Friday, February 16, 2018


This morning I'm off out to morning tea with two of my FBG girlfriends.

Not long to go for 'J'... her baby is due in about a month.  We are quite looking forward to that...a new baby girl to cluck over.

So last night Brylee curled my hair... and then I tried to get a nice 'selfie'.... 

 ABOVE:  I'm sure everyone knows just how hard it is to get a decent 'selfie'!  So I gave up and just took heaps, sucking me cheeks in to try and look slimmer!  Didn't work... but I don't really care... I am ... as I am!  *smiles*
I even managed a smile... which crinkled up me eyes and made me cheeks all fat.  *sigh*
See... there is a good reason NOT to smile.  And fark... no makeup either!

Next time... I will make an effort.

I'm going now... I got stuff to do before going to morning tea.


Morning tea was just lovely.

Then I came home... hung out some washing in the stinking heat, came inside and started tidying, rearranging my sewing room.
Then I  stubbed my fused toe and nearly hit the roof and it went down hill from there.

I got a shitty Private Message from someone which really pissed me off, then I fucking stubbed my toe AGAIN!  OMG CAN ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN to fuck up my day?

I am so ANGRY right now... and I swear I've broken my bloody toe AGAIN.  

OK probably not, but it's sore as fuck.   I'm just so.... AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.   

And there's this fly.... keeps landing on my leg... it's going to DIE...  I am going to kill it so bad.

That should feel GOOD.




Moving on... I am officially walking away from a dumb arse, idiotic person who simply cannot be helped, who throws good advice out the window and does the exact opposite of what is good for her.  
I will always 'be there' if necessary, but not to be used and abused and treated like a throw away 'friend'.  OVER IT.  

I've now got a thumping headache and think I need some lunch.  It's 1 pm.  My day really has gone to shit.


ABOVE:  Date scone anyone?   They be a bit HOT right now though.... 

30 minutes later:  YUM!  I almost burnt them... was yakking to Bex.  But luckily I saved them.   It's been a very long time since I made a date scone.  I did my cheese scone mix and added lots of dates.  So yum!

We've had an excellent evening so far!
I had a conversation with Steve for over an hour and a half... well he talked with Stew and Griffin too...  then I got to talk to Dante, Keera and Archer as well.

While on the phone, I managed to buy something on Cambridge Buy, Sell and Exchange too!
I will show you what tomorrow, once we have picked it up.  We are thrilled to bits with my find.

It's now time to chill out, and wait for Coronation Street to come on.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful Chris. You should employ Brylee full time. Karen

  2. I have found what works for me when I take a selfies. I hold the camera up a little above my head and tilted towards me a little. Oh with my arms stretched out.. For me, it gives me one chin that way. Oh and I usually only take a selfie on my cell phone (don't know if it is different with a camera).

  3. I love the photo where you are smiling - you have a lovely smile Chris. A wee tip for taking flattering facial pics ... told the camera above the level of the top of your head and slightly towards the edge of your face then tilt camera on an angle to capture the face - removes an double chins ☺. I use this trick all the time for selfies. I get the best photos everytime doing this.

  4. Brylee has done a wonderful job. Really like the photo of you smiling.

  5. Wow mum you look amazing

  6. Your hair looks amazing, great smiling photo.

  7. The smiling pic is the best one - and NO! Your cheeks dont look fat!

  8. Your hair looks great, love the curls.

  9. Your hair looks awsome. As for the friend well their loss. Hope you have a lovely rest of your day. Do something that will make you smile and happy xx 😙

  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Your hair looks lovely and I can't believe you aren't wearing any makeup! Why bother if you look that good without it :-) Brylee is very talented. I agree with the other ladies - the most flattering way to take a selfie is from a higher angle. Michelle from Oz

  11. Love your date scone "recipe"..!!! My partner loves cheese scones, so I usually just make up regular scones and then dump a pile of grated cheese in half the mixture (I prefer non-cheese scones). I may have to try dumping some dates in next time!!

  12. Yum!!! I have been baking more too xxx Christy

  13. Love the hair, love the smile......

  14. Awww yum. They look packed with dates. Wish I lived closer.

  15. And yeah I love love the selfies. They look happy and fun.

  16. Lovely Selfie shots the hair that smile those blue eyes... curly hair suits yoy. Isn't that the way stub your toe and restub it...ouch

  17. Great job on the hair. Ouch ouch ouch for the toe! Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  18. I love when you smile, it lights up your whole face. We all have crinkly eyes over here so we are used to it lol


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