Tuesday, February 13, 2018


12.24 am:  I've just finished sewing for the night.
Time for bed!

I do believe I will be sleeping in,  in the morning!  Cos well... I'm tired.  It's so hot and humid I am bound to toss and turn for an hour before getting to sleep.

Then imagine a hot flush waking me up in about 2 hours, then again in another two hours ... yeah, I don't get much sleep.  Certainly not in this weather.

So... it's a very early start to the blog today ... even though I haven't actually been to bed yet.  *smiles*

I'm very happy with how much sewing I got done tonight (Monday night)!  I never thought I'd get to the stage I did with my special project!

There is a very good chance I might get it done and off to a professional quilter in about a week!  Maybe less.  

This project is getting professionally quilted as it needs to be done asap... no more will be said on that.

Once I'm up, probably around 8, I shall be doing housework then back to my sewing project. 
A pretty boring blog day sorry!  

Tonight the Fat Bottomed Girls are being represented at a pub quizz night, I'm going!  It should be fun.  I've never been to a quizz night before... do ya drink?  Cos dammit, even if I wanted to, I can't.  Cos I'm on anitbiotics and pain meds for the bloody tooth eh?  Grrrrr.

Ya can't drink eh?  I dunno.

Oh well... enough yabber, I gotta get to bed!


12.30 pm:   Sorry there's not been an update this morning, I really am frantically trying to get this special project done and off to a quilter.
It will be clear once I can tell you why.

So, I've been sewing since 9 am... time to take a break and have some lunch and me pills.  The tooth isn't so bad today.

We had a massive and very impressive thunder and lightening storm at 2 am this morning!  I got to watch it all as I was still awake.  
I think I got to sleep around 3 am.

So there might be a nana nap happening between 2-3 today!

No nap happened.  I was hell bent and determined to get the surprise to a certain point, and I did it!  Man have I done well.  You have no idea.  I can't wait to show you.

Tomorrow I should get to another 'certain' point, then I have to find a professional quilter in a hurry!  This project need to be finished asap.

I'm now waiting for the pulled pork pies to be finished, then I can pull them out of the oven, feed the family then run out the door to the pub quizz!

I will have to eat my dinner when I get home.

ABOVE:  Dinner pies ... super YUM!  Will be having the 2nd one tomorrow night.

The pub quizz was fun.  Lovely to see some FBG girls that I'd not seen for weeks.  We didn't win, but then, it wasn't about winning.  It was about having fun.

Utterly exhausted, off to bed now.  No sewing tonight.


  1. I like the blogging at Midnight plan, it gives me a post to read in the morning!

  2. I hope you got some sleep. Quiz night sounds fun, I am pretty sure it is not compulsory to drink haha.

  3. You will love the pub quiz... they are amazing fun!! Just have a lemon lime and bitters, lime and soda or a diet coke. No one cares if are "drinking" or not.

  4. Enjoy your night at the pub quiz, they ARE fantastic nights out....reminds me that I haven't been out to one in like forever!!

  5. What an effort you are putting in the lovely surprise that you are making. Do hope you got a better nights sleep than expected .
    You will enjoy the quizzes and be amazed at how much you remember once it starts .

    Most of us girls know the restless nights and heat and long for winter for a wee bit of relief.
    Remember tho it doesnt last forever,,, and hopefully,, the HOT flushes will soon be gone..

    You have beat the dentist trip

    1. I am now into my 14th year of having hot flushes! Something tells me I am not going to 'outgrown' them.

  6. Good the days going well,, and I know the new project will be well appreciated by the one its gifted to..

    Must be so different now schools back and the teens away all day and you can catchup with Craft things etc.. You have a natural talent there.
    Those wee dogs... what a neat wee team the way they play .

    You live in a lovely part of the worls and appreciate you sharing mems for us while we are away atm

  7. Top we got same storm 12 midnight till 6am .... impressive in for another tonight I reckon.

  8. hope u had a nana nap
    pub quiz nights are so much fun-me thinks you will love it, they r so much better now no smoking in pubs too.
    cant wait to c your surprize

  9. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I am looking forward to the great reveal.....

  10. Sounds like you had a very short night. Good luck with the project.

  11. The pies look delicious! Can you share the recipe?
    ~Nicole in CA

  12. Agreed. Share the recipe. I am wondering what those pies are topped with....


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