Day is just another commercial enterprise, designed by 'mostly' retailers out to get your dollar.  Not into it at all.

So... it doesn't matter that I forgot!

Do you 'celebrate' Valentines Day?   

Today I shall be working on the special project again.  And ringing around to find a quilter.  That's a biggie.

There will be some housework thrown into the mix too. 

FLIES:  we have automatic flyspray dispensers dotted around the house, they kill mozzies and flies.
So... there's lots of ikkky dead flies on windowsills.  They are doing my head in!  I hope to get around all the windowsills today and brush them all up.  Shitty job, but someone's got to do it.

I try to do one job a day that isn't a 'usual' job like washing, vacuming and so on.  Do you?

ABOVE:  Ha ha!  That's Hayley doing a dumb face at the Good George Pub last night.  It's a lovely pub, with really good service and ambience.  It was bloody hot up near the rafters though!  Hayley organised the FBG Quizz Night... and she's my neighbour too.  I shall be going to Quizz Night again in a fortnight.

And that's all I have for now... better get a move on... slowly... cos moving too fast just makes sweat pour out everywhere!  It's disgusting how humid it is.


Feeling blessed with so many wonderful, kind friends.

I rang Donna Ward this morning, she's a professional quilter in Hamilton.  She also ran patchwork classes I attended last year.
I asked her if there was any chance she could do a rush job on my special project, and she said YES... bring it in right now!

So, she will be working on it over the next few days and it will be ready for pick up on Monday! Then I will take a day or two to bind it,  then it can go to it's recipient! 

AND she's doing it at cost, less a good discount too! I am blown away at her generosity.  This is A SPECIAL PROJECT though, and she appreciated that.

This project has had me in tears for days...  and today is no exception.  When other people get behind you and help you out... it really is wonderful and so appreciated.

So I've had a quick trip into Hamilton to drop off the project, and am now home again.  I am feeling really drained and ill right now... partly due to the rush/rush involved with the special project, and partly due to me damn toothache.  So, I'm going to chill out for a couple of hours before getting the housework done.

There's those bloody dead flies awaiting...

Pfffft... sit and relax for a couple of hours?  Yeah right.  I just washed the garage floor.  Next? ... go around and close the windows, cos it's bloody raining... let's just ramp up the humidity some more shall we?

I had a nap between 2 and 3.30... feel almost human again!
The flies, the flies!  Are still there.  Dammit.
Just don't feel motivated to move them... cos it means washing every windowsill too.
Might get a kid to sweep them up and I can wash them tomorrow?

Procrastination... is alive!

Pulled Pork Pie recipe will be on tomorrow's post.
Time to sign off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. We don't do Valentines Day here either. Glad you had fun at the quiz night!


  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    We never do Valentines Day here either. I think I have just worked out what your rush project is. If I am correct what a lovely idea 💕

  3. I'm not surprised you are drained Chris. Your efforts will be so appreciated when the recipient recieves the Special Project.Kudos to Donna Ward.

  4. Love the idea Chris She/ they ,, will be thrilled as there is comfort in something,,, hand gifted by someone who cares about you...

    There is another day tomorrow the flies can go nowhere and you do so much in a day anyway ...

  5. The Husband and I do not celebrate Valentines Day. But I always did something special for the kids when they were small and of course the grandkids. Can't wait to see your special project. Feel better.

  6. I'll have to get one of those fly killers. Flyspray is useless. I've sprayed and sprayed the same fly a d he just slowed down. Didn't kill him.

  7. I kind of forgot, kind of didn't care lol. He got me a card and I told him I've been getting up at 4:30 to take him to the train so that was his gift!


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