Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Yesterday who ever it was replying to my emails at Gentle Dental made me cry!

I am presuming it was a woman.  She was just so lovely. She emailed me 3 times to reassure me I would be OK... that they would look after me!

I am still scared stiff of course, but at least I know they are aware of that and will be caring and considerate.

God I hate that I haven't told them about my bleeding issue yet!  Maybe it won't be a problem... inside my mouth?  

I've *only* hemorrhaged from internal surgeries after all eh?  *sigh*

All will be revealed and a plan made this afternoon I suppose. 

dumm dee dooo....

The teenagers don't have school today, so I suppose I won't see them till lunchtime.

All three dogs go to the groomer this morning at 11 am.  OMG they are going to be so much cooler afterwards.  The poor buggers have been literally dying in this heat.

Brylee has offered to help with the dogs, IF she gets outta bed in time.
And she is going to tag along to the dentist with me too... moral support and all that.
My stomach is churning just thinking about that.

 ABOVE:  Coco doesn't know what to do with herself in this heat.  She wanders around the house trying to find a cool spot.  This wasn't it.
Though there is always some sort of breeze in the hallway.

Right I better go, I've got a load of washing to get on, then just wait around till it's time to take the dogs to the groomer.
I might go into the sewing room and start another wall hanging...


12.05 pm:  And the dogs are at the groomers.  I've asked her to go as short as possible.

After that we went and picked up Stew's and my blood test forms.  Time for diabetes tests again.

Home, and I spent the last 45 minutes mopping the garage floor.  Trying to keep my mind off other things.

Not working.

I'm getting nasty pains in my stomach... how many times can ya go to the bathroom in a day?  Let me tell you!


I've never had the nasty tummy pains before though.  That's new.  Nerves I suppose.

And the stupid thing is they won't be touching my teeth today!  But .... I'm still beside myself with fear.  So dumb.

COLD CALLS! OMG I've had three today.  Why?  No, I don't want to subscribe to your newspaper.  No, I don't have or want HRV.  No, I don't want to change my power company.
NO NO NO.  Grrrrr.

One hour to go till we head off to the dentist... off to the loo AGAIN...

And it's sorted.

I arrived there with Brylee in tow... and was immediately shown where the toilet was! They were prepared!  lol
I was so flustered I walked into a store room!

So, the dentist was on time (just as well cos I was ready to leave before I even walked in!).
He took me into his examination room... I saw the BIG BLUE DENTAL CHAIR and literally cried on the spot. 

I don't know HOW that man got me to sit in it, but he did.

Then he did his exam... only using a mirror cos I simply COULD NOT bear the thought of the pick thingee going in my mouth!  I cried through most of the exam, Brylee held my hand, I wonder if I squished it? 

He took x-rays and said my teeth were actually in very good condition considering how long it had been between dental visits (25 years)!

So, it is as I knew, I have two cavities on the top row, one either side, and the tooth that had the filling fall out the other day is requiring a root canal.

He is going to do it all in one appointment, and use IV Sedation.  So... I said OK.

As I was leaving my legs turned to jelly and my head started spinning, so I had to sit down and wait for that to pass.  Weird.  I'm not a fainter usually, but I came close today!

I picked up the dogs from the groomer on our way home... they look AMAZING... I am so very happy with them this time! She did such a good job.  

There will be photos of them tomorrow.  Right now I'm still stressed to the max and don't feel very well.

Rather than let this horror drag on, I've booked my dental appointment (proper), for next Friday, the 9th.  Stew will have to take time off work to take me there and bring me home again.  I won't be allowed to drive for the rest of the day after treatment.  8 sleeps. 

I was supposed to be going to the movies tonight with a group of FBG girls, but I've now got a thumping headache ... add that to the flip flop tummy... I've had to cancel going.  Upsetting as I've been looking forward to it for ages too.

Might just have to go to bed early to get over this shitty day! 

Right. This day is done.  I'm listening to some of my favourite music on YouTube, it's calming me.


  1. Hi Chris, I understand completely about the dentist. I hated going to the 'murder house' when I was at primary school. The dental nurse was old and crabby in those days. At high school I wagged 3 appointments so they took you off the list. But I ended up having to have them all out in 3. Visits while I was pregnant. Pretty serious. Thinking of you. False teeth ain't bad!!!

  2. Stop working your self up. If I can handle getting a tooth pulled you will be fine. Just take it as it comes and just think not having a sore mouth after all these months. Xx thinking of you. I still have to go back at some point 😯

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    You'll be sweet as a nut George's Mum.

  4. You will be fine mother.. the more you think about it the more worked up you will get.. you have been assured that you will be fine.. I hate the dentist too but once I get there in the chair I close my eyes and use breath. Rena has to go back to thurto get her tooth fixed.. poor girl.

  5. Will be thinking of you today. You will be fine ... it's the anticapatory anxiety that gets us phobic people every time. I avoided the dentist for years but then I found an amazing dentist.

  6. God Job, Brylee. Keep her calm. This is a very important job you have today. Good Luck to the two of you! I will be thinking of you! And also, I am going to pick up the phone right now, in your honor, and make my own past due dentist appointment that I have been avoiding.

  7. Ok - yesterday I told you that it was good that you got in right away.... Less time to fret. I called my dentist like I said I would. Now, I just got an appointment for tomorrow. I WAS going to my cleanings faithfully (every three months) for 20 years. But, then a tooth couldn't be saved and that is what brought on the whole Costa Rica situation. Since going there, I have been afraid to go to my US dentist. Not sure why. I guess I have an unfounded fear of hearing anything negative about my Costa Rica work. In the meanwhile, my doc of 20 years retired. Now, I have to meet his replacement. UGH! I am not looking forward to this one bit! In three months I go back to Costa Rica for the finished product! Anyhow, thinking of you right now. Good Luck and Be Brave! Proud of you!

  8. I Do hope all went well at the Dentist. I have to go back in February and am not looking forward to it. Isn't aging wonderful

  9. It sounds like you have chosen the right dentist, already they sound caring. Definitely take Brylee for support. Try not to work yourself up into any more of a pickle than you already have - remember today is just a wee chat & squizz at your teeth, no procedures, just a relaxing chat.

    1. JUST. A. RELAXING. CHAT. Yep, tell that to my bowels would ya? lol, but not funny.

    2. Well done - you survived step 1!!! Now you have to try & do what our lawyer said - don't think about it, put it out of your head until next Friday when you have to think about it again. There is no point in it cluttering up space in your head until you have to deal with it. If your mind wanders to teeth & dentists, just think about something else.

      Props to Brylee for being your support person, she is a lovely girl.

  10. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I have to ask what is HRV ?

    1. Heat Transfer system... in ya ceiling space. It moves heat from one area of the house to another... and it also can be used to reduce condensation in the house... ventilate the house, reduce mould and so on.

    2. Thanks, never heard of it but it does sound good unlike most of the other crap

  11. So sorry for your nerves! Hope it all turns out good~

  12. YOU DID IT! Good for you. And, even better is that you have rock solid teeth! My goodness. Two cavities and a root canal after 25 YEARS! That is amazing. You are so fortunate. I go for cleanings every three months and still lose teeth. But some people , like you, just have really good teeth. My dentist has said he sees people who never go to the dentist, never even brush, and they have healthy teeth. Then there is me jumping through every tooth to no avail. I am so happy for you. You will keep those teeth and maybe start getting cleanings once in a while to boot! Just think. In 25 years, all you would have had was 2 cavities in all this time. That would mean 23 uneventful visits, if you go once a year ! You can handle that!

  13. That is amazing!! Seriously, one appointment under sedation is way better than getting all your teeth out. Relax now - that sedation is amazing and you won't remember a thing. It actually leaves you on a kind of a high (which is why you can't drive).

  14. Anonymous5:43 PM

    So proud of you, one big tick off your to do list. Jo

  15. I've never heard of anyone soooooo scared like that (although I think most everyone is anxious!!).... well done for going along!!!!! Very brave of you considering how incredibly stressful it must have been. Soon it will all be behind you xxxxxx Christy

  16. Go to the movie, dose up on panadol, see my comment above - do stuff that puts it out of your mind, you will have a laugh with friends & the movie will occupy your mind.

  17. Knew you and Brylee as Support would do it!!
    You know,,,, for us white knuckle brigade lol the worst is over.(that was today and taking the plunge) !!!

    The sedation is so calming and quick,,,,, it makes us wonder why we took so long and dreamed a 10000 dreams b4 we took action.

    Well done you .

    Then normality ,,,,again will kick in and Stew will be A Gr8 backup for the day and night and no more toothache.

    Now that is a huge bonus!!!


  18. 1 step down, 1 to go, well done you.

    BTW your fear is not dumb...

  19. Good on you, Chris! Your dentist sounds awesome! Great idea to get it all done at once - you'll be fine, just look at it as a nana nap with dental benefits xx

  20. Well done, you faced your fear. You're going to feel so much better when it's done - no more pain and no more worry - you're teeth must be pretty good if that's all you've needed after 25 years! As said above, keep up the regular checks after this and you won't have to put yourself through this again.

  21. Well done you, despite the constant loo visits you got thru the first visit. They sound like a great place to go to for your dental needs. You must have great teeth to need so little. Hang in there, breathemand all will be good. Easy to say I know....

  22. Well done Chris. So proud of you. 😘

  23. Aww Chris that was so braves of you. But what an awesome practice they are for taking things easy and treating you so well. Love you.

  24. So proud of you. Now you've conquered that blue chair, the next time will be easier. Just think once this is taken care of you may not need to go back for another 25 years!

  25. I’m so envious of you and your minimal dental issues. I used to go to the dentist once a year for a check and clean and would get things sorted as they arise. Just before Christmas I broke a filling so went to see him ( which I’m also dreadful with ) and was told I not only needed a new filling to replace the piece that came off but also three other really old fillings were not in great shape ( had shrunk over the past 25 years) and was allowing bacteria to grow in the gaps, but I also needed a root canal, so 4 fillings, and 1 root canal was needed after just one year. ( not to mention it was done over 4 appointments and cost $2500. Thought that would be everything done and dusted but nope, last week I broke a tooth and it immediately caused pain that night so I’m booked to go back for yet another appointment this coming Monday. ( over it)

    1. WOW Lynise, that is just awful! I really feel for you. I now realise how LUCKY I am to 'only' have two cavities and one lost filling needing a root canal to fix. Still bloody expensive, but not as much as your last visit. Good luck for Monday. I'll be thinking of you.

  26. I understand your fear of the dentist! I had bad damage to my teeth after my last pregnancy and ended up needed 5 fillings...I had them done two teeth at a time. They tried to fill my wisdom teeth and were unsuccessful because the teeth were so sensitive. I ended up having them out under a general. The surgeon said "Save yourself the $3000 - have them out in the chair! 15 minutes!" and I said "NONONONONONONONONONO THANK YOU!" Having them out was the BEST THING EVER (once it was done)
    I now force myself to go every 6 months


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