Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Yesterday morning, before I left home.. I dropped off the Special Project to my friend's family.
As 'J' is in hospital right now,I couldn't give it to her myself.

But the main thing is she got it.


ABOVE:This Dresden Plate quilt. It was a project I had started a couple of years ago.... which ended up just perfect for 'J' as its her favourite colour.

ABOVE: Apparently 'J' had asked for a blanket on sunday... so that was perfect timing! I hope she gets to enjoy it for ages.

A couple more photos from yesterday...

 ABOVE: Hot chips from Kinloc Cafe. Overcooked and tasted like old fish. Disgusting. 

ABOVE: At huka falls.... thought about catching a prawn or 5 and cooking and eating them for lunch... but decided I didn't want to on my own.  So got the yukky chips. Waste of money.

TODAY? I want visit the Bernina shop here and a couple of my favourite gift shops too. 

Tonight I hope to see Mike and Joyce.


Well... it's fabulously COOLER here in Palmy! I slept like a log. Such a relief. Sandra and I are going out n about soon...yaaa!

ABOVE: Well that was fun! Three hours shopping and having lunch. 
I bought a few things... in the big bag is stuff from an Acquisition 'Garage Sale' shop. Awesome stuff at very good prices. I got some birthday and christmas presents from there.

The patchwork shop I wanted to go to has closed down... another sad loss. 

We are back at the house now as Sandra has a client arriving soon
 Sandra does professional nails.

Lovely evening... Sandra cooked a delicious dinner then her hubby Neil dished up ice cream. Stuffed now!


  1. The quilt is lovely and I am sure she will cherish it. You are such a good friend to do that for her.

  2. Another beautiful creation :) Enjoy your 'girl time' vacation. I bet you will miss Stu like CRAZY!

  3. Ahhh...the Dresden Plate quilt. I’d never guessed that. It’s lovely.
    It’s so nice to be able to get away for a few days and spend time with and fam.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    The quilt is beautiful Chris
    Have a great break away. If u c Anne Ro say howdy from me

  5. Beautiful quilt!
    I'm sure it is much appreciated.

  6. Anonymous12:41 PM

    The quilt is stunning!
    Patricia, Canada

  7. Beautiful quilt, and you sound like you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    That is a gorgeous quilt. Very very pretty indeed. I bet your friend LOVES it. Have a great time :)


  9. I LOVE that quilt. And it has to be so cheerful for her in that hospital room!

  10. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Glad your friend got her quilt. Have a great time away

  11. Oh the dresden quilt is stunning a lovely gift, best chips seakraft or spa rd fish n chips.

  12. Fabulous that J can get to enjoy it. Your kindness she will treasure!!Quilt is ace you made a lovely job.

    Neat to see the places on the way(luvin it) and good ole Palmy,, gives the cool nights for Catchup sleep .

    Love the garage sale type close down sale goods,, to get some bargains sometimes helps everyone!!!

  13. You are so caring Chris. That's a beautiful quilt. I'm glad you're enjoying Palmy. There's another quilt shop on Rangitikei Line and one in Ashhurst. Village Crafts in College Street and I think there's a new one in Foxton now. Have fun.

  14. The quilt is beautiful. I hope your wishes for your friend happen. Enjoy your holiday.

  15. That is a beautiful quilt. Enjoy your time away.

  16. Sounds like a good day. Glad your friend finally got the Quilt.


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