Sunday, February 04, 2018


Today we are off to Hamilton to our Grandson Liam's 5th Birthday party.

Another little grandson starting school for the first time this week!

So, that's about the only firm plans we have for the day.

Last night I made a start on a Fox wall hanging for a friend. 

ABOVE:  I'm trying to decide if I will put hearts or mushrooms on it. Or flowers?  Dunno yet.  Maybe that will be a surprise?

ABOVE:  These are the 27 applique animals I have.  They are 3 quilt patterns I bought a while ago.  I doubt I will ever make the quilts!  I only bought them for the individual animal patterns.

Time to go... stuff to do.


OMG... we got unexpected visitors!  More later.

4.38 pm:  And it's later.

This morning, around 10.45 and I'd just finished getting me face on, doing me hair and so on, almost ready to head out the door for Liam's birthday party ... and a strange car pulls in the drive.

I said to Stew, "Are you expecting anyone?", cos I sure wasn't.

He said "Yep, Sandra!".  And sure enough, one of my dearest friends from Palmerston North was getting outta the car!

She had been on a Jamberry (Nails) Convention in Auckland for a day, and was stopping in on her way home again.  She had a girlfriend with her, a chick I didn't know.  Lee Anne?  I'm dreadful at remembering names!

ABOVE:  Of course I whippped out the camera... and that cracked them both up.  Seems Sandra had told her girlfriend that's exactly what I would do... and they would end up on the blog!
Who am I to disappoint!

ABOVE:  the obligatory 'us' photos!  lol

We didn't get to spend enough time together at all.  *sad*
They had to be back in Palmy by 6pm, and we had Liam's party to attend.

Sandra bought the little donkey wall hanging for Lee Anne's little girls 5th Birthday!  And Lee Anne bought some mug rugs!  

So now I have to make another Donkey wall hanging!

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous Liam, the Birthday Boy.  He had a lovely birthday party.

ABOVE:  Just a few happy snaps of friends and family.

It's now 5.22 pm and no one is hungry!  We got some Dunkin Donuts on our way home. Whoops!  Was that dinner?

Not.  Stew made beef rissoles and left over potato rissoles for dinner... then we sorted out our stuff for tomorrow, and soon... bed.
We have a long day planned tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Those wall hangings are all so good I would have a difficult time picking out my favorite! The skunk wins out by a squeak ;D


  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    The rabbit appliqué could be a good seller with Easter getting closer.

  3. Those patterns are gorgeous. I love the fox as it is. Gorgeous colours.

  4. Love the fox. The hedgehog looks cute too!

  5. Have fun at the party :-)

  6. I love the idea of mushrooms that would be cute

  7. He how gorgeous are those wall hangings , funny how your surprise visitor mafe your morning lovely photos....


  8. Just love the pics Chris, especially those of you and your friend look gorgeous.

  9. What gorgeous photos today! Mushrooms for the fox!

  10. love the black sheep :)

  11. look at you SMILING in that picture! I love it, you look beautiful. Your hair is so pretty like that too :)


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